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Snow Day
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Snow Day


Snow in Takoma Park 

We got our first snow in Maryland, and it was quite a pretty one!  My dear friend Vicki and I had made plans earlier in the week to go over to Takoma Park to attend a free yoga class taught by our friend Kath.  We all graduated from the teacher training program together, and now we are able to attend each others’ classes.  It is a joy!  As Vicki and I drove down towards the city, the snow flakes grew in size – like cotton balls falling from the sky.  It was lovely!

We grabbed some breakfast at a local diner, and had a little time to spare before we went to yoga – so Vicki and I pulled out our knitting.  She just took up knitting and she is learning so fast!  Such even gauge and stitches!  I told her she would be knitting sweaters in no time :)

Knitting at Mark's 

…as Vicki worked on her lovely Noro scarf, I worked on (surprise!) Olympics sweater sleeves… lots of progress to show on that front, so more later…


In the meantime, as a celebration of my first snow day this winter, I wanted to do a little contest:  Tell me your favorite snowy memory and have a chance at this prize: 

Classic Elite 9103

Classic Elite 9103:  Snow Day pattern booklet – sweaters, cardigans, vests, hats, scarves!  all to keep you warm and toasty on your own snow days!  (You can see all the patterns inside here)


 So, tell me a story about your snow-covered memories:  building a snowman, sledding, ice skating, snowball fight – anything!  I would love to hear!  …and then you have a chance to win!

 Still Winter

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  1. Emily

    This may be a weird snow memory, but here it is: It was January and the college semester was just getting ready to start. It snowed one day and was 60 degrees the next, and that day I saw a bunch of guys in shorts and Tshirts having a snowball fight.

  2. Maggi

    Hi Lolly ~ When I was a kid we had a really big snow ( for Greensboro NC) and my parents and neighbors started a snowball at the top of our street and rolled it two blocks down to stop in our yard. At that point it was too big for a snowman, but my brother and I carved the center out of it and made something like a little snow cave. It lasted well after the grass was back in view!

  3. Birgit

    my favourite snow memory: I was (am) a volunteer for an organisation that facilitates youth exchanges for 3, 6 or 10 months all over the world (over 50 countries!!!) The penultimate goal is to create a more peaceful world by broadening everyones understanding for different cultral values and the like. Of course, in everyday life of a volunteer you don’t always feel this noble goal and there are times you just don’t want to spend even one more hour on the job. But then there are experiences that keep you going with a smile, and ma snow memory is one of them. We were spending a weekend with about 15 exchange kids (teenagers actually) from places such as the USA, China, Chile, France,… in a remote scout-camp. It was november and not too warm but we certainly did not expect snow. When we woke up on Sunday there was a blanket of snow covering everything and some of our kids got pretty excited because they had never seen snow before. Not before long we had a snow fight going on, most of us just wearing t-shirts and sandals with socks. it was so much fun, and it was such a brilliant moment that was extremly uplifting. Everyone was enjoying beeing a kid again (which can be hard for “cool” 17 year-olds). I drove home from the weekend really excited and energized and happy and kept the moment in my mind, when it was even topped! A week or so later I got a little video from another volunteer that had been onthe camp. There was a scence of the snow-fight with so many laughing faces and happyness and he had slowmotioned it and the soundtrack was “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstong. I started crying, and I still do everytime I see that video. It must have been some time around 2000 but it still moves me and touches emotions somewhere deep in side of me…

  4. jill

    Growing up in southern California, I longed for cold weather. Those fall magazines with “Going back to school” wool clothes were such a tease. When I was thirty, we moved to Idaho and SNOW! One Christmas we got twelve inches of snow on Christmas Eve. Nothing was more beautiful. And the quiet. I never knew it could be so quiet. I miss the beach, the sun, and my family in sunny So. Cal., but not in December!

  5. Hope

    I love your blog, your inspiring pictures and stories, but have never left a comment before. I love snow and have lots of great memories. One of my favorite ones was a few years ago, I was jogging in a park in Prague. No one else was out. The path was quite icy. It was very quiet, snowy, beautiful icicles. Suddenly I heard a loud noise, and looked across the hillside, to see a few wild sheep, which roam free in this fairly large park. The rams were getting frisky and were butting horns. They were far enough away that I felt safe, but close enough for me to see and hear them. I just stood there for a minute, in the snow, watching their dark shapes against the white snow. I think if it had not been so snowy and icy, more people and dogs would have been out and the sheep would have been hiding. But since it was so snowy, I was able to experience the beautiful energy from these creatures.

