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Meant to Be?
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Meant to Be?

There she sits.


…but I am okay with it…

It was a whole number of things that contributed to the fact that the sweater is not done – and won’t be done by the time I leave for Vancouver.  The snow was both a blessing and a curse.  It gave me five days to sit in the house (with occasional “snow shoveling” breaks), watch movies, and work on her.  But, when I ran out of the main color of yarn for the collar and the top colorwork section, it also prevented me from going to the yarn shop to pick up another ball.  And time constraints prevent me from going there now and spending another day working on it…

The knitting was a joy – but the finishing is not.  I have attempted to seam her up three times – shoulders and sleeves into armholes – and each time, I am not happy with the results.  So, I ripped back.  I think I need to do one of two things:  rip back to the point where I made the first mistake (stockinette and all) and just start over from there – OR steek about 2 more inches so that the armholes have more space and don’t bunch up like a trash bag.  It’s a drop shoulder construction, so that automatically changes things – it’s hard to get it to lay right on my shoulders.

So, maybe I ran out of steam as well as running out of yarn.  Maybe we both need a little break from each other.  Maybe she needs a vacation too.

Yeah, I am a little disappointed, but I also realize that it is not the end of the world, nor the end of the sweater.  I don’t want to do a shoddy job in finishing – cutting corners and leaving out parts of the chart – just to have it finished before the trip.

There you have it.  I am at peace about it.  It does help knowing that at least one part of my goal was completed with Kris’s sweater turning out so well – much better than I expected. And I will just finish this one sometime in the future…

Did you watch the Opening Ceremonies?  I was just amazed.  It was so beautiful and so well-done.  I loved the tributes to each part of the country and the cultures therein, and I thought the tragic death of the Georgian athlete was handled well during the ceremony (although the media really needs to stop showing the accident footage).

I know many of you were watching and casting on for your Olympics/Ravelympics projects.

Which part was your favorite?  I almost have too many to name – but the First Nations’ welcome, the orcas, the fiddlers, and the Rocky Mountain aerialists come to mind.  It was beautiful!  YAY CANADA :)

…Can’t wait to get up there and join the festivities!

See you on the flip side!!

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36 Responses

  1. ccr in MA

    It’s beautiful work, and will be gorgeous when the time comes to finish it. You certainly don’t want to rush and do a shoddy job!

    I love watching the athletes walk in, and how their faces glow as they look around. The small countries, who have only one athlete, are very touching.

  2. knitography

    Aw, that’s too bad! On the bright side though, it’s too warm here in Vancouver to wear such a beautiful sweater, and that one deserves to be shown off!

  3. Jennifer

    It’s simply gorgeous and will be gorgeous whenever you finish it. Have fun in Vancouver. I’ll be watching hockey and looking for you and Kris.

  4. Catrin

    The sweater will be there when you get back home! Have an amazing trip! And let the best team win ;-)

  5. felinemagnet

    Good opportunity to practice non-attachment to an outcome, eh? I’m sure you will be glad later that you took extra time with the finishing so it will be a sweater that you enjoy wearing and fits well. I didn’t watch the Opening Ceremonies to the end but I DVR’ed it and hope to watch the rest later. I did see that Gretzky was one of the torch lighters, yay hockey! Have a safe trip and looking forward to hearing about your experiences, Lolly!

  6. Lisa

    The sweater will be wonderful when it gets done, it its time. I watched and though the section depicting the great plains was beautiful. I loved the visual of seeing the fields of wheat under the boy’s feet as he started walking – the special effects and stage setting in that segment were really lovely!

  7. Emilee

    Ah, bummer. But you’re right in taking your time to finish.

    I thought the opening was beautiful. Have a great time in Canada!

  8. Erica

    So sad that you won’t finish the sweater but sometimes rushing to finish it by a deadline can cause horrible problems. Once it’s finished properly you’ll be amazingly proud to wear it.

    Have an amazing time at the Games. I was so excited by the wonderful ceremonies last night.

  9. Mary

    The sweater will be your post-Olympic triumph, no doubt about it.

    Enjoy your trip.

  10. Rachel

    Beautiful colorwork, and the end result will be worth the wait.

  11. Linda

    Have Fun–take lots of pictures for all of us who are so jealous, but happy for you both! The sweater will be a post Olympic experience–you can think about all the great times you had and finish as you reflect!

  12. Kristyn

    My favorite part of every opening ceremony is the Parade of Nations. I love hearing the stories about the athletes from all these tiny countries who will never win a medal but are there because they love what they do. That is what the Olympics is all about to me.

  13. bells

    You sound so accepting. That’s good. You’ve achieved a lot and it’s beautiful and it’ll be done properly at a later time.

  14. susan

    Awww… so bummer! I know how much you were looking forward to finish it before you go over to Vancouver. No doubt that your sweater would be perfect for your post-Olympic memories. Have fun over there and say Hi to all Canadians! :)

  15. Annette

    Your sweater is beautiful! I wouldn’t want to do a shoddy job at finishing just to finish by the time I was leaving either. You’ll finish when you return and you’ll have many years to where it. It makes me want to start a fair isle project just by looking at it. :)

  16. Josiane

    Well, your sweater won’t have seen Vancouver, but it’s still your Olympics sweater: most stitches are filled with memories of anticipating the trip and the Games, and what remains to be done will be filled with memories of the trip and the Games themselves. Also, finishing it once you’re back will be a nice way for you to spend some more time in the spirit of the Olympics!

    Oh, I’ve just seen you’ve received my list of restaurant recommendations. Yay! Enjoy!

