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Getting all Nostalgic
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Getting all Nostalgic

I am starting to see these “Decade in Review” lists popping up in a few places – and because I am lacking in some knitting blog content (still knitting on Kris’s Olympic sweater! getting close!) I figured that I would put together my own little list for the decade…

It’s definitely been the most eventful and life-changing decade of my life so far.  Seems natural enough considering it is “my 20s” and many of those big milestones happen when you reach this range.   I chose a few highlights from the years to talk about here…

- 2000 -

I started college in the fall of 1999, so I started the year of 2000 deep in study.  I entered college as an English major, but after taking an elective course in Egyptology, I switched my major to Ancient Studies and Archaeology.  I took many a history, art history, and dead language class.  I had Greek every morning at 8am!  In June and July of 2000, I was part of an archaeological field school in Beth Shemesh, Israel for my study abroad session.  The “dig” dated back to the 9th century BCE, roughly the time of the Assyrian invasion of Judah under King Hezekiah’s reign.  It was my first time going “overseas” and remains one of the most formative experiences of my life.  Aside from the archaeological dig, I got to tour most of the beautiful country.  [See some of the selected photos here]

My Sqaure's Excavation Team
Our excavation “square” – that’s me in the middle

- 2001 –

More college and more studies.  I started my minor in Religious Studies, specifically Judaism, and began taking Hebrew classes.  So many events in this year, mainly revolving around my studies, as I went through the complete year without a break… but without a doubt, 9/11 remains the most memorable in my mind.  Kris and I were in college together… I was at the gym in the morning when the first plane struck the WTC… it was so unclear what was happening, but they had the foresight to close the gym and tell us to get back to our dorms.  I ran back to tell Kris what was happening, and I sat outside his dorm room waiting for him… as I waited, I watched the TVs of his across-the-hall neighbors and we all screamed when the second plane hit and the towers began to fall…  In November, I turned 21.  I was in Denver presenting at a conference, so I didn’t get to live it up with my friends, but it was still fun.  In December, Kris and I bought our first house – the house we are still in today! – and he moved in after he graduated from college later that month.

- 2002 -

We opened the year with a bang!  Kris and I got married on January 5th in a Our Wedding beautiful ceremony at his family’s church.  Unfortunately, the day is a bit of a blur in my mind, but I do remember that it was great!  We had an afternoon ceremony, and we headed back to our new house afterward… and the next morning, we left for our honeymoon in Florida!  We had a shorter time limit because I was still in my last semester of college, but we packed in lots of fun before I had to head back to school in late January.  I graduated from college with my Bachelor of Arts in May.  I was pretty set on going to graduate school in Archaeology, but wanted to take a little time in between school to figure our exactly what I wanted.  I was unemployed for a short while, but then I found a job working at a book store.  It was a fun job because I got to keep up on the current titles, but it was hard work and long hours.  I actually ended up becoming one of the managers of that store.  I am glad I had this experience because it really taught me patience.  In November 2002, Kris and I went to Boston for a short vacation – we enjoyed what we saw of the city, which was mainly the aquarium and a Bruins game.

- 2003 –

I found a job at a university library in Baltimore.  I re-evaluated my plans for graduate school, figuring that I did not want to spend the next 7 years in school for my PhD in Archaeology… so I took some more time deciding what I wanted to do.  My job in Baltimore was a great opportunity, and really helped me decide my career choice.  I had been interested in libraries and archives for several years (I worked at my college library), and working solidified my decision.  In early summer, Kris and I did a week-long trip to Portland, Oregon, a city that I fell in love with the minute I stepped off the plane.  In late 2003, I started my application process for a Masters degree in Library Science at two schools in the DC area.  Also, in November 2003, I took my first learn how to knit class at a local craft store.  I was instantly addicted and really taught myself with books and blogs after learning how to cast-on in this initial class.