  6. lindy

    Beautiful pictures! When I was a kid, our neighbors had a basketball court in their backyard and in the winter they used to flood it to make a skating rink. Everyone would come and skate on it. The good ole days!!

  7. Ann Moore

    Rode bus to work. No snow in forcast. Of course it was snowing hard. High heel shoes and sweater. Bus ran off road and I had to walk 5 miles home. Put grocery bags on feet and fell on butt. Took off bags and started walk in 28 degree snow weather. Man in pickup truck picked me up but I had to get my fat self into the bed of truck. Then truck ran off road dumping me into the snow. No injury. I walked rest of way home. No cell phone at that time to call for help. Husband worked nights and was asleep and did not know it snowed. In Nashville it can snow ankle deep and hour later be gone. Of course when he got up most of snow was gone and he could not believe what I went through to get home. It took a week for feet, hands and face to warm up. Luck no injury!

  8. Meghan

    You might remember the blizzard of 1996 in the DC area! We got loads of days off school and ended up building a huge, snow-covered fort in the woods behind our house. Such a great memory.

    Lovely pictures as always btw!

  9. Katie

    Wow, I would love to win this. When I was younger I remember building a huge snow fort in the blizzard of 1996. I was 7 and my neighbors and I built it around her grandmother’s mailbox.

  10. Chandler

    After 14 winters in the Great White North, I have a lot of snowy memories, like the all-night outdoor hockey games that used to go on (and might still!) in North Dakota, or the Christmas the Tailor and I spent “Up Nort’” in a cabin in the Minnesota north woods, where we had 4 feet of snow! But I think my favorite snow is the New England snow of my childhood. Huge drifts, fluffy and soft…not the hard concrete-like snow after a North Dakota blizzard! When I lived on Cape Cod my friends and I used to go sledding on a gigantic slope down the street called Dead Man’s Hill. The best time to sled was after it had rained on top of the snow—it made the sledding surface slick and fast (like that part in Nat’l Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation when Chevy Chase puts space-age grease on his sled!). There were lots of bumps on Dead Man’s Hill, so when it was that slippery you’d fly through the air every time you hit one on your way down the hill. Those were my absolute favorite days of winter—better even than Christmas!

  11. Jennifer

    My favorite snowy memories are of the winters we spent living at Scott AFB, IL when my brother and I were young. The way the housing was set up, there was a large open common area behind a bunch of houses. This area became the site for many an epic snowball battle, complete with forts and foxholes and protective walls. Then everyone would head home to thaw out with hot cocoa and a warm blanket. Good times.

  12. Terri

    We lived in a Canadian national park for five years. One winter we got tons and tons of snow. The skiing was great, the snowshoeing fantastic. One New Year’s Day we and a couple of friends went to snowshoe a hiking trail. It was one of the lesser-used trails and while short, was quite challenging in that the elevation changes were abrupt. There was no one there but us; we kept seeing moose and deer tracks and poo, but never did see any. The day was snowing lightly, the sky bright but overcast. The trees were all laden with heavy snow which muffled any sounds there were. It was like walking in a silent winter dream. All we could hear was our quiet conversation, the shussing of our snowshoes in the powdery snow. The snow was so deep and light, but we floated above it in our snowshoes. Afterwards we went home for hot cocoa, coffee and cookies. It was a great start to the year!

  13. Debbie

    My favorite snow was about ten Christmas Eves ago. I had to ring handbells at church for the Midnight service, so we got the kids to bed before I left and my husband stayed behind. We performed “In the Bleak Midwinter” and then it began to snow as we were leaving the church! It was truly a winter wonderland on the drive home and the kids awoke to their first (and only) white Christmas!
    And p.s. please pick me for the booklet — I have it on my wish list!