  17. Leslie

    It has taken me a long time to understand how bad finishing can ruin an otherwise beautifully knit garment. It has also taken me a long time to understand how important it is to take the time to do it right or risk hours of knitting ending up in the Goodwill bin. So I applaud your approach to this knit, even though it means you won’t get to wear it in Vancouver. I have enjoyed accompanying you on your journey nonetheless! :) Have a wonderful time!

  18. Mandy

    Oh! I’m very emotional reading this. I feel like my favorite Olympian has run off course or something like that. I’m sorry you didn’t finish, but I’m very impressed by how much you did get done. I’m impressed with your resolve in doing it the right way, instead of just getting it done. It has been so fun following along with this sweater; all the ups and downs. It’s really what knitting is, right? You win some you lose some. Have fun in Vancouver!

  19. Irmhild

    Sorry to hear this… But you have a great trip to look forward to! Nothing like a change of scenery to take your mind off it!

  20. mamie

    it is so beautiful, lolly, and i think you are right in the holding of it, it is way too beautiful to hurry. have a lovely time, wish i could be there too. my favorite part was the tap dancing because i just love a good (and gritty) tap number.

  21. emy

    Whatever you choose to do with it, we are all behind your decision. Don’t give yourself any pressure.

  22. Kim

    I love that you’re able to get some emotional distance from this sweater! We’ve been talking about ten-year poses in my yoga class, and about nonattachment to outcomes in general, and you seem to be living in this place with the (utterly gorgeous) sweater.

    I loved the opening ceremony, all of it, but the whales made me shout “Whoah!!” out loud. I also liked the crazy tap performance. We went to St. John’s a few years ago, and marvelled at the pubs on every corner.

    I think the big crystalline torch/chalices are really beautiful, too.

  23. kingshearte

    It’s too bad you didn’t finish it in time for Vancouver, but it’ll still be awesome when you do.

    I think my favourite part was the fiddling. At least in part because it’s one of those things that you just accept as part of life, but somehow it’s easy to forget how Canadian it really is. Sure, some of the traditions are borrowed from other countries originally, but the particular fiddling styles of Canada really are distinctly Canadian, and it was an awesome celebration of that.

    Sadly, I missed the actual cauldron lighting, as CTV’s streaming feed cut off right before that, which was kind of a piss off, but we got to see the rest, and really, it was all pretty great.

  24. gay

    the colors and pattern of the sweater…just gorgeous i can see why you wanted to wear it to the olympics. enjoy them in whatever you wear. my favorite part of the ceremony was the fiddling as well but it was all impressive. enjoy.

  25. Kelly

    The sweater looks beautiful, and I think it’s come together remarkably quickly as it is. At least you can look forward to having it as a souvenir of these Olympics for years to come.

    My favourite parts of the opening ceremonies were Sarah McLaughlan’s and KD Lang’s performances, as well as the choices of famous Canadians who carried the flag and lit the cauldron (though the actual lighting didn’t go quite so well). Each person seemed like such a perfect choice, and represented us well.

  26. Angela

    Your sweater is too beautiful to not finish it to your satisfaction. I love the colors you used. I think even though you didn’t get to wear it to the Olympics, that you will still remember the fun of the games whenever you wear it.

  27. Ruth Ann

    Give a big wave to the cameras!! Pick me up one of the reindeer hats the USA Team wore on opening night. Wouldn’t that be a fun pattern?

  28. elkbio

    While I know it’s disappointing that you didn’t get your sweater done, I’m so glad to hear that you aren’t rushing through and cutting corners just to get it done. It’s a beautiful piece of work and deserves that extra attention to make it right! The Olympics are the one time when I wish I had access to television stations…I can get snippets online, but mostly I only end up catching the highlights. Your description of the opening ceremonies sounds like it was fantastic!

  29. Jodi

    Have a wonderful time in Vancouver! Sometimes the stars just don’t align; taking your time to finish up your sweater just right will be a great way to keep the Olympic spirit going when you return home from Canada. It’s looking beautiful so far.

  30. Tina

    Oh NO. I was so sure you’d finish it in time. but it is good that you know that there will be the right time to finish it. I will still remember you of all the great experiences you’ll make in Canada! Have fun!
    Ithought of you during the opeing ceremonies as well as of all my Canadian blog friends.

  31. Phoe

    The whales! That was so neat. I hope you have a great time.

  32. knittingoutloud

    It’s a beautiful sweater!!!

  33. Nicole

    It’s a beautiful sweater, and it’s too bad you didn’t finish when you wanted to, but take comfort – no one here is wearing sweaters – it’s much too warm.

    My fav was the fiddlers. They were fantastic, and one of the few things in the ceremony that was a refelection of what Vancouver is really like. The whole thing was beautiful though.

  34. Nicole

    And to Ruth Ann – Those reindeer hats are $140 each. I was at the Bay yesterday and they were somehow sold out!

  35. Mouse

    The punk rock fiddlers were definitely my favorite part.. but the orcas were AMAZING. I have it DVR’ed on my tv so that I can watch it again.

  36. brenda

    lolly, i’ve so enjoyed living my life olympically thru you. sorry to hear that you’re not wearing an olympic sweater, but the effort was gargantuan. props to you. it’s the reason i picked a baby layette to knit for ravelympics :)

    have fun, and i can’t wait to see more!

    ps….i thought the film footage of the georgian’s accident (and the speed skater’s injury from last year) was overkill, and disrespectful. but i loved those rompin’ stompin’ fiddler/cloggers!

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