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Love Hockey. Will Travel.

As you may recall, Kris and I are huge hockey fans. Kris has been in to it since he was a kid, and when we started dating in high school, I really got in to it too… and since we [...]


Southern California offers some world-class museums and cultural institutions.  Since my own career is very closely aligned to these museums, libraries, and such, they are often at the top of my list.  I often have to entice Kris with architecture [...]

New Places : Animal Faces

We found a lovely hotel right next to Balboa Park in San Diego.  With a touch of jet lag, Kris and I woke up before dawn and got out into the Park for a nice long walk with the sunrise.  [...]

Hand Delivered

Ten days of blog dormancy… I usually set up some blog entries to post before I head out on a trip, but this trip came up so quickly that I didn’t have the chance to do that! Kris and I are [...]