  14. Lisa

    The blizzard of 1976-my parents divorced earlier that year…we left our large home and moved into a condo complex. My December birthday and Christmas would be slim on gifts, as money was tight for my newly-single Mother, and I just learned that there is no Santa, which really broke my heart–into this not-so-promising scenario entered a week and a half blizzard. No school for days…and the plows left absolute mountains of snow right outside our front door. The beauty and quiet the snow brought really filled my young heart and centered me.

    My brother and I dug out cavernous snow forts that lasted for weeks…all-day sledding and snowball fights…bringing me a lot of much needed joy during a not-so-easy time in my childhood.

  15. melissa

    Gosh, I wish we had a snow day here. All we had was miserable driving rain in NYC!

    I can’t really remember the last really good snow day I’ve had. Probably hasn’t been since I was very little. I used to go outside, throw some snowballs around, make some snow angels and get all wet. My dad used to have to snowplow though, so the fun never lasted for long before the family had to hop in the big yellow truck to make our rounds from business to business.

    In the city, the snow doesn’t really stick to the ground too well, but every once in a while we do get a few inches that covers the ground. During a really good storm, especially at night, if you go outside as the flakes are falling the city is actually quiet. All you can here is the sound of the falling flakes almost acting as a sound barrier. It’s really quite amazing.

  16. Jayne

    Really enjoy your blog! Really love yoga but can’t seem to put a “routine” together :( Anyway one of my favorite snowy day memories is waking up and walking my dog at the end of a snow storm; the sun just beginning to rise and the snow flakes falling from the skies. So quiet and tranquil! Thanks for making me remember this – I’ll try and bring this memory back if I get too stressed this holiday!

  17. Alli

    I love the snow so it’s hard to choose just one snowy memory!
    The one that springs to mind is of our childhood dog, Libby. Libby was a black lab and she was named (by me age 9) after Libby Riddles the first woman to win the the Iditarod.
    I live in Juneau, Alaska so there is plenty of snow and plenty of lovely sledding hills near our house. Unfortunately, Libby never liked sledding. She would bark at us as we climbed the hills and chase us when we sled down them! When she caught up with us she would grab our hats and mittens and run away with them so that we would have to stop sledding and go catch her to get our woollies back!
    For some reason we never considered leaving Libby at home. We were going for a walk after all! Can’t leave the dog out! Sledding with Libby was a grand adventure because you never know quite what she would do or why she hated our sledding so much. Our friends refused to sled with us but we secretly enjoyed combat sledding with Libby.

  18. Alice

    Lovely pics as always!

    My favorite snowy memory has to be the first time I saw Camdyn play in the snow, because personally I can’t stand the stuff ;) . She was so little and cute–and was so bundled up she couldn’t put her arms down (ala Christmas Story). She ate snowflakes and did a snow angel. It was precious.

  19. maria

    we had to walk from a broken-down pickup back to the house when i was 6 or 7. i had just opened my christmas gift in the truck before it broke down – a plastic toy horse with plastic toy tack – and wouldn’t leave it with the truck, not knowing when we could go back & get it out of the snow. so i put all the pieces in my hat and carried it in my hands the four miles home.

    on the way we saw mountain lion tracks (rural colorado) but i don’t remember being scared or cold or anything – just the walking and all the snow, as far as you could see in any direction.

    it’s become one of my favorite memories ever and certainly a favorite snow memory

  20. Mom

    So many good stories! I have so many snow stories to tell. I think I love snow so much becaus, growing up, so many happy memories are associated with snow. It’s as if the business of life slows and family flourishes because of it.
    A typical heavy snow was always anticipated by my brother and I, who welcomed a snow day from school. My Daddy was even more ridiculous. He would take us to the grocery store and we would stock up in anticipation. We always made “snow cream”! After the snow, or during, Daddy would build a bonfire at the top of the hill near our house, and neighbors would come to sled down the steep hill near by. It was great fun and good times with family and friends.
    I have specific memories as well. Ask me sometime and I will share with you. Some even involve you and your sisters! LY! XXOO

  21. Deirdre

    It’s funny, I don’t recall us having many “snow days” when we were kids, although we certainly had lots of snow, being in southern Ontario – so my snow memories are not of specific days, but of being outside digging tunnels with my brothers until the streetlights came on, with no attention paid to the gradual numbing of limbs; of finally noticing a red, chapped patch of skin between the edge of my coat and the cuff of my mittens; of climbing straight into a warm bath and feeling my feet and legs tingle, almost burning, with the warm/cold; and of snuggling into flannel with a mug of hot chocolate in hand.

