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Did They Know…
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  1. Cheryl

    Looks like you’re having a blast. What’s the story to the decorated archway though? I thought of ya when I heard about the Russia/Latvia game. How did you find air travelling internationally with knitting?

  2. Miss Scarlett

    Fantastic pictures!!
    It looks like a great time in the city right now.

    That yarn hockey player is awesome!

    Glad you are having a good time.

  3. sam

    what a cool picture! have fun!

  4. Kala

    Fun, can’t wait to here about the food too!

  5. Rebecca

    How auspicious! I think I would not have had the wherewithal to take a picture and of course………….they know you are coming! Can’t wait to see your Canada socks. I almost knit those last September when we were up in B.C.

  6. Michelle

    I’m glad your here and enjoying the city. We spent both Saturday and Sunday downtown and had a blast. Its like a huge party where everyone is super happy! We met a speed skater and her family, talked to several visitors and were awed by the Olympic flame. I’m looking forward to meeting you next Saturday at the meet-up.

  7. YarnOverHere

    Ryan Miller?!!?!?!?!? That’s so wicked! The Russia game is going to be good… I’ll be at home watching the Canada one!

    Enjoy the city! I can’t wait for your next post!

    PS – You did luck out at the train station! I hear it’s DOUBLE the numbers of a regular train riding day. You don’t happen to remember which train station that was, did you? I’ll have to check that yarn out for myself!

  8. Josiane

    You make me want to hop on a plane and go to Vancouver right this minute – most notably because I know you’re there! It would be so much fun to walk the city again with you!
    Oh, and I forgot something in my email: if you’re in the mood for ice cream, head over to Casa Gelato (http://www.lacasagelato.com/) on Venables St., between Commercial Drive and Main. They have a selection of vegan ice creams, and even just looking at the selection of non-vegan stuff is worth the visit! When my gentleman friend and I were there last years, we went twice in the same day! :)

  9. The Loft

    You are so lucky you’re there! I’m from the Montreal area originally, and I just adore Canada. And to be on the same flight as Ryan Miller? Sigh. So so so lucky. I would totally be that freaky fan girl. Hockey is the best sport on earth. BTW, I think that knitting/hockey thing was for the Ravelympics, as they are promoting everywhere!

    Have fun while you’re there. Can’t wait to see more pics!

  10. Wendolene

    What a good omen for your trip. It sounds like you’re having a great time already!

  11. karen

    you are SO lucky to be there !!!!
    thanks for the amazing pictures.

    I’ll be watching too ;o)

  12. Ilona

    Now this is the stuff we don’t get to see on tv. I enjoy your photos.

  13. Kim

    You met Ryan Miller?!?! I love Ryan Miller. Tell me he is as cute in person as he is on TV.

    You are blessed in you ability to meet those hockey players.

    Enjoy your trip!

  14. Heather

    I can’t wait to get there! I love Vancouver so much.

    Do you happen to know the camera restrictions/allowances for the hockey games? I would really love to get my D50 in there, but I also don’t want it confiscated.

  15. ccr in MA

    That hockey player and the yarn–too cool! Have a wonderful time (I know you will).

  16. LittleWit

    That’s awesome. :) I’ve made a resolution to not miss the next Olympics that come near me.

  17. Margarita

    Congrats!I am travelling with you!! Have lots of fun!

  18. Jenna

    Wow, I’m so impressed that you didn’t get all fangirl! It seems like you keep meeting up with your hockey faves, you lucky girl! I’m so excited to see your pictures of impressions of this event – keep it coming!! xoxo

  19. Annette

    I think the definitely knew you were coming. :) Have a fanTAStic time!

  20. angela

    de-lurking to say i really enjoy your blog and that you must must must eat at the Naam on West 4th. it’s been years since i ate there but i still dream about the avocado and cashew enchiladas.

    enjoy vancouver and the games!

  21. erica

    Wow, sounds like you’re having a fabulous time! I think of you often when I hear about hockey and especially this morning when I heard about the Latvia/Russia game.

  22. Gaile

    You made it! WELCOME TO VANCOUVER (notice we brought out the sun for you)!

  23. Leslie

    You are there! I am so jealous here in Ontario….have a great time…just love Vancouver and I’m doing my Olympic bit of knitting at home…eh? Have fun.

  24. knittingoutloud

    Wow! Hockey knitting!

  25. Shannon

    Hey Lolly! It was awesome running into you at the game today! So nice to meet you in person! What a surprise! I know it’s kinda weird, but I totally felt that I already knew you! Anyways, welcome to Vancouver, I hope you love our city as much as I do and enjoy all of the games!

  26. jane

    I would have been freaky fan girl! And if my boys were with me I would have totally used them to get a picture. So cool!

  27. Marlyn

    I’m so envious! I’ve been glued to the hockey games — staying up waaaay too late!

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