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Photo Work
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Photo Work

I am still at the point in my photography skills where I feel like each photograph I take is a crap shoot – maybe it will turn out and maybe it won’t.  Thanks to the digital technology, I can take hundreds of photos and not be wasteful when I only end up using only a handful for the blog or Flickr.   Perhaps 2010 will be my year of finally reading my camera’s manual!

Even if it was a bit of a crap shoot, I lucked out with several photographs this year.  Using Flickr’s “Interestingness” algorithm and clicks, comments and favorites from so many of you, I have had at least one photo make Flickr’s Explore (500 top featured photographs) each month since June 2007.  I am so grateful! 

Here are a handful of my photos that made EXPLORE in 2009 – you can click on them for more info:


Yoga Inspiration 

 Moon Rising

Hungry Eyes - YIP 6:365 

2009 was a productive year, photography-wise.  I definitely take most of my photos when traveling, and with the trips we fit in, I had the opportunity to snap some fun photos.  2009 was also the year of my (yet again) failed attempt at a photo-a-day experiment with the Year in Photographs (YIP) that I started in September.  Perhaps I should have called it Weeks in Photographs, because that is how long it lasted!  I am not being too hard on myself, however… it is supposed to be for fun.

If you are interested, you can see all of my photos that have made Explore over the months (since 06/07) as well as some of my personal favorites in this photoset.

Kris and I are re-arranging and re-decorating some rooms in the house.  Over Christmas break, he and his brother painted about 90% of the house – it was hard work!  I helped when I could, but he had the whole time off work and I didn’t.  The fresh paint is like a clean canvas.  We bought several frames and were planning to frame some of our favorite photos for wall art.  Now to decide what should go in the frames.  We are still working out the arrangement and the overall themes for the photos, but it sure would be fun to have you all help us decorate by telling me your opinions … so, stay tuned! 

Urdhva Dhanurasana 

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23 Responses

  1. Josie

    I wish my photos are anywhere near as good as yours. I get down because I seem to have lost the skills to take beautiful pictures.
    You take beautiful pictures, especially of your projects. Please, educate this useless photographer (who studied photography on a manual and now has a digital).

  2. Sharon G.

    Your photos are AMAZING!!! I LOVE the one of the Calder stabile!! He is my favorite sculptor!! We’ve been wanting to make a trip from Calgary down to the Western States…apparently I now have yet another reason to want to go!!!

  3. Michelle

    I’m glad I stumbled across your blog thru ravelry last year because it got me interested in joining a 365 flickr group and starting a blog with my photos. I have picked up all kinds of cool photography info in the last few months and am challenging myself to record the world around me, especially my family, more this year. Thanks Lolly

  4. Phoe

    Congrats on Explore so often!

  5. Stephanie

    Great photos! I’m focusing on photography this year, but decided not to join a photo group – too much pressure & I just end up disappointing myself. I’m just going to take it as it comes and see where I end up – part of my goals for 2010!

  6. Leslie

    I love, love, LOVE your photos!!!

  7. Melissa A.

    Congrats! I always enjoy your photos. I bought a new P&S so hope to get better with my photos this year. I would love to make explore (but maybe I need to get out more).

  8. Jennifer

    Lolly: I have loved watching your photography develop from good to simply amazing! It’s a joy to read your blog… but now… I confess that I’m as eager to see the pictures as I am to read about your adventures in yoga, travel, love, or knitting. It’s been a wonderful journey to see unfold before our eyes. Keep up the great work! Happy knitting, Jennifer

  9. Linda

    Fabulous photos Lolly! I am still learning and ditch about 90% of mine!

  10. Michelle

    YOur pictures are always great…I just love the one with the dogs!

  11. Josiane

    You still feel like each photograph you take is a crap shoot? Interesting… and somehow reassuring! It gives total legitimacy to my feeling like each photograph I take is a crap shoot, especially since even my best ones are far from being as good as your worst ones! :)

  12. Agnes

    Hello, Lolly! I haven’t blogged for a very long time and am starting to visit knitting friends’ blogs again. I wish you and Chris a wonderful 2010 ahead.
    Speaking of photography, I don’t know if you ever need to enlarge your or someone else’s photos. But if you do and want to have good enlargement quality, I recommend my husband’s site for you (http://imagiris.com). It has been live for quite some time now and he has put in a lot of effort into the technology. I may be biased, but the quality is really really good … comparable, or even better than those expensive software. Your interest in photography is a lot more serious than amateur hobby, and you are exactly the kind of people he aims to provide service for (the site is free). So I do hope you would give it a try.
    Happy Knitting 2010!

  13. Wendolene

    Congratulations–those are awesome photos. Freshly painted rooms are so inspiring–I can’t wait to see them!

  14. whitney

    I have long admired your photography, Lolly! I swear, I want to favorite pretty much all of them in Flickr. Congratulations on getting your photos the recognition they deserve in Explore!

    I am so excited about being able to expand my photography abilities with my new DSLR this year….we’ll see where it takes me!

  15. mick

    Your photography is just amazing. Can’t wait to see what else you document this year!

  16. Jenna

    Congrats on the explore-y goodness! It’s such a testament to both your natural talent and the progress you’ve made over the last few years.

    I definitely understand about taking most of your pics on trips (although I love the one up there from when you were visiting me!). Even if you didn’t complete the YIP, I think it’s good practice to take a second look and your usual surroundings for inspiration.

    I’ll be excited to see the photos you choose and the changes to the house next time I’m there! xoxo.

  17. kuka

    You do take lovely photos! It inspires me to get out my camera manual too! =)
    And everytime you post something yoga-related I am just AMAZED by how you have taken to it! it is incredible!

  18. Harpa J

    Your pictures are beautiful!

  19. Deirdre

    Your blog is one my favourites – the writing is always good, often thought-provoking, and the photos… total eye-candy! So I would like to ask where you would suggest a very average photographer with a decent digital camera could go to start improving her skills – I’d like to do a better job of recording what goes on around me, especially my kids, before they’ve grown up completely!

  20. Leslie

    Your photos are wonderful, always so fun to see! That sunset photo is truly amazing!

  21. Jessica

    A big part of photography isn’t about taking perfect photo after perfect photo but about being able to recognize a good image, a poor image and a great image. I’m not a good photographer and after a sad incident involving the sidewalk I don’t even have decent equipment any more but I do have the skill to recognize good vs. great images when I see them and that is why I was a curator of a gallery for 3 years. When you can recognize quality it doesn’t matter if you’ve taken 80 photos to get one worth framing. Keep it up!

  22. Sung-Ji

    Lauren, I love your photos. You have a great eye. Looking forward to more fab photos in 2010.

  23. Monique

    Fabuloso! I love the dogs and the cacti, but they are all great. Been trying to improve my own skills, been reading a ton of books (especially like the Brian Peterson series), but you either have it or you don’t. And me thinks you just might have it…

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