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Food for Fall
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  1. Josiane

    That is all so inspiring! I bet it made your house smell wonderful.
    I really have to make time to go and pick apples this year, or I’ll regret missing out on it. And I dream of a less busy autumn that would give me the chance to make apple jelly and apple butter; maybe next year…

  2. Lauren

    I have never heard of putting maple syrup in apple cider, but it sounds absolutely fantastic. Thank you for the recipe! You can never have too many apples, and it sounds like you’re putting your two bushels to fine use.

  3. Meg

    I picked two bushels of apples last weekend. I sat down to make apple sauce last night, and fully appreciated just how many apples is in two bushels. There’s going to have to be multiple batches….. I wish I had a dehydrater. Dried apples sounds great!

  4. rasa

    We went to an orchard and purchased some apples yesterday…Jonagold for homemade Apple Crisp and Honey Crisp for eating. Fall is all about the apples:)

  5. Milly

    Hmm, they all sound so yummy! I love fall.

  6. Preeti

    I love the smell of anise and I agree that they are so photogenic too! We’ve been doing some harvest cooking at our house too but nothing as amazing as yours. Still I love the way our home smells with all of Fall’s bounty a-cookin’

  7. caroline

    Those cookies sound fantastic! They would be easy to adapt to a gluten-free diet as well.

    I’ve been super busy this month, but I did find time to make a butternut squash soup, an Asian-style shrimp and broccoli soup, and sweet potato, okra, and chickpea gumbo. Also, a pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting. :)

  8. k

    lately i am a big fan of sauteed apples, carrots and walnuts. i put butter in there, but you could just do olive oil. and curry and apples are a great combination. fall flavours definitely make me happy.

  9. Stephanie

    Yum.me. I love all things apple. I made some apple bread and cut up and froze apples for later. I was going to try apple butter, but it seemed too daunting. Maybe I’ll try that recipe – a crock pot sounds doable.

  10. Meghan

    Wow – your gorgeous pictures make me want to lick the computer screen – is that wrong? :) Just curious how did you get the apple cider from the fresh apples? Did you just juice them? Possibly a silly question, but they don’t actually sell apple cider here in the UK like they do back home in the US so I would love to be able to make my own!

  11. tina

    you busy little bee!!! The cookies sound divine, I love me some figs! Now the apple butter, honey, I am ALL over apple butter. I am too busy right now to have a go at my own but going to an Apple Butter Festival this Sunday where I shall lay in a proper stock.

  12. Miss Scarlett

    Mmmmm….I have one box of apples from a friends yard and I am struggling with recipes!
    I am going to try that cider tonight.
    Thank you.

  13. EdaMommy

    I’d forgotten about those cookies — mainly because I’ve yet to acquire anise extract, but now that you’ve reminded me of them, I shall redouble my effort! ^_^

    I live way too far South for local apples – miss that since I moved down here. Still – I have an abundance (from way too far away, food miles wise, I suppose) – you’ve inspired me to see what I can do!

    Thanks for a lovely post!

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