- 2004 -

Mom's Feather/Fan Stole
Christmas 2004

Life in 2004 becomes easier to remember, because it is when I first started this blog – which has served as a memory jog more than once!  I continued working at the university library.  I read voraciously, but knitting was beginning to take more of my time.  I was active on Bookcrossing.com for several years (since 2002) and first started to hear about people keeping blogs there.  I started a Livejournal account, and kept a reading list and some book reviews on there, until I Mimi's Shawldecided to start my own knitting-themed blog in July.  LollyKnitting Around was born!  I was ambitious and completed my first sweater in spring 2004, and had plans to make Christmas presents for my family… I started graduate  school in August, choosing to go to school in Washington, DC.  I declared my interest in Archives and Special Collections.  It became difficult to work in Baltimore and go to school in DC, however, so I began searching for a job closer to DC…  in November, we went to New Orleans, Louisiana for vacation and had a blast.  I finished the knit Christmas presents for my family that year too!

- 2005 –

I started a new job with the new year, working as a part-time archivist while I was in graduate school.  My school work applied to my job so perfectly.  My knitting continued at a rapid pace!  My sister Mimi got married in June in a lovely ceremony, and then moved to Hawaii in July.  In October, Kris and I were able to visit them in Oahu for a nice vacation.  I was still in school, but I figured that not everyone has a chance to go to Hawaii, so I went, and took a big load of school books with me.  We stayed with Mimi and Daniel and got to see so much of Oahu.

Beach near Kailua, Hawaii

In fall, I attempted my first pair of socks, and as a boost to help me learn more about socks, I started Socktoberfest in October.  It was a success from the very beginning with hundreds of people participating!

- 2006 -

The year started in Alabama as we visited my family there for Christmas and New Years.  It was a blessing to have that time together, as it was the last time that we had with my grandfather while he was in good health.  KrisKris and Lolly @ St. Supery and I continued to work at the same place, even though I was still part-time as I was still going through graduate school.  In spring, I began to dream up Project Spectrum, which officially started in March.  I also undertook a big “self-improvement” project as I decided to get myself into shape.  In 2006, I committed to a more healthy lifestyle – I became more active at the gym, attending water aerobics, kickboxing, and started weight lifting.  I also started more serious in my yoga practice.  Over 8 months (give or take) I lost about 65 lbs.   Fall 2006 brought a lot of changes – my dear grandmother passed away in September, I finished my comprehensive exams for grad school in October, and in November, Kris and I headed to California for a vacation.  We visited San Francisco and Napa Valley, and I knit two sweaters in less than a month!  I ended the year with my Masters degree diploma…

- 2007 -

With my degree in hand, I was able to secure a full-time job doing what I love to do… with the added benefit of working at the same place as Kris!  The year started on a bittersweet note, however, as it was only a few days after getting my new job that my grandfather passed away in February.  Knitting took a new turn as I began to Village Children and me challenge myself with more difficult patterns and projects – I completed my first colorwork project in February, and began my first big cable project later in the year.  Kris and I began making plans for our biggest trip yet – a two-week trip to Peru, visiting both the Amazon rainforest, and the Andes mountains.    In August, we made that trip, and I think we are both the better for it.  Probably one of the most life-changing experiences yet.  We roughed it in the rainforest (tent camping in the middle of the jungle!  we were woken by macaws overhead, and had to walk to the outhouses with a flashlight so that we didn’t step on snakes! ) and then headed to the lovely Cusco, high in the Andes (so high that we both got altitude sickness!) We experienced one of the scariest times in our lives on the way home from Peru, but I think we are both stronger after dealing with that… maybe a new lease on life?  Prior to the trip, we bought our first DSLR camera, and we both began to learn more about photography.  In the fall, I cut about 10 inches of my hair and went for the short hairstyle. I finished my first Icelandic sweater in November and it remains my favorite sweater.

