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Quick Glimpses

Estoy estudiando

:: knitting sleeve two of my Olympic sweater whilst studying Spanish with Rosetta Stone ::

(Hello operator?)

Great progress on both fronts.

Sleeve 2 + patch

Sleeve has doubled in length since this photo taken yesterday morning (and I have a callus on my finger to prove it) but I like the placement of the official patch here on the sleeve.

13 days till Vancouver.

… Almost there …

More details on the sweater, the trip plans, and Spanish studies to come ~

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17 Responses

  1. Clare

    I used Rosetta Stone to learn some German before moving to Berlin – I didn’t think it was doing much, but once I got here I surprised myself with how much I knew and understood. Definitely worth the effort. I never managed to combine it with knitting though!

  2. Chandler

    Oh, man, I can feel the excitement! And what a great use of your language-learning time; I’m convinced that the repetitive hand motions help you listen better and learn faster!

  3. Kelly

    You’re almost there!!!
    I tried a spanish course on cd but I didn’t think much of it, is Rosetta Stone different than most others?

  4. 5 Seed Natural Beauty

    I’m so impressed with your progress. Two sweaters in such a short period of time!

    YW (aka Green Spell and Five Seed!)

  5. Mimi

    There you are, my pretty sister!

  6. Irmhild

    Saw the ads for rosetta stone, it looks like something that might work for me! I once did a ’1 hour portuguese’ course, it was a CD and a tiny booklet. It taught phrases for different situations, some basic grammar and how to pronounce words. On our holiday I had a dictionary, a phrase book and this CD, and was amazed at how much I’d learned! I know I sound like a swat, but I was listening to it on the plane, by the pool, in the car, and then practising with unsuspecting locals, many of which really appreciated the effort, as they were used to most tourists just assuming everybody understood English…

    Love your glasses by the way!

  7. Preeti

    I’m really loving that Dalegarn patch. The sweater is really flying off the needles and I love the turquoisy green yarn you picked as one of the contrast colors. Very pretty!! Only 12 days to go!!!

  8. Birgitte

    I’m (re)learning Italian with Linguaphone – I like it a lot :) And the patch should definitely go on the sleeve – it’ll look great! Can’t wait to see your sweater!

  9. Rasa

    You are amazing Lolly!!! I should have done Rosetta Stone myself. I leave for 10 days in Santiago, Chile in 2 weeks…too late for me:(

  10. Avice

    You go, girl!

  11. felinemagnet

    Muy bien, Lolly! I took Spanish for 5 years in school, and a little of it is still lodged in ny brain. Love that sweater patch!

  12. Jenna

    I don’t know which is going to be more exciting, finishing that sweater or your trip! Alright, it’s probably the trip, but finishing all those tiny stitches will be pretty awesome, too. Unfortunately, if the weather in Vancouver is anything like it’s been here, you won’t have much occasion to wear sweaters – it’s in the 50′s and sunny here today!

    Hello, this is Julie from Time Life books, how may I help you today? xoxox

  13. Josiane

    Oh my, not even two weeks left before you go! With such great progress, though, I’m sure your sweater will be ready on time. You’re amazing!

  14. Lea-Anne

    Oh No!!
    I just saw on the news in Australia that they are trucking snow in for some of the events because there is not enough. How weird is all this weather?
    Good luck on finishing the masterpiece. YOU CAN DO IT!! (i just hope you can get some olympic use out of it!)

  15. inglesidebelle

    Did I miss something? Is there a German trip in the offing? I thought you were going to Canada, eh?

  16. erica

    Good luck coming into the homestretch! I know your sweater will be amazing. You’ve totally inspired me to try a fair isle sweater this year, after I finish the cable saddle shoulder sweater for my husband.

  17. Beatriz

    Que hermoso color es tu sweater Olympico! Buena suerte con terminar en 13 dias.

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