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Sleeve Face-off
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Sleeve Face-off

Knit Sleeve Competition

Sleeve vs. Sleeve

Olympic sweaters – all the time around here.  While looking at the official Vancouver Olympics website, I realized that there are only 70 days until the Olympic Opening Ceremonies.  Is there any way I can finish these two sweaters in time?  I am hopeful.  Kris’s sweater is the ivory striped cuff, and mine is the navy one.  This is the second sleeve of Kris’s sweater, with only this and the yoke remaining.  Of course the yoke is where all the complicated charted colorwork comes in, but I am looking forward to that.  Even on tiny needles with small gauge, colorwork does seem to go a little faster.

Cuff + Books

If I keep up my pace, I think there is a chance that I can have Kris’s sweater finished up by the end of the year.  That seems like a nice end note on a pretty good year.  Keep your fingers crossed for me as I try to knit like the wind!

I started my sweater later than Kris’s, so naturally I have more to go, but I am pleased with my progress.  When I left for California, I only had 1.5 inches of the body.  By the time I got home, I had 14 inches.  Pretty decent for 260+ stitches on size 2 needles in the round!  Of course, I still have several more to go before I start the colorwork and then the *dun dun dun* steeks!

Tiny gauge

Side Ribbing

This year’s Dale Vancouver sweater has a great feature with the ribbed sides – it’s much less boxy than previous designs.

Plus, I like how it looks like a ski slope!

The bottom hem will be tucked under, where I will run an elastic cord through.  It came with the official patch and zipper :)

The plans for the Vancouver trip are really starting to shape up.  We are so excited because we have 8 event tickets – 6 of them are hockey tickets (is that a surprise?), a freestyle ski event, and a curling event.  Unfortunately we didn’t score specific Team USA or Team Canada tickets (they sold out in seconds!), but we still have a small chance to see one of them in the 2 playoff game tickets we have.  So, if Canada advances like everyone expects them to (very well could be the Gold medal winners – such a strong team!) we could see them in those games in the second week playoffs – one is for preliminary playoffs, and the other is for quarterfinals, which is right before the Bronze medal game.  We have tickets to see primarily Team Russia since my favorite player, Evgeni Malkin, is Russian.  We also get to see Team Sweden who are the defending gold medal champs, Slovakia, Germany, Latvia, and Czech Republic.

The freestyle ski event is going to be north of Vancouver city at Cypress Mountain.  It is men’s aerial skiing – so flips and jumps!  that should definitely be fun.  Hoping I can get some photos!

…and curling!  I am excited to see it because I know so little about it.

Wish me luck and speed as I work to finish these sweaters!  I figure with the holidays and time off from work, I may be able to make a dent.  Knitting posts may be a little sparse considering that these two sweaters are the only projects I am working on, and 3 inches of stockinette doesn’t feel special enough to warrant a blog post… but I may get a bit desperate!

…and if you are excited about the Winter Olympics and want to join the chatter and knit-along plans, please check out my Vancouver 2010 group on Ravelry! :)

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24 Responses

  1. ccr in MA

    Oh, they look great so far! I love the side too. Good luck on getting them done!

  2. earthchick

    You can do it, Lolly!!

  3. Josiane

    Seeing how much progress you made on your sweater during your trip in California, I’m sure you can do it!
    I went to Vancouver last winter, and sampled quite a few veg restaurants; I should put together a list of my favorites for you. I’ll send it to you as soon as it’s done (which may not happen all that soon, but I promise I’ll get it to you before you leave).

  4. Annette

    Just think of this as your own olympic event. You can do it! Good luck!

  5. Leslie

    They look great so far! Have you ever done steeks? That’s one of the few techniques I’ve yet to try! Can’t wait to see how yours goes. :)

  6. Birgitte

    I wish you luck and speed :) I’m so looking forward to seeing these two sweaters!

  7. Sarah

    Are you planning on wearing your Pens jerseys to the games to cheer on Geno and Sid?

    Good luck with finishing the sweaters! I agree with you, colorwork does seem to go a lot faster, even on smaller needles — I think mostly because it’s so hard to put down because you want to see the pattern emerging.

  8. Jennifer

    GoGoGo!!! You are so awesome, I know you can do it!

  9. Rebecca

    You go girl! I’ve seen you whip sweaters out quickly so I know you can do it! And, it will be SO NOSTALGIC to wear those particular Dales to those particular events!! Lifetime memories!

  10. Laura

    You will finish the sweaters and they will be beautiful. I look forward to reading about your progress. Happy Knitting!!

  11. katebee

    You can totally do it! 70 days? That’s plenty of time!

    I cannot wait to see photographs of the curling competition. I admit that I love to watch the curling on tv, I think because it’s an Olympic sport that ‘anyone’ can do.

  12. Heather

    Oh I am living with a little Malkin fan in this house! We went to our first Pens game last week (Rangers, 8-2!) and it was AWESOME:)

  13. Nancy

    Go Lolly! Go Lolly! Go Lolly, GO! ! ! You can do it! You can do it! Go for the GOLD! ! ! And knitting progress reports aren’t boring! We need those little cheers from each other to spur us on to more completed projects. I love your updates; I look forward to them. Your updates and beautiful pictures inspire me to pick up my needles when I get discouraged.

  14. Mikaiya

    You are zooming along, wow! They are looking gorgeous, and I can’t wait to see your finished sweaters. Good luck and good speed to you!

    I feel like my little sportweight alpaca sweater for George is small times in comparison. But I do note that we both have excellent husbands- they appreciate knitted goods, and are not size XXXXL, therefore reducing stitches and knitting time… Double win!

  15. Hilary

    Good luck!! You’ll definitely be able to do it – you’ve made so much progress already!

  16. LittleWit

    I can’t wait to see these all finished. They look great so far!

  17. YarnOverHere

    Go go go! You can do it! :)

    I’m glad to see that you guys have Victoria in the books you’ve chosen! Are you guys going to make it over? That would be pretty exciting to meet you if you do – and see the sweaters in person!

    It’s near the freezing mark today and chilly (for our standards), so those sweaters are going to come in handy!


  18. Sybil

    Wow. I am simply amazed. I can’t wait to see them finished.

  19. Nicole

    It’s so cool that you’re knitting Olympic sweaters to actually GO to the Olympics. What great memories in store!

    Perhaps you’ll get to see my favourite player, Daniel Alfredsson, play for Sweden.

  20. Chandler

    Go for the gold! You can do it—and I can’t wait to hear about your Olympic experience!

  21. Heather

    Sounds like we have similar tickets!

    We are seeing the men’s arial’s at Cypress, a women’s prelim curling and the CAN/USA game on Sunday the 21st. My boys (and myself) are very excited about that!

    The sweaters look amazing! Good luck finishing them and I will be looking for you on the hill at Cypress!

  22. elizabeth

    Oh, I am so excited for your trip. I’m not going to Vancouver for the Olympics, but it is a city that I visit several times a year and I think you’ll love it. And I lived through an Olympics as a tween (Calgary ’88) and have loved the Olympics ever since. I can hardly wait to see the experience through your eyes.

    And you can bet your bacon that Canada is going to win the Gold in hockey (mens and womens, btw). If we don’t, this country is going to go into full-on anarchy!

  23. mel

    Yes, wishing you luck on finishing these two sweaters! I love the design of the women’s sweater with those side ribs – it feels very modern (and the colorwork will be so fun! I’ll bet it will fly!)

    Looking forward to seeing pictures and reading your stories about this trip!

  24. sarah

    the sweaters will be wonderful!
    let me know what you think of the curling!
    we’ll be at the club where there is satellite tv!

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