    And now I absolutely cherish “snow days”, because they’re like a gift- nowhere to go, nothing to do but play with my kids… we were expecting one yesterday, but it morphed into rain, which is way, way less fun…

  22. karen

    my best memory is winter 2001/2002, my very first winter in Canada – coming from Europe seeing SO MUCH snow it was something, trust me (we barely have snow for X’mas with the global warming :o / )
    I left my country, my family and friends on december the 17th but we were together, newlyweds, ready to begin our “new” life as “immigrants”.
    I still remember the vision of white coat everywhere when we landed.

    Now it’s been 8 years (next week), of course I miss my friends, family – but I feel at home here – and winter, despite the snow storm we’re having right now (I am stuck at home with DD) is the best season and I love snow ! ;o)

    and I can’t wait to see your olympics sweaters !!! ;o) ;o)

  23. jen

    My favorite snow memory of which there are very few since I have lived in So Ca for most of my life is waking up after our first night at the grand canyon to 8 inches of power snow covering everything. The day we arrived it was clear with long vistas across the canyon I don’t even know if snow was in the forcast. We stayed another night and the snow was mostly gone by then.
    Thank you for your blog!

  24. Wendolene

    I grew up in the Midwest, and so have lots of snow memories! They tend to get muddled together, sadly, but I have a very clear image of looking out the front windows of the house I lived in as a kid and seeing the pine trees in our front yard all weighed down with a fresh, clean, bright white load of new snow, with lots more snow (not yet trodden in!) blanketing the whole front yard. It was an early snow, and so we were glad to see it!

  25. Megan

    One of my favorite snow memories is visiting my grandparents in the mountains of Idaho as a very small child. I remember being tucked snugly into one of the bunk beds in the chilly house late on New Year’s Eve, and hearing my parents laughing outside as they cross country skied under a full moon.

  26. Cirilia

    Oh my, snow many good memories!! I adore snow so it is very fun to hear others love it too. I had one quick question for you–you say you had breakfast before yoga class, I’ve always heard that eating is a no-no before class. I have trouble with inversions if I’ve eaten in the past couple of hours. Thoughts?

    I was once an RA on duty, which meant I had to stay in my room. It started to blizzard and my friends and boyfriend at the time were across town watching Saturday Night Live, which I love. I impulsively decided to ditch my duties for a minute (there were 3 other RAs available so I didn’t feel too badly) and run across campus to their house through the blizzard. I was listening to the Amelie soundtrack on my iPod and when I got to the very middle of campus, the snow was up to my knees and I just laid there, completely alone for a few minutes. It was brilliant. It looked very much like this:


  27. ChrisInWi

    I live in Central WI. When I was little (7 – 11) or so, we would build snow tunnels in the snowbank along the length of our yard that bordered our yard and the road. We lived on a corner so we had 90 degrees of tunnel, with a little Igloo house at each end and in the middle. All the neighborhood kids would come over and we’d play every night after dinner and on the weekends in those tunnels.

    Now I live out in the country, next to two of my brothers. When my dad plows he makes a huge pile of snow between my house and one of my brothers and our sons build big igloos, even though most of them are in their teens. Traditions!!!!

    And we just got 12 inches of the white stuff yesterday. Hurray!!!!

  28. lyn

    I love the first snow, especially when it is sticky and stays in all the trees. we have not had much snow this year. i love your photos, they are beautiful.

  29. Nichole D.

    I have so many great snowy memories! I think my favorite is lying in the snow with my little sister in a hayfield, making snow angels and watching the beautiful sunset. It was a sweet, quiet, peaceful, beautiful moment that is pretty uncommon with kids.

  30. Becky

    When the drifts would pile up over the mailbox (which they did regularly growing up in Wisconsin) we would dig snowcaves and tunnels through them, with steps and slides on the outside. Like our own snowy version of chutes and ladders!