- 2008 –

In January, I went to a weekend weaving workshop and learned a lot about weaving in a very short amount of time.  I caught the bug and bought a used loom online, and managed to produce a few items before becoming frustrated… I realized that it was necessary to get a little more instruction as I feel like it is suchCitadel Hill - Old Town Clock a steep learning curve.  In the spring, I got in a weekend trip to New York to see friends and visit museums.  I completed one of my favorite gift knits for my sister in April, the Printed Silk Cardigan.  In May, Kris and I traveled to Nova Scotia, Canada for a roadtrip, covering almost every kilometer of the beautiful maritime province.  We camped, hiked to amazing places, and  enjoyed every single moment of it.  Late summer was a particularly challenging time as I got very sick with Lyme disease, after a hike/mountain bike excursion here in Maryland.  This illness provided me with a serious wake-up call, and I committed to something that I had thought about for years:  switching from a permissive vegetarian diet to a strict vegan diet.  I initially did this for health to recuperate through the Lyme treatment, but it grew into a deeper commitment, ethical and spiritual in nature.  While yoga was still a big part of my life, it was in 2008 that I decided to go deeper into my practice.  I spent a week in San Francisco for a work conference in August – what a great city!  My dear sister got married in October in a beautiful ceremony and she and her new husband moved to Virginia.  Kris and I ended the year on a wonderful high note, making a weekend trip to see our beloved Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team for his birthday on 12/26.

- 2009 –

I began my journey to become a yoga teacher in January, embarking on the 11-month certification process.  My training introduced me to some of the most amazing women I have ever met and has provided me with lifelong friends.  My Lyme treatments continued and I began to see real results as I felt better than I ever had.  I organized a hat knitalong (January Hat Trick) and became quite addicted to hat knitting… In March, Kris and I traveled to Seattle to visit my dear friend Jenna and to attend the Nordic Knitting conference.  My love of colorwork and knitting history continues!  We were only there for a few days but I fell even more in love with the beautiful  Pacific Northwest.  There were several professional shake-ups at my workplace, but I made it through, and even All About the Eyesgot promoted in the process.  My career took an even more interesting turn as I found a new love and appreciation for my job and my workplace.  After years of fandom, 2009 was the year of super results for our favorite hockey team.  We laughed, cried, and cheered for the Penguins each step of the way as they won the Stanley Cup in June.  As a vegan, I discovered my love of cooking and baking, and began to regularly share vegan recipes on this blog.  My sister announced her pregnancy early in the year, and in May, they moved to California… and in September, Baby V came early!  We were lucky to be able to visit California in November and meet the beautiful new addition.  She pretty much stole my heart :)   Then I finished my certification, and became an official yoga teacher… and that pretty much leads us up to now…

It’s kind of amazing to think about what the next decade holds… considering that these years were so completely unexpected… I can see into 2010 a little bit (mainly next February for the Olympics!) but 2018 is just so far away to imagine – it’s fun to think about all of the knits I can make in the next decade!   or even a new thing that I haven’t even take up yet!  … I thank you for being a part of my life for the last five years through this blog.

~ Little bit of "Fiddy" Love ~

I would love to read some of your “Decade in Reviews”  – it would be fascinating to know more about you all :)   Let me know if you write one!

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33 Responses

  1. Leslie

    What a wonderful, wonderful re-cap to an event-filled decade! Thank you for sharing. It has been a privilege to follow your journey the last few years. And that last photo of you is too cute!

  2. Ühltje

    Thank you for all of your wonderful writing and gorgeous pictures!

  3. Alice

    I have enjoyed reading your blog over the past few years. I am amazed that you learned to knit in 2003, as it appears you learned the craft “at the foot of your grandmother”. Happy New Year and may 2010 be the best yet!

  4. PrairiePoppins

    This has been a very big set of years, hasn’t it? I was 23 10 years ago and, like you, found my 20s to be a set of years full of dramatic changes and important moments of recognition of self. I feel like I really know who I am now.

