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Just Under the Wire!
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Just Under the Wire!

Olympic Success - Part 1

…If he is smiling, then I am smiling…

Olympic Sweater Success!

Pattern:  Dale of Norway Liberec 2009
Yarn: Reynolds Whiskey in natural and navy
Needles: Size US 1, 2, 3
Started May 2009 / Completed December 2009

Olympic Success - Part 1

Olympic Success - Part 1

I finished seaming at 10:35pm on New Year’s Eve – about 1.5 hours shy of my “deadline” of the new year.  I did not count the initial blocking into my deadline, so I blocked over night and let it sit out for the morning and got photos this afternoon.  (If I had finished this one day before, I could have had snow pictures, but it melted pretty quick!)

Aside from the Olympics knitting, this is the fourth year that I have made an annual “my man” sweater – with Christmas, his birthday, and our anniversary falling within two weeks of each other, it seems like a good time to make a big project like this.  By far, this is the biggest project of all!

Olympic Success - Part 1

Probably the biggest undertaking of my knitting career – but what a great sense of accomplishment!  There are only a few very minor things that I am not happy with (the raglan decreases are pulling across the chest, even after a good blocking…)  but I am thrilled with the fit and overall look of the sweater.

The yarn was a decent substitute, as my yarn shop did not have the colors of the Dale yarn that I wanted for this sweater.  I used Reynolds Whiskey.  It seems to be a good sturdy yarn that will last awhile.  Kris wears his clothes pretty hard, so this will be a good test!

Olympic Success - Part 1

…and I think he may actually wear it without me asking him too!

Countdown to Vancouver Olympics – 41 days!

(in other words, 41 days to finish MY Olympic sweater!)

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109 Responses

  1. Leslie-from Canada

    My gosh this is beautiful…he will look fantastic in Vancouver…”Go Canada Go”..ooops :>). Seriously this is gorgeous.

  2. Abby

    That sweater is really beautiful! I would be amazed if he didn’t wear it, and often. Absolutely amazing, great job!

  3. Elizabeth

    Oh, Lolly! That sweater is a work of ART. Seriously, it is awesome. Fit is perfect and the knitting is flawless.

  4. Miss Scarlett

    Oh it is so gorgeous!
    What a beautiful job you have done.
    It looks as though it fits perfectly!


  5. HeyKay

    OMG…It’s beautiful!!! I look forward to seeing all the action shots of the sweater during your Olympic experience. Congrats!!!

  6. Karin

    Looking good, both the sweater and the man.

  7. Rachel

    Love it! What an undertaking. I am impressed as always.

  8. emy

    Drop-dead gorgeous! Both the model and the knit :)

    Love the motifs!

  9. Lisa

    What a beautiful sweater! I’m so impressed! :)

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