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*2010 Recap

I have already resolved that in 2011, I am going to 1) take more photographs AND 2) blog more often… so, that means I won’t be such a stranger in my own “house” here at LollyKnitting Around! I hope you [...]

December means…

Every year (for the last few years at least…) December means that I better have a plan for Kris’s anniversary sweater – and this year is no different. Last year’s effort was the most ambitious yet (the Dale of Norway [...]

I am not ded.

Rather than making excuses for over a month of radio silence, I will just say – HEY!  Thanks for the messages and emails.  LollyKnitting Around is not down or on an extended hiatus.  Of course, I have a lot to catch [...]

Knock on Wood

Knock on Wood

Remember that little “Under Construction” .gif that was used on websites back in the mid-90s? I need one of those for the front door of our house! Kris and I are of the “do it yourself” ilk, but I must [...]

Rhinebeck in Photos (and a few words)

     I decided to go to the New York Sheep and Wool festival a few months ago.  I guess I wanted to see how it compared to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival that is (essentially) in my back [...]