  31. Messie

    When I was first dating my husband, I lived on the very bottom of a HUGE hill. He was hanging out and it really started to come down. We decided to sled ride down the road I lived on. (think one steep gigantic hill, like, a 10th of a mile long) We layered up in some of my old workout clothes, and stole my grandmas pizza pans to use as makeshift sleds.
    We stayed out a good long while, having a blast. After coming in to warm up, Dan realized he didn’t have his phone. Back out we went, with my phone, calling his phone, which was now buried in the snow somewhere. It was hysterical to hear the snow ring.
    Its one of my all time favorite memories.

  32. Bethany

    I grew up in norther Minnesota and always had snowy winters – we made snowmen on the frozen lake in front of our house. My grandparents and cousins would come up every couple of years to experience white winters and be with family. There was a huuuge hill near our house with a path leading straight down that was perfect for sledding, which my cousins, siblings and I couldn’t get enough of, despite the steepness of the hill. We’d then go inside laughing and tired and drink hot chocolate and tell our parents and grandparents everything. My grandmother, who has post polio and can’t walk far, much less climb stairs, decided that she would, just once, sled down the hill with us. So all of us grandchildren surrounded her and helped her up every step of the hill until we got to the top. To be honest, I don’t even remember watching her go down the hill, but I remember and treasure how badly she wanted to go outside and play in the snow with her grandchildren.

  33. Larraine

    I grew up in Alaska. One winter when I about 9 years old we had a huge snowfall followed by some very cold, windy weather which caused the to snow to compact. My sister and I found we could walk on the 4 to 6 foot drifts. We were feeling mighty tall! The snow had drifted up to the kitchen window of our next door neighbor’s cabin. Fran opened the window one afternoon and invited us to come over. We walked up the drift and dropped to our knees in front of her window. She had been making pies and had some leftover piecrust she had turned into those wonderful cinnamon sugar roll-ups. Fran passed some out the window to us and we sat there in our snowsuits enjoying those tasty childhood treats.

  34. Milly

    Oh how beautiful! I love snow and we hardly ever get any down here. I do miss that about living in No.Va.

  35. corinne

    I grew up in the greater Rochester, NY area back in the 1950′s, when children gravitated to the snow, and the deeper it was, the better! Whether we had a playmate to join us or not, we were always OUT IN THE SNOW…!! A favorite memory of mine is that of joining my boy cousins, all of whom were older than me, sledding down a hill in the woods near where they lived. The outstanding thing about THIS particular hill was that it had a significant drop off at the end of it, and depending upon the depth of the snow, it was often difficult to tell just when you would get to that drop off! We careened down the hill on our red-runner sleds, hearts in our throats, waiting to “get” to the drop off…it was an amazing ride, complete with squeals of fear and bravado! We trudged back up the hill countless times, and when we had finally had enough, we came home and went immediately to the basement to peel off our snow covered clothes!! Our hands were beet red and nearly frozen, but we always went back the next day!! The joys of childhood were ours for the taking and we reveled in our time together, in our special families, and in our good health…it was a blessed time and I loved every minute of it!!!

  36. Janey

    Living in the Upstate area of NY my whole life I have MANY snow day memories. However I will share the latest one that just happened this past Wed. Hubby was out of town and the kids had no school. Soooo the Snow Blowing fell to me. Yes usually hubby does this job but ladies it is something we all should know how to do and isn’t really all that hard just time consuming. I kept thinking how I would rather be inside Knitting with something warm to drink in my favorite mug. Well evidently it was that kind of thinking that got me into trouble. Not realizing how close I got to the bushes and looking up at two of my little one’s playing in the snow nearby I heard this awful noise and than realized I had just snagged a bushes worth of Christmas lights. Not my finest moment and yes I will admit that the word that Ralphie says in Christmas Story was coming out of my mouth quite rapidly. Yes I can laugh now but while taking 30 min to carefully cut them out of the snowblower(after making sure the key was out and know way could it turn on) It wasn’t very amusing. So now I owe the kids some Christmas lights. Thankfully most of my snow day memories are of much calmer times and the last few years worth are of great ones involving my kids this one will sure be one for the story books. Next snow day I will sure be staying way away from the bushes and hopefully hubby will be home to do the job anyway. That way the snowman making will be left up to the kids and I. After all the best memories involve family don’t they.