  5. GeekKnitter

    What an interesting decade you’ve had… all the travel and all the milestones.

    And can I just say how happy you and Kris always look together? Never fails to make me smile.

  6. Wanett

    What a fantastic post!! It has been so great getting to know you through the magic of blogging ;o)

    I hope to finally meet you in person in 2010 along with the other great things that I hope are in store for us both! It was great to read over your decade. It makes me anxious to review my own in the same way.

  7. Jenn

    Great post! 2000 seems just like yesterday and like a lifetime ago all at once, doesn’t it?

  8. Rachel

    Great recap – I started reading your blog in’08, so it was nice to see what you had been doing prior to that! Also wanted to point out that last picture is absolutely gorgeous – what a beautiful smile! Happy holidays and happy new year!

  9. Holli

    Oh Lolly – I love this! I feel inspired to do some personal reflecting on the last decade as well. It certainly was the most formative for me, and might be a nice addition to my blog. Here’s wishing you, Kris and your lovely families all the happiness and peace possible in 2010.

  10. Hanna

    What a lovely post to read. I’ve been getting to know your blog (and, through it, a bit of you) in the last year, but I’ve missed out on all the past years of excitement and evolution. Thanks for catching us up!

    I might do one of these myself now … seems like a beautiful way to process the last decade, celebrating where we’ve come from rather than thinking about why we’re not at the milestone we thought we’d be at (for me, that’s the Ph.D. … still working on it! You were right about the grind of 7 years).

  11. Josiane

    I loved reading your recap of the past decade. I started reading your blog sometime last year or two years ago, I think, so this post gave me a bit of background. I’m looking forward to following your adventures in the coming years!

  12. k

    lolly, what a great recap – and so many great things to recap at that! that last picture of you is beautiful, you look so happy and healthy – here’s wishing you a wonderful start to the next decade!

  13. caroline

    Wow, how did you and Kris manage to buy a house while still in college? I’ve been out of school four and a half years and still can’t afford any of the properties around here!

  14. Jenna

    Wow, what a journey this decade has been for you. Isn’t it interesting to think back on those different stages of your life and see how you were so focused on certain things, but life took you in a totally different direction? I kinda love that feeling, of knowing that we’ve grown and changed.

    According to your chronology, I guess this means we’ve known each other for about 5 years now! Whoa! I hope we have many more fun times together in the future. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday and happy New Year to you and your fam. xoxox

  15. Mackenzie

    Having just entered my twenties, it was so interesting to read about yours! Especially because there are a lot of similarities! In high school I was interested in archaeology, but ended up majoring in English in college and I’m also planning to get my MLIS with a concentration in archives. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed your field so far. Sometimes I worry that my attachment to my boyfriend will hinder my future plans but I’m so impressed by all the travelling you and your husband have done, especially during grad school. How do you do it? I hope to be as successful as you have! Happy holidays.

  16. Allison

    Hi, I’m de-lurking to say that I loved your Decade in Review. I’ve only been reading your blog for about two years so it was great to get a look back to what you did earlier in your life. You’ve inspired me to try my own decade in review but I’m going year-by-year, and having trouble locating any photos!

  17. KnittySue

    I’ve enjoyed your blog for years…you are so creative and I’m glad to hear about your career process. I admire your creativity in your posts..especially this one, what a great idea.
    Thank You for continuing to enhance your blog and I look forward to having coffee with you as I read it.
    Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year to you both.

  18. Jacey

    Cheers, Lolly! It sounds like you’ve accomplished a lot in the last ten years, and I enjoyed reading your decade in review. You look so vivacious in the last picture!

  19. Milly

    What a great idea. I think I will work on a review, but it won’t be nearly as exciting as yours. The story about Lima made me cry.

  20. Jennifer

    Wow – what a great review! Might have to think about this one… Here’s hoping that the next decade brings much happiness, health and prosperity.

