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…Like It’s My Job…
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…Like It’s My Job…

I have been knitting on Kris’s Olympic sweater like it is my job…. like getting paid overtime and only short 15 breaks in between (maybe enough to write a blog post?)  Hence the little bit of blog silence – it’s knit knit knit all the time!

Kris's Olympic Sweater

Kris's Olympic Sweater

As I am knitting, I have been listening to audiobooks – I am lucky to have a good library that has so many titles on hand.  It is truly a gift to be able to do my two favorite things at once!  Especially nestled up in front of the fire… now, that is a perfect day!  I will share some book reviews with you in the next post.

I enjoyed your snow stories sooo much!  and I had a few emails telling me that they enjoyed the stories as well.  It’s amazing what kind of memories snow can bring up.  The snow that we had last weekend has since melted (I want more!) but I will definitely be returning to this post to read the stories again.

As for the winner – congratulations to Kimberlyn at Bungalow 312!  Her name was randomly chosen for the Classic Elite Snow Day booklet!  K, email me with your address!

Be back soon with more progress shots and some great book reviews :)

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13 Responses

  1. Sprocket

    I’m looking forward to your audiobook reviews–I’m a big fan, especially for nonfiction (which I love but can rarely finish in book form). My previous favorites have been the unabridged versions of Team of Rivals, American Lion, The Forever War, Lords of Finance, 1776. Knitting actually makes me smarter!

  2. Sprocket

    ps–nice sweater!

  3. Nora

    Go, Lolly! The sweater looks beautiful, and I am rooting for you! :) You are making great progress!

  4. Kala

    Can’t wait to see the finished sweater, it’s going to be awesome!

  5. Josiane

    Oh, the colorwork! I’m sure your needles will be flying even faster now that you’re there!

  6. Jodi

    Currently listening to The Alchemist . . . great job on the sweater.

  7. Birgitte

    The sweater looks great so far! :)

  8. Harpa J

    Looking good!

    We are having a strange summer like weater here on the south coast of Iceland. No snow , just a lot of fog and warmth. I kind of like it but my husband longs for snow.

  9. felinemagnet

    Ha, I was just thinking of you and your sweaters this morning! I was figuring you were kintting like the wind rather than blogging or Ravel-ing.

  10. margaux

    go lolly go!! i am so in awe of you and this sweater! you knitting machine :-) it’s going to look great, is Chris ready for his photoshoot?? haha!

  11. Margarita

    Lolly, that sweater is going to be somethinngg! congrats. and thanks a million for sharing those beautiful california pictures. I keep enjoying your blog, your pictures, your knitting and now yoga. I can picture you knitting, “reading” and the fire. Not bad at all!! Here summer is being very funny. Many cloudy days and unusual temperatures. We have some tomatoes in the garden. When will they be ready to be eaten with this lack of sun?? we do not know….

  12. Kimberlyn

    I contacted you through your e-mail address, but I saw you posted on my blog to send you my address. Did you not give my e-mail?

    I will try again!

  13. Chandler

    Okay, I just have to say that both your stockinette and your ribbing are just beautiful. I haven’t even seen the rest of the sweater, but that right there is blowing my mind. So smooth, so even. I think I need to take consistency lessons from you…

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