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Saturday Breakfast… with Knitting
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  1. Phoe

    Oh YUM!

  2. Chandler

    Those muffins look incredible! Enjoy your Saturday!

  3. Brianna

    First off – YUMMY!! Secondly, love the color of that yarn. It’s like the color of the deep deep ocean.

  4. Denise

    These sound yummy, wish I could pop over and share one, (while knitting with you too) ;-)

  5. Leeanne

    That looks sooo inviting….can I come over?! lol

  6. Renee

    Mmmm, muffins and knitting are a favourite way of mine to start a weekend too!

  7. Amy

    Oh what a lovely way to start off the weekend! I can almost smell them here. My afternoon/evening were in the kitchen canning – thankfully it was a much cooler day so the heat wasn’t overwhelming. Sending you a virtual jar of jam to go with your muffins.

  8. Josiane

    Those muffins must be so good! Thanks for sharing your version of that recipe. I’ve just bought The Joy of Vegan Baking from the same author, and seeing what you said about The Vegan Table, I’m really tempted to get that one too, and soon!

  9. tiennie

    The muffins, the knitting, the quiet, all perfect for Saturday morning!

  10. allison

    Ooh, sounds delicious and relaxing :) THanks for the recipe!

  11. Georganna

    Mmmm, peach muffins! I might have to take a break from pie cooking to make these. And what a good bunch of books you found at your library. The library here in our little town only has about 12 books total — very slim pickings I’m afraid. I do miss having a good library near by. Oh well, there’s always Amazon
    ;-) .

  12. Kelley (smallwhitedog)

    It’s the simple pleasures that are the best!

  13. Harpa J

    A good library. That is one of the few things I really miss here in my tiny village.

  14. nova

    In my recent member of the lactose intolerance club, I have to say that the idea of peach muffins sounds particularly thrilling. And I am so intrigued by this non-dairy sour cream idea.

  15. Jenna

    Sounds like a perfect, relaxing start to the weekend – exactly what you needed, I’m sure. Thanks for sharing and I hope you enjoyed it. xoxo

  16. Alison

    Oh yummy! Now I want muffins, but I’m off to bake bunches of Amish Friendship Bread, sweet sourdough goodness! And knit, of course…

  17. Linda

    Thank you for the recipe Lolly. I am going to try that one this week!

  18. Jill Schaefer

    Thank you! This morning I got up and made the muffins and they are yummy! I shared with my neighbors too. I wasn’t able to get the non dairy sour cream or yogurt here, or the pastry flour. I googled the pastry flour and was able to substitute 1/2 white flour and 1/2 wheat, next time I just need to add a little bit of liquid to make up for the difference in the flour.

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