  21. Satsuki

    What a great decade ! It also makes a great post. Thank you for sharing this with us, it is very inspiring ! I wish you a very happy next year. Please keep this beautiful and happy smile you have in the last picture.

  22. Jodi

    I received your camera (the Rebel) for Christmas from my husband. I can only hope my photos are as awsome as yours!

  23. Moni

    oh Lolly I love this! It was so great to read about your decade. I’ll see if I can put something together for the new year. What a fantastic idea!

  24. Birgitte

    Thank you for a wonderful decade review! Very interesting to learn so much about you and see how time changes in 10 years. Maybe I should put some thought into what I’ve done the past 10 years, but I’m not sure I have mental room for all the changes – after all I was only 16 on Jan 1st 2000! :)

  25. margaux

    wow. i cannot believe how quickly time flies. beautiful retrospective! I will definitely let you know if I write one, I cannot believe all that has happened in 10 years. crazy! so fun getting to know you and i look forward to another decade doing so!

  26. Chandler

    Thank you so much for such a thoughtful post—I started reading you in 2006, and I remember so vividly many of the events you mentioned. (Actually, I tell other people about your Peru stories!) And not only that, your decade in review has made me pause to remember the last decade in my own life—parallels and differences between us, travel memories, big life-changing shake-ups, knitting tales, etc.

    I’m so happy to have found your blog almost four years ago now. Your words have enriched my life and that of so many others, and I can’t wait to see what the next decade brings for you! Thank you for all you do, and happy New Year!

  27. Mim

    Great re-cap. I too have been pondering the whole idea of a decade in review. A lot has changed but a lot has stayed the same for me! I think I’ll give it a shot.

    Thanks for all the sharing you do!

  28. mel

    I enjoyed reading this so much Lolly – What an amazing/formative decade. Thank you for sharing this and for the encouragement to take a look back. I enjoy your photos and stories a great deal – and wish you a very Happy New Year (and decade!) filled with more amazing experiences.

  29. Faith

    I’ve been following your blog for so long, and it’s really cool to be able to read your back story. What an interesting life you’ve lead thus far! Your pictures are beautiful as always; I especially love the self portrait at the end. It’s been so interesting to watch you grow as a photographer through the years.

    What attracted me to your blog in the first place was your seemingly boundless creativity and curiosity about the world around you, and the way that you convey that through pictures and words. You inspire me every time I visit you here in Blogland, and I look forward to seeing what the next 10 years has in store for you.

    You’ve already seen that I posted a “decade review” response to this post on my blog, so all that’s left to say is….

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! May this year, and this next 10 years, be even better than the ones before.

  30. Rphilbeck

    I love your life’s recap. That is really amazing and all the things that you and Chris have done and your travels. What a great life. I love reading your blogs and its one of my favorites to read. I was off from the University for the holidays and I don’t have a computer at home so I am catching up on my reading… My best thing for me for Christmas this year was putting a Krompski Polonaise on layaway at our local fiber shop. Its used but in great condition. I spin my own yarn and sell it and this is a splurge for me. Can’t wait to use it. I do lots of demos and this one is historically correct for the times. It will be well used. Just had to mention that as its exciting for me. Looking forward in reading your blogs this NEW YEAR. Happy New Year to you both and your family.

  31. Preeti

    Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary!!! I loved reading snippets of your decade and I would love to sit down and remember what the past 10 years have brought for our family. Thanks for sharing:)

  32. whitney

    I loved getting to hear about your decade! Happy New Year and Anniversary to you!

    Honestly, I tried writing a “decade in review” post (but on livejournal, where very few people can actually see it), and it ended up putting me in a really melancholy mood for awhile, and it’s definitely not something I’d want to put on my more public blog. This past decade has been a really difficult one in a lot of ways, but I’m optimistic that 2010 can be the year that things turn around!

  33. melissa

    very interesting post! I am glad I didn’t try and write one though, I don’t know if I’d be able to remember 1 thing from every year!

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