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Project Spectrum 360
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Project Spectrum 360

We made it all the way around the compass – spending two months with each cardinal direction theme!  …and my only question is:  where did all the time go?

Looking back at my own PS projects, it seems that my photography played the largest role.  My favorite subjects to photograph are definitely natural objects, as that is where I find my biggest inspiration.

Project Spectrum Nature Highlights

If you click on the mosaic, it will take you to my Flickr page where you can view each photograph individually.  Each row here represents one of the directions/color schemes – green, yellow/white, red/orange, blues.

Looking back at my photos from PS, I just love the memories of where I was and how things were at the time the photo was taken.  The first snow photo was a late snowstorm for my state, in March, and Kris and I got right out on the trails to photograph the beautiful scapes near our home.  The next one with the evergreen trees was taken on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington when we visited in March.  Others are various excursions near and far – some in my backyard (my garden!) and others a bit further afield).

My craft projects for this round of Project Spectrum were not quite as prolific as years past since I am working on some heavy-duty knitting projects right now (sweaters everywhere!) but I still hope to share a few as I finish them.  The inspiration came from PS, so even if they are finished afterward, they will be Project Spectrum knits to me!

I have not given much thought to the next PS, other than the fact that I would like to start it in a different time of year.  Right now I am thinking that summer would be fun to start PS – something different.  Just initial thoughts.  I am just going to be content and let the inspiration come to me.  I hope you enjoyed this past round of PS as much as I did!

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11 Responses

  1. Leslie

    That mosaic is stunning. GREAT job on PS this year! :)

  2. Wendolene

    I’ve had so much fun watching this year’s Project Spectrum unfold, and look forward to its next incarnation!

  3. Yarndude

    Wonderful! It looks like PS was a great success for you this year, I really enjoyed reading about all of your experiences.

  4. Harpa J

    I love the mosaic – you are a very good photograph.
    ps. the sing- a- long video made me smile :-)

  5. Birgit

    this years PS was also rather slow for me. Lot’s of thoughts and started things, but nothing much finished. Still I love the inspiration I get from all the creative people out there. I need my daily dose of posts in the ravelry PS forum ;)
    Something entirely different: can you please show us some pics of your olympic sweaters? I would love to see how they are turning out!

  6. Helen

    This was the first year I did anything with PS, and it was great fun even though I didn’t actually get that much finished (and they were mainly green!) It made me much more aware of my surroundings, and pushed me to go out with the camera a bit more. I also discovered that I actually quite like yellow :-)

    I have really enjoyed watching the Flickr group and the Rav threads – some of the work was absolutely outstanding. Your photos, by the way, are very very good indeed (is jealous!)

    I would like to try working through a broader spectrum next time (maybe my surname has something to do with this!) – Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet – but how you add to this and make it fit over 12 months…

    All I ask is – don’t clash with the Knitting Olympics!

    Helen in Scotland x

  7. Tina

    Aour mosaic looks great indeed. I think this way of PS is such a great idea and Iwanted to take part in the beginning – but never really started. So I am waiting for the next round. Maybe I get further than only planning then.

  8. Preeti

    Has it been a year already? The mosaic is stunning, you’ve captured the essence of the complete circle perfectly. Beautiful work of art!

  9. Katie

    Lovely natural beauty.

  10. MelissaT

    Your pics are just beautiful! I just want to pin them up all over my house and breathe a happy sigh.

  11. Ketra

    Hey Lolly.
    I’d seen PS on Rav but wasn’t sure what it was all about. Once I realized that I wouldn’t have to make things on a strict timeline, I jumped in at the end of spring/ yellow. What a wonderful way to *pay attention* to the world around us! I started noticing things that normally wouldn’t register. At work I take a daily walk with a friend and I even got him thinking about PS and really looking at things.

    I actually did manage to make something for summer/red, a shawl in Fiberphile sock, colorway Elvira (don’t you love that?): http://www.flickr.com/photos/91382103@N00/3818820573/in/set-72157601901732766/

    Looking forward to whatever is next!

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