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~Early Arrival~
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  1. Leslie

    Mazel tov, Lolly! What a beautiful baby — lucky to have you as an auntie! :)

  2. Julie

    SO cute! It’s a good idea to make wee little socks for Socktoberfest – I should make some for my girl (I might actually finish them!)

  3. mai

    congratulations to everyone! i can’t wait to see more photos :)

  4. sprite

    Congratulations! She’s beautiful!

  5. Carole

    She’s adorable. Congratulations, Auntie!

  6. Josiane

    What a sweet little bundle of joy! Congratulations!

  7. Theresa

    Awww! So sweet! What a happy day!

  8. Holli

    Congratulations Aunt Lolly! Someone new to love — aren’t you lucky!

  9. Harpa J

    Congratulations to you and all your family!

  10. Steph

    Congratulations, what a cutie!!!

  11. Jenna

    Oh my goodness! What a happy, exciting surprise! Congrats to M and D and best wishes to little Violet!!

  12. Lisa

    She’s beautiful! I’m sure she’ll enjoy the blanket!

  13. Sarah

    Congratulations, Aunt Lolly! She’s so cute!

  14. bettylicious

    Congratulations to you all, what a sweetie!

  15. Lil Sarah

    look at our little violet raisin…I think that’s going to be my nickname for her…raisin….it’s the first thing I thought of when I saw her….:) I am excited! knitting is your thing….pancakes are mine- ya know, aunt sarah’s? xoxo

  16. Kelly

    awwww Congrats Auntie Lolly!!! Can’t wait to see all those booties!

  17. ccr in MA

    Oh, congratulations! She’s beautiful. Glad all’s well.

  18. Mick

    Congrats, Auntie Lolly! So glad everyone is healthy and happy.

  19. Tanya

    Many blessings to the entire family! Congratulations :)

  20. Kristyn

    Congrats Aunt Lolly and Uncle Kris! She is beautiful.

  21. Sue

    Congratulations Auntie Lolly! She is definately a beautiful baby, and eager to join the world too. I am sure that your sister loved all your beautiful gifts for her and now that she is here it will inspire you even more to make things for her. I cant wait to see the parade of baby socks too, how cute.

  22. Preeti

    Awww, she’s such a cute button. Congratulations!!

  23. Leonie

    Congratulations to you as an auntie and your sister as a mum, what fun times are ahead! The parade of socks will be eagerly awaited!

  24. Lisa from NZ

    Oh Lolly – she’s just beautiful, congratulations on becoming an Aunt again – I so wish I was one but my brother is running out of time!!

  25. Joan

    What a little sweetie pie! Mazel tov indeed!
    And what a day on which to be born!

  26. Pikku-Kettu


  27. bells

    Oh she just couldnt wait. Sweet little thing. Congratulations!

  28. Jennifer

    ooh – it’s so much fun to knit for a brand new snuggly baby. Congratulations!

  29. Heather

    Congratulations Auntie! She is lovely.

  30. courtney

    welcome to the world little one! :)

  31. Miss Scarlett

    Congratulations Aunty Lolly!

    What a lovely addition to your family.

  32. Sarah

    Congratulations on the arrival of a very cute little niece!

  33. margaux

    she’s soo beautiful! congratulations, Aunty!

  34. Amanda Cathleen

    awwww! she is so sweet! Congrats Auntie!

  35. Diane

    Congrats Auntie Lolly! Baby knitting is so much fun. Enjoy her!

  36. earthchick

    I am behind and am just now seeing this. Congrats to your sis and your whole fam on the new addition! She’s beautiful. Welcome to the world, Baby V!

  37. gleek

    adorable! congrats, aunt lolly!

  38. magnusmog

    Wonderful! Many congratulations to everyone!

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