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Socktoberfest: For the Little Feets
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Socktoberfest: For the Little Feets

Experts say that if you do a task a certain number of times, it becomes a habit… and I have to agree, as I am beginning to feel that way about Socktoberfest! When the air begins to chill, my mind automatically – habitually – turns to socks. So funny! Especially since I have not even knit one sock this year…

The *fifth* celebration of Socktoberfest is just a few weeks away (seriously, can you believe it – we started in 2005 with over 1000 people!) and the buzz is already starting over on the Ravelry Socktoberfest board! People are planning designs, new techniques that they want to try out, talking about yarns… just general sock talk :)

Initially, I was planning to do a pair of stranded socks for myself… but the more I think about it, the more I want to stick to my theme for the past several months of gift knitting. And it just so happens that I have a little pair of feet that will need to be adequately covered “joining” the world smack dab in the middle of October! SO, why not switch things up a bit and make this Socktoberfest my chance to celebrate the little feet of this world, specifically the ones of my new niece-on-the-way, who we are calling “Baby V”. (By the way, look how cute my sister Mimi looks!)

Baby knits are like a huge knitting well that I only peered in to previously… but now that I am knitting for one on a regular basis, I am finding endless supplies of inspiration.  So many innovative and adorable patterns!  The booties posted above are a wonderful modification of the well-known Saartje’s Bootees knit by saganaga- but seasonally themed for autumn.  Since Baby V will be joining us in the autumn, it seemed just right!  I loved them at first sight!

Other favorites and potentials for my Socktoberfest selections:

…and there is a whole lot more where that came from!  I am hoping to use up some of the leftover sock yarn and make them extra special with little touches.  I especially love the Moccasins with the little embroidery!

So, are you up for another year of sock celebration?  Would you care to join me?

I would love to hear about any plans you have for socks!

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25 Responses

  1. Mick

    I’ve never participated in Socktoberfest, but I think I might this year. I’d really love to try socks with some fancy cabling (one of Cookie A’s many gorgeous patterns would fit the bill). I have a feeling I’ll only be able to get one pair done, if any, during the month so I’ll have to choose carefully. Also, those baby mocassins make my uterus do flip-flops. So. stinking. cute.

  2. Dina Tellum

    OMG, but those booties with matching hats are too cute! I have a copy of the original Saartje’s boots. Very sweet.

  3. maryeb

    I’ve never made booties but these are so cute. I may have to find a baby!

    Socktoberfest is new to me too. I’m pretty slow at knitting socks, only 2 pairs so far.
    This might be a fun way to get me to do more. Thanks for the idea.

  4. Bex

    Sadly, I don’t know of any tiny feet to knit for, but I plan to add at least one pair of adult-sized socks to my busy knitting schedule in honor of this event!

  5. kat

    gosh, those are cute! baby knitting is so fun and quick.

  6. Terra

    I love the baby moccassins and have some baby knitting coming up – thanks so much for the pattern idea! So fast to knit things for babies when you’re used to making the grown up version!

  7. Phoe

    Holy moly! I can’t believe it’s time for Socktoberfest already! I’m working on a second sock rainbow.

  8. Linda

    I love the hats and booties! Can’t believe it is that socky time of year already. I love Soctoberfest because it remins me to knit socks!

  9. k

    oh! i totally forgot about socktoberfest! shame on me. thanks for the reminder and i will have to make plans, hopefully something on top of the usual socks in the works for my dad’s b-day at the end of october.

  10. Josiane

    Those Fall Harvest booties are sooooo cute! Oh, and we will be welcoming a baby in the family in November! Perfect!
    Your sister looks great too, that picture of her is beautiful!
    As for my socks… I have a pair that’s been finished for months, except for weaving in the ends. I know, that’s just silly! I have no-purl Monkeys on the needles too, and they’ve been there for too long. Socktoberfect is the perfect time to pick them up again.
    Thank you for the inspiration, both for the baby knits, and for the getting-back-to-my-unfinished-socks thing! :)

  11. Margarita

    Lolly, they are so cute!!! your sisters´picture is lovely. Congrats on doing something so, so lovely!!!

  12. Leslie

    Baby V (can I guess? Violet?) is so lucky to have an aunt like you! I cannot wait for MY sister to be pregnant someday — she’ll be swimming in baby knits. Ironically, I didn’t start knitting until AFTER my babies were babies. I was tempted to have a third baby just to knit for it! :)

  13. Sarah

    Oh I’ll happily join you :) I might go for some baby socks too as my best friend is expecting and I’d like to make a whole heap of baby things – socks seem the perfect place to start

  14. Sarah

    I’m also planning on devoting a good portion of Socktober fest to socks for little feet (though my little feet aren’t due to arrive until December). My husband suggested the other day that the three of us should have matching socks for this winter, so perhaps that will be my project for October.

    I love the adorable modification to the bootee pattern! Is it available online somewhere? I think the hat and bootee sets are just too sweet; I may have to copy you.

  15. Sarah

    Okay, clearly I wasn’t paying attention when I commented — I see the note on the photo about the pattern!

  16. Heather

    Thanks for all those links–I have three new babies that I better get knitting for!

  17. magnusmog

    I’m in!
    As long as I remember to to work on the socks I started last month and have left languishing at the bottom of the work basket :)

  18. Harpa J

    I’m definitely in!
    I’m planning to use the soctoberfest as a “push” to write up the pattern for these: http://nopatterns.blogspot.com/2009/08/finished.html and make some more.
    And perhaps make some socks for me, if I can find the time.

  19. mai

    hooray socktoberfest! i don’t have anything planned right now, but i can’t wait t see everyone’s socks!

  20. Emma

    I think I will have to join this year! I knit a pair of baby socks as a gift (and as a learner-sock project) last Spring. I then started a custom-sized pair for my husband, but the 4×1 rib soon bored me. He has been patiently awaiting his second sock for a few months, so this will be a great motivator.

  21. Jenna

    Baby socks for Socktoberfest is SUCH a good idea. Quick, satisfying, cute and a great stashbuster – how can it be beat? Plus, it certainly gives myriad opportunities for creativity and embellishment, as those adorable booties that you posted show. I may follow your lead and whip something up for my own niece or nephew to be. Thanks for your ongoing sock celebration, encouragement and community-building. Five years, amazing!

  22. Jodi

    Love the hats. I received one for my daughter (14 years ago) handmade from a dear friend that was raspberry pink wool. It is one of the baby items of hers that I cannot part with! So, you cannot go wrong knitting up the hats for gifts. It will be well received.

  23. Jo

    How do I join the 2009 Socktoberfest?

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  25. saganaga

    thanks for sharing my photo (& linking it back to me) ! have a great day !!!

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