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Hockey and More Hockey
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Hockey and More Hockey

By now, you know that Kris and I LOVE hockey.   We are pretty hardcore fans, and we came into the Olympic Games with tickets to 9 hockey games.  So far, we have been to SIX of them.  Everyone of them has been so much fun!  Almost as fun as the game are the die-hard fans that travel to these games from their home countries.  They make the game that much more enjoyable.  Face-paints, cowbells, flag-waving.  It’s just amazing.

Finnish Fans

Finnish fans before the Finland/Belarus game

Enthusiastic Russian Fan

Russian fan before the Russia/Latvia game

Flag Waving and Team Spirit

German fans at Germany/Sweden game

Fellow Americans Cheer!

Some friendly Americans (from NYC) that we met at the USA/Norway game

…and of course, the GAMES and the ATHLETES!

I found a great spot for photos down near the ice, and have been lucky to get some nice photographs of the players as they come out onto the ice.

Kiprasoff and Timmonen

Miikka Kiprasoff and Kimmo Timmonen – Team Finland

Sergei Kostitsyn

Sergei Kostitsyn – Team Belarus

Team Norge Warmups

Team Norway

Jaromir Jagr

Jaromir Jagr – Team Czech Republic

Saluting the Fans

Team Russia salutes the fans after a big win over the Czechs

USA warmups

Team USA warming up before the game against Norway

I made some signs – the Team USA sign above and then a slightly more creative one for my favorite hockey player, Evgeni Malkin on Team Russia.  His nickname is “Geno” so that was the inspiration behind this one:

Sign complete!

…and what’s cooler than meeting up with other hockey-loving knitters at the Olympics?  Brynna, Amy and I are all active on the Ravelry hockey forum Puck This! and we arranged meetups.  Brynna and I met up to watch the first Canada game against Norway at a park with outdoor screens.  Afterward, we headed to the Russia/Latvia game.  It was great to meet her!

Ravelry Friends!

Amy and I both had tickets to the Sweden/Germany game and texted throughout the game and then met up afterward!

Another Ravelry meeting!

With a friendly blue-jacketed Olympic volunteer at the Canada Hockey Place arena

… More photos and stories to come…

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22 Responses

  1. Siew

    Sophie thinks its okay that your team beat our team yesterday. We watched on a massive projection screen at our local high school yesterday and inbetween running around like a pack of wolves the kids would occasionally stop for some food or drink and she would ask the score. She was sad she didn’t get to meet you when I showed her your blog.

  2. Teresa

    I have never been to a hockey game, but you sure make it look like a fun thing to do!

  3. Jennifer

    I’ve been watching the games and hoping to catch a glimpse of you and Kris. I just knew you were having a blast. How fun! Can’t wait to see the next update.

  4. ccr in MA

    Yay hockey! Sounds like you’re having a great time! Nice photos, of course.

  5. Vilma

    Great photos! Team Finland hasn’t been doing as well as we were hoping, but at least the fans in the audience are putting their all in. :)

  6. HarpaJ

    Great photos as always! I barely know what hockey even IS – but it’s obvious that you are having great fun!

  7. felinemagnet

    I’m really glad you are blogging as you go along! Easier to live vicariously through you. :-) I didn’t realize you had tickets for *9* games! So awesome.

  8. Kim

    Your trip looks like so much fun! I’ve been watching hockey more or less non-stop for the past week, and it’s been awesome.

    Have you only been to the men’s games?

  9. Sara

    I love hockey too, but living in KY makes being a die hard fan pretty difficult. I cried real tears when Joe Sakic retired from Colorado… Thank you for putting up pictures from these oh so exciting events! We are watching from home and I am so jealous of all who get to be there in person. Go USA!!!

  10. Josiane

    Your smile on each and every one of those pics says it all! I’m really happy you’re having so much fun. Enjoy!

  11. Nim

    Omg, Jaromir Jagr!!! I have <3 'd him for so long now. Looks like great fun for you at the Olympics! Keep those pics comin': we love em! I can't stop exclaiming!

  12. elizabeth

    Oooh, you got to see Finland. Man, I wish Kiprasoff had taken Canadian citizenship — then Team Canada might actually have a fighting shot. But, as a Calgary girl with a Finnish mother-in-law, I wish Team Finland all the luck in the world (unless they’re playing Canada, of course).

  13. Leslie

    holy cow bell that is a lot of hockey games…are you going to the Canada vs. U.S. game still to come *wink* *wink* :>).

  14. Kim

    I love it! What a great time!

    Nice pic of JJ–he was my second Pens crush(Mario was the first).

    Enjoy the rest of the games.

  15. Megan

    Happily jealous of you, in all the best knitting/hockey/puck-this!/olympic-fangirl ways. :)

  16. Mom

    Your photos help capture the general flavor and team spirit of the Olympics, no matter where the subject is from. Good Job, Lol. Love You!!! XXOO

  17. Linda

    That looks such a great time. We have really got into watching the curling, I’d love to play that!

  18. greta

    Wow, great pictures!

  19. Holly

    Your photos are Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your viewpoint, it gives the games more depth than just watching on TV.

  20. Lottie

    How nice :) I love hockey in general (guess one’s better coming from the country of snow and ice :) ) but the first picture makes me proud to be a Finn :)

    Let’s see tonight what happens, you guys vs us guys :)

    Go Finland go!

  21. Kristin

    I’ve never really seen the appeal of hockey before – I’ve enjoyed your reports and pictures on here in the past, but I’ve never watched a whole game. I used to figureskate when I was in school and I’ve always preferred that variety of icyness.

    But – having just seen the re-run of the women’s final (too late to stay up last night), I must say it’s absolutely thrilling! I thought of you as I was watching it.

  22. Irmhild

    The ‘Sergei Kostitsyn – Team Belarus’ photo is absolutely brilliant

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