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12 Things
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12 Things

The beautiful and talented Lucy at {a black pepper} tagged me for this project “10 Things You Don’t Know About Me”… and it was hard to come up with a list, but I thought I would give it a try. Perhaps it should be called “10 Things Some of You Might Not Know About Me”.  Since I divulged some of this information on Flickr late last week, I thought I would add an extra two especially for the blog :)

1 – One of the reasons that I took up knitting in 2003 was because I am always cold. I wear knits year round because I work in the cold environment of a basement archive, so shawls, mitts, and cardigans are always on hand.

2 – I don’t wear much jewelry. I usually wear a simple meaningful necklace (a souvenir or a gift to remind me of a place or a person) and my wedding band.

3 – I have my ears pierced twice in each ear, but haven’t worn earrings since my sister’s wedding in October 2008. I don’t think that the holes have closed though.

4 – One of my goals for 2010 is to learn Spanish. I am using Rosetta Stone (a generous Christmas/anniversary gift from Kris) and am really enjoying it so far.

5 – I have several friends from Spanish-speaking countries who promise that they will practice with me once I become more conversational.

6 – I am hoping to travel more through South America. I loved our Peru trip in 2007 so much that I want to go back. Argentina and Chile are next on the list.

7 – I was homeschooled for two years when I was young – 4th and 5th grade – and went back to regular school in 6th grade.

8 – I have recently become (a little) obsessed with 2 games on Kris’s Xbox: Peggle and Kingdom for Keflings.

9 – I am not a phone or a gadget person… I was a late adopter for cell phones, and still use a “pay as you go” service. However, I will admit to using Kris’s Blackberry on occasion for checking the web…

10 – I recently started a sprout garden – I use the sprouts for green smoothies and for salad toppings. My favorites (so far) have been the French lentils.

11 – The album officially “drops” tomorrow, but I have been listening to the new Vampire Weekend constantly on NPR’s Music site.  Wow.  I loved the first one so much, and this second one is amazing.  The one that stays with me the most is “Diplomat’s Son”.  Total win.

12 – I became a vegetarian when I was 14 years old.  I was never a big meat eater, but after seeing the movie Babe, I switched.  Yeah, I know that pigs don’t really talk, but that movie did help me realize a few things.  Additionally, I switched to a vegan diet after my struggles with Lyme disease in 2008. You never know when and how those life-changing moments are going to come!

Care to share your own list?  I would love to read…

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  1. Wendolene

    Just one thing: I was homeschooled, too! Much longer–second grade through high school. Contrary to the expectations of many, I wasn’t scarred for life ; )

  2. Mouse

    I still have a pay as you go cellphone as well.. I can’t see the point of upgrading when I really don’t use the thing for more than emergencies or a quick call to the husband to find him in a big store!

  3. Patty

    Always fun to learn more about you! I’ll be interested in hearing how the Rosetta Stone goes. I’d like to become a little proficient in Spanish myself!

  4. Stephanie

    Great list and I enjoy getting to know you more.

  5. Leslie

    What a great list! If you add Uraguay to your travel list, let me know. We have relatives there who would LOVE to show you around. Also, I didn’t know about the home schooling – I would love to know more about that. It’s something that I have absolutely zero desire or ability to do, but I am fascinated by people who do it. I wonder how it works — since I can sometimes barely get my kids to take a bath, how in the world could I teach them long division? :)

  6. Lauren

    I thought I was the only one affected by that movie! Although not a vegetarian, I haven’t eaten pork since. :)

  7. katebee

    I was homeschooled the whole way until college! (This is where everyone usually says “Wow, I would never have guessed” and I change the subject before I wax overly sarcastic.)

    Good luck with your Spanish! I have studied many a language, and I think Spanish is one of the most straightforward and easy-to-learn that there is. :)

  8. Siew

    I am in constant replay of the new Vampire Weekend album as well. I don’t know if I could pick a fav – it would have to between Horchata and I Think UR A Contra. They’re all too good!
    ps. Its raining like mad in Vancouver right now and SUPER mild. Let’s hope for the Olympics sake that it gets colder soon. Its actually raining in Whistler Village right now.

  9. lori z

    I was hopeless addicted to Peggle until the challenges became too challenging!

    Thanks for sharing Lolly!

  10. Stacey

    Uhmmm…I totally got on the computer to tell you about NPR’s streaming of Vampire Weekend. Then got sidetracked by numerous other things….like blogs. But turns out you already know. Hee. Pretty good, huh? Nice to know their first cd wasn’t just a fluke.

  11. Dana

    I wrote one. And isn’t Vampire Weekend good? Thanks for the tip about the streaming album–we love the first album. :-) Dana

  12. Josiane

    Interesting list! If I end up making one to post on my blog, I’ll make sure to let you know!

    I have yet to try sprouting lentils, but knowing that French lentil sprouts are your fave makes me want to give it a try. My latest sprouting addiction: daikon seeds. Though it is to be expected that they’d have a radish flavor, I’m always surprised by its strength. If you like radishes, you’ve got to try daikon sprouts! :)

  13. Linda

    Best of luck with the Spanish, I am so hopeless at languages that I really should try! I did a 10 thikngs on my flickr, its hard to think of 10 things!

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  15. Erin

    I too am addicted to Kingdom for Keflings. Even the music makes me smile.

  16. Robin Marie

    I love your list! I’m a quiet reader of your blog, so I don’t know if you knew that I just came back (in August) from 5.5 months in Argentina. I also traveled to Chile and Uruguay, and alll over Argentina. I love to practice Spanish, and if you have any questions or are curious about Argentina or Chile or Uruguay I’m always happy to talk about it! I blogged about it quite a bit as well. I’m dreaming about my trip back! Peru and Bolivia are definitely on the list, as well as a revisit of Uruguay and Argentina.

  17. Robin Marie

    Oh man…and I was home schooled 1st and 2nd grade! Homeschooling for the win! It’s funny to find out the foundational things that people have in common.

  18. Miss Scarlett

    This is a great list!

    I started sprouting in Decemeber – for my chickens, because there is just not as much greenery available for them.
    My Aunt was saying why not eat them myself.
    Duh! I tend to take much better care of my pets than I do myself.
    So I just started some for myself last night.
    Pea sprouts at the moment.

    I also was homeschooled for a bit. I really enjoyed it.

    One of my goals this year is to start eating more vegetarian meals.

    ‘Christmas means carnage!’

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