  37. Suzanne

    My father, godfather and godmother’s husband always went ice fishing in the winter. A few Saturday’s, my sister and I, along with my cousins would join our fathers for the pre 7 AM ice fishing trip. We would each get a tip up to watch but would spend most of our time ice skating or huddling in the tent if it was really cold. If there was a lot of snow on the ice, shoveling it off used to happen first. We also used to build snow forts in the yard that were a lot of fun. Now, I prefer to sit in a warm house and just watch the flakes fall.

  38. Liz419

    One winter when I was growing up, the snow just kept coming. Usually in a bad winter we might get a foot or two and it usually melts some in between. That winter in the 70s, we had over 3 feet on the ground. In shoveling out the driveway, we piled the snow high on the one side. It became a “mountain” about 6 feet high. Mt. “our last name”. My dad had some ancient skis that were just wood planks and a leather strap across the top. My brothers and I took turns “skiing” down our mountain. It has never been that high since.

  39. Dorothy

    That first photo looks a bit like a Thomas Kinkade painting. Beautiful!

    I remember when we were kids, some older boys would come around with their snowmachines and tie our toboggans on the back. We’d jump on (2 on each toboggan) and roar off for the ride of our lives. They would hit a corner or a jump and off we’d go into the snow banks buried up to our necks or bums if we’d gone in head first. It was so much fun! Of course, looking back I realize how lucky we were not to get hurt or even killed, but how we’d laugh!

  40. Stacey

    Hmmm…I’ve got two stories. Surprising for this So Cal girl, huh? ;)

    One winter my dad borrowed his brothers minivan and took us three kids up to Sequoia where there was a ton of snow. I was maybe 10 and had never seen so much in real life. We stayed in a cabin and we spent one long afternoon inner-tubing down hills. I always get freaked out when I start going too fast though and inevitably throw myself off half way down the hill. Ha.

    The other was about 10 years ago when a friend and I drove up to SF, just for one night. There was some crazy drunken debauchery that night, but the next morning there were snow flurries as we nursed our hangovers over tea at a coffeeshop. It never snows in SF! I saw a guy walking down Valencia Street in the Mission district wearing shorts!

  41. Heather L

    I remember that one year, when I was in junior high school (about age 14?…16 years ago!) we had so much snow that our yellow school bus got stuck in our neighbourhood and us older kids had to get out and push the bus. Fun times! Doesn’t seem to snow quite like that as much nowadays, but does get cold. (currently -30 Celsius)

  42. Brandi

    My husband and I met at college in New Hampshire; we spent several snow-filled winters up North and have wonderful memories of them. Dartmouth has a huge green in the center of campus and every year erects a tree that rivals the behemoth in Rockefeller Center (as NYC residents, we see that every year now instead). One year we decided to spend the Christmas holidays together on campus, forgoing the long journey to his or my family until the new year. On Christmas day, we walked to campus, enjoying the thick, fluffy flakes pouring from the black coal sky. The campus was hushed, lit with the soft glow of the old-time street lamps. It was magical to walk right up to the massive tree and just be still, in peace.

  43. Danielle

    Coming from Canada, the first time I saw it snow in France, it made me laugh to see everyone walking around with umbrellas but no boots !

  44. Sarah

    My favorite snow memory is from the early 90′s. I was probably about 10 and I’d had a friend spend the night. We got a huge snowstorm for south Jersey and probably about 12 + inches of snow fell that night. At the time my dad had a friend who operated a snow plow and he was out about town working jobs the next morning. My friend managed to get home that day because he drove by and picked her up on his plow! (She didn’t live far from where we were). As a kid I remember thinking that was so cool. :)

  45. Linda

    we rarely get “big” snow here now but when I was a child I do remember being off school as it was so deep and walking in big drifts on the South Downs (southern UK) sometimes up to out waists but maybe they weren’t that deep!

  46. Yoga Witch

    When I was a little girl, we lived in Southern California, so we never got snow. But we started going up to my grandpa’s cabin in Crestline (near Big Bear) for holidays when I was about 9 years old. My favorite snow memories are of sledding down the big hill behind the cabin with my siblings and cousins. Such fun!

