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Kick Up Those Heels!

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  1. Stephanie

    I can’t believe it’s Soctober already. First order of business will be to finish the socks that are already in progress :) (small steps ;) )

  2. knitopia

    I hope to finish a sock today and maybe start on its mate. They’re a wool-cotton blend and would be perfect for this time of year.

  3. Zina

    Hi Lolly.

    I’m casting on today. As I sit in my living room knitting socks I can just feel the camaraderie of fellow Socktober knitters all over the world. It’s wonderful. Happy baby sock knitting!

  4. Marie

    I’m contemplating how many pairs of socks I can knit before the holidays, and how many pairs of worn out socks I can darn! Wahoo!

  5. hormiga

    Thanks for reminding me that it is socktober. I have a pair of socks that has been sitting around waiting for a few inches of ribbing to be done. That’s a reasonable goal, right?

  6. Lisa from NZ

    I’m half way through some organic toddler socks – mmmmm tasty. I have yet to venture into the world of adult socks but I have heaps of yarn to try out when I do :-)

  7. Tabetha

    I’m happily finishing one pair of socks with a fun cross-over stitch with plans to start another pair tomorrow! :)

  8. Tania

    I am planning on casting on for the interweave “Better than Booties” socks for my son who is due in Nov. He needs to keep his little toes warm!

  9. Cin

    This will be my first year. Sounds fun!

  10. samantha

    I’m thinking about starting some Sam socks from Cookie’s book – and considering buying some sock yarn off ravelry to make some mystery socks! oh, and I DO have an unfinished pair of socks (or two) that need finishing! I really need to get back to knitting more socks – my boyfriend’s running out!

  11. Julia

    I had completely forgotten the significance of this day as I zoomed past the ankle decreases on my current sock and started to ascend the leg. I had been feeling uninspired because although I’m really pleased with the pattern and the feel of the yarn, the colors are too much like Halloween at CVS (think purple, orange, brown). But now… suddenly, I’m not just knitting a sock, I’m participating in Socktoberfest! I’m on board!

    So… I guess when I finish this pair I should cast on another, huh? I think I have some other more beautiful yarn, more worthy of the occasion, that I could use next time around.

    Thank you for inspiring us all!

  12. Emily

    I’m going to be boring and knit some stockinette socks. I know, I know. But I’m thinking about going toe-up, afterthought heel and the doubleknit picot hem. So it won’t be a totally uninteresting project.

  13. Jen

    I am working on my husband’s second sock. He is so excited!

  14. Linda

    I am digging out some socks that I started that are crocheted (first time trying that!) and I am finishing some knitted baby socks before the little feet get too big for them!!
    I almost forgot the day–thanks for reminding us slackers!

  15. rachellake

    I am casting on for the Mystery Sock! Hoping gorgeous sunny yellow yarn will brighten up the winter months.

  16. Diane

    I haven’t participated for a few years, but decided this was the year to do it again. I am going to try the Mystery Sock KAL and am about to cast on! Thanks for the motivation, Lolly!

  17. Miss Scarlett

    Oooh I am totally doing this mystery sock! I had no idea – thanks for the link.

    That and I’m making Thai pumpkin soup tonight.

  18. LittleWit

    I am kicking myself and making mental notes to cast on for that second sock and then find some more to work on. :)

  19. Heather

    I love socks but must finish my mittens first. I have discovered that I enjoy my handknit socks so much that I need one pair for everyday of the week. I only have two right now so I have to get cracking maybe I should cast on these mystery socks. Thanks for the KAL

  20. DrCris

    Funny, I had never heard of Socktober before this. However, I have just joined in the SKA sockdown for the first time, and discovered the mystery pattern on Through the Loops. And the mystery pattern is going to be the fourth pair of socks I cast on in 4 days. Lucky I got over that “only two WIPs at a time” issue I had.

  21. Preeti

    I finished the first clue for the Through The Loops Mystery KAL, lovin’ it! And cast on for two other pairs, Marlene by Cookie.A and Pepperknit’s Leyburn Socks (my first foray into toe-ups).

  22. Kristin

    I’m finishing up a pair of plain jane Christmas socks for my son, but contemplating a pair of socks with my first hank of hand spun yarn spun just for socks.

  23. Shana

    I cast on my first toe up socks!!!!

  24. Elizabeth

    Socktoberfest basically coincides with my knitting anniversary, so it always brings back great memories of learning to knit socks from Silver’s Sock class with worsted acrylic yarn (even though I haven’t finished that many *pairs* of socks). I can’t believe it’s been five years!

  25. Josiane

    Getting back to my unfinished socks would be a very good idea! The timing is great: not only was Socktoberfest starting, but I’ve had to fire up the furnace today… I’ve been thinking about working on my unfinished socks for a while now – I’ll appreciate having them on my feet more than in my knitting bag – but this month I’ll make some time in my schedule to actually do it for real. Thank you for the inspiration!

  26. Robin

    I’m fr-fr-freezing, thinking about mittens, and yes, now that you reminded me, going to start the TTL mystery sock! Yay!

  27. Robyn

    I’m finishing up some WIPs and some test knits before I can even think about casting on new socks. Maybe next year I can do Socktoberfest!

    Can’t wait to see what you knit!

  28. Sarah

    Right now I am working toward acceptance that now is not time for me to knit socks, instead of feeling angsty, pressured, sad, or loss that it is Socktober and I am not knitting socks right now.

  29. Erin

    I am gathering my unfinished sock projects and preparing for a weekend of watching hockey, in particular, the Ducks season opener.