    If you get a chance, I would love to hear how you keep your arms and hands going while you knit. I’ve been doing marathon knits in order to finish a few Christmas scarves, but my shoulder and hands get sore! With all the sweaters you do, I figure you must have a way to avoid this. If so, I’d love to hear your tips when you update about your beautiful Olympic sweaters!

    Thanks, Lolly!

  47. Mirtana

    Hello Lolly,

    Since I’m living in a part of Germany where rain is much more common than snow (and when it actually snows the whole region drowns in total chaos …), there are only a few memories about snowy days … When I was a kid it was all about sledding and snowballs and stuff like that …

    But four years ago I went to visit a friend who lived in a very rural part of Germany. Lots of hills and forests and if you wanted to go to the nearest village you had to hurry not to miss the bus which came around every two hours …

    One evening it started snowing in big, soft flakes while we were sitting inside, enjoying a good cup of tea and some pancakes. It snowed the whole evening and when it finally stopped, the whole world was covered under a white blanket. So we wrapped ourselves in lots and lots of layers of warm clothes and started out for a walk. It was around eleven o’clock in the night, the clouds disappeared and a full moon showed us the countryside in all its beauty …

    We walked for more than three hours – uphill and downhill under the full moon and a sky bright with stars (something I don’t see very often where I live – too many lights). We walked in complete silence through a land that didn’t seem to be of this world. There weren’t any tracks in the snow apart from the one we left and the snow glittered in the light of the moon. It was so beautiful and my friend and me didn’t need to talk, it was a night to nourish something inside my soul …

    Apart from my childhood memories this is my absolute favourite memory of a snowy day – or in this case night ;-)



  48. amy

    one of my very favorite memories…we used to live in a small town in northeastern ohio, and nearly all of my school friends lived within walking distance. my very best friend lived just a few houses down. her mom was our girl scout troop leader and i spent many many days hanging out at their house. one night just a couple days before christmas, my family had gone to pizza hut for dinner (a HUGE deal!) and while we were inside a torrential snow began to fall…not so much a blizzard, because there wasn’t a lot of wind, but by the time we left the restaurant, there was already 3 inches of snow on the ground, and it was still coming down! we sang christmas carols on the way home, and as we passed my friend’s house, we saw that the entire family was out in the front yard each building their own snowman. my dad stopped and we rolled down the windows to shout hello and sing them a song, and our friends invited us all to join them…so we did! we parked the car, hopped out, and each began working on our own snowmen! by the end of the night, there were two families of snowmen in the yard, 5 for my family, and 6 for my friend… everyone had built a snow version of themselves. we then went inside and had hot chocolate and cookies (i think the adults had peppermint schnapps in their chocolate ;]) and sang carols & hung out until us kids started to fall asleep. every time i think of it it makes me smile & feel warm inside that we had those friends & neighbors and good times to remember. so much fun!! =]

  49. Madison

    Wasn’t the snow just wonderful? I don’t think I can remember a time in the DC Metro area that it snowed so early in the year — and for so long all day! I think the last time I truly enjoyed some amazing snow around here was almost 14 years ago — the blizzard of ’96. We got 5 feet and I was off from school for a week. We couldn’t even drive around our neighborhood and ended up walking a mile to have some wonderful food from Whole Foods.

  50. Wanda

    One of my fondest memories of snow time fun was when I was a child of about 12 years old. My cousins, with whom I am close to, used to play outside in the snow. We would frequently go sledding, which we all loved. One day, we decided to go behind our house and up the hill. It was quite a hill to sled down and we were all overjoyed to experience it. We all piled in, there were 4 of us, with big Wanda in the back. Once we started, we were slow, but the packy snow beneath us gave way and off we went. Picking up speed, the wind blew Teddy’s hat off. It was exhilerating! Then, just like that, it was nearly over and we were headed for the brush below. Craig yelled, “abandon ship!” and out jumped Ashley, the youngest, followed by Craig, then Teddy… before I knew it I was the only one left and crashed into the bushes. I was covered from head to toe in bird ox. I stumbled to my feet, turned around, and saw my adorable young cousins staring at me in utter silence. I smiled and said, “Let’s do that again!”

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