  30. Livvie

    I plan to finish a few pairs for my daughter, my mom, and I, in addition to knitting the mystery socks!

  31. Sherrill

    I decided to make a garland of tiny socks for the upcoming holidays, using my handspun. yarn. Two done, many to go.

    The garland will be for my desk space at work. A boring work space needs decorating, don’t you agree?

  32. Ühltje

    I had totally decided on some stranded socks this year. Until I discovered that the pattern asked for thicker yarn. I then thought to go and buy new yarn today. Until I read a thread on Ravelry about ‘Make do and mend’. I had previously listened to Brenda Dayne’s ‘Make do and mend’ series on her Cast On podcast and found it very interesting. The discussion on Ravelry came just in time for me to reconsider and find another pattern for the yarn that I already have, instead of buying more. (But I won’t say no, when my name is pulled out of the hat ;-) )

  33. Kelsey

    My biggest way of celebrating will be to do the TTL Mystery KAL. My first!! I just finished the first clue and I’m loving it! Will be casting on the second sock tomorrow!

    I might also cast on a nice plain stockinette sock to keep with me…gotta build up my sock drawer for winter!

  34. Luinelen

    I’m trying to finish one pair of socks I’m having on the needles to be able to blog a bunch of finished socks soon. I was aiming to finish them by the end of last month, but had a flu last week and though it didn’t stop me from knitting (mostly the opposite), it did hinder me from realizing that I should have switched from knitting the stole to knitting the socks if I was going to actually finish them before the end of the month. Hopefully I can finish them this evening (I only have the top ribbings left), and then can start a new sock project or two during the weekend.

  35. veera

    There must be magic in October – for the first time I managed to finish a pair of socks! Thank you Soctober and thank you Lolly!

  36. Leonie

    I am doing the Through the Loops mystery sock and finishing a pair of Best Friend Socks for my best friend this month. If I run out of sock to knit I might fit in another small pair of socks as well.
    That yarn looks fabulous, pretty much my favourite colours so if you are willing to send it to Oz, I’m more than willing to give it a home!

  37. Arianne

    This will be my third Socktoberfest and in both my previous attempts not only did I not finish any socks I don’t think I knit on any at all. I was always “I’ll finish this project first and then I’ll do my Socktoberfest socks” and of course being a slow knitter (with an apetite that outstrips my ability) I never ever made it and I always ended up doing my own little Sockvemberfest when everyone else was doing NaNoSweMo.

    This year I’ve actually got socks on the needles and next in my queue so I’m planning on knitting socks in Socktoberfest. Imagine that! I’m going to finish the socks I started for my husband and try to finish some socks for my stepson all in the month of October.

    Wish me luck! :)

  38. LizzieK8

    I am using up leftovers and make a pair of Cat Bordhi’s Personal Footprints in blue/purple and white stripes!

  39. Brittany

    I haven’t made a pair of socks in a year, but I think I may cast on for Through The Loops’s socks. Will be a good excuse to get going on Gramma’s Xmas pressies too!

  40. Laura

    I have a pair on the needles, that have been there for months, but couldn’t resist casting on the mystery socks last night. I am having a hard time getting back to socks after making 13 pair last year as Christmas gifts, but this is my mojo coming back.

  41. Carri

    I’m still deciding what I want to do. I’m thinking maybe some baby socks to use up some leftover yarn. Oldest daughter has requested some sailor moon inspired knee socks to wear for Halloween. Decisions, decisions…

  42. Birgit


    I am a third timer and this year I will try to finish 2 pairs I have on the needles (Route 66 by Stephanie van der Linden) and my Show Off Stranded Socks (By I don’t remeber who, sorry). Plus I have 3 skeins of STR from this years Sock club and at least one wants to be a sock, the rest might turn out as neckwarmers…

    Thanks for keeping the party alive!!!! I guess you didn’t have any second thoughts this year?

    greetings from Vienna,

  43. Sarah

    I am knitting a very boring pair of Man Socks — 2×2 ribbing the whole way, and size 0 needles on the foot. But at least I’m knitting socks again, after a hiatus that lasted all summer!

  44. Julie

    I’m still deciding which yarn to use but the first clue is printed and I’m excited to get started. Thanks for creating another mystery pattern! Oooh, that yarn would make lovely socks!

  45. Nihal

    I commit myself to finish a big item every month but I have a colorful sock yarn in my stash bugging me. I did knit my first pair of socks with socktoberfest so why not now?

  46. Christine

    My husband ands I are moving into our first home and it has all wood floors. This socktoberfest I will be knitting more socks for the both of us to wear this winter around our new house.

  47. Leah

    Warm, wooly, handknit socks for chilly fall days- how nice!

  48. Jenneke

    October is traditionally for me the month that I open the winter closet and get the warm stuff out. The leafs change color and the weather suddenly turns cold and wet. The first time I put on my wool winter socks my feet are allways pleasantly surprised, as if they forgot how nice wool feels. Especially those pristeen new socks finished throughout the summer… hugging my feet, kissing my toes :)

    This month I hope to finish one sock a week in yarn that’s been out here for a while. Luxurary sock yarn I’ve been saving up for a rainy day. Well, the rainy day has come as I’m home waiting for a backbone to heal after a nasty accident. I can treat myself to the lovely colors of handpaints and the lucious feel of 100% merino or a blend of silk, mohair, cashmere etc.

  49. Mary

    Why yes and yes…I did indeed cast on for Socktoberfest and it happened to be for the Mystery Socks! What a coincidence :) .

    Happy sock-knitting!

  50. emilylime

    I’m going to be working on my cachoeira socks I started in May!

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