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Vancouver Sights and Sounds
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Vancouver Sights and Sounds

Rock Sculpting on the Beach

Rock Sculpting on the Beach

Rock Stacking Art by False Creek

Vancouver Waterfront

Canada Place – Five Sails – overlooking the inlet waterfront

Sunset View of Vancouver

Sunset over the city – from the Seabus ferry

Lonsdale Quay

Lonsdale Quay

Lonsdale Quay – North Vancouver

Granville Island

Closest thing to a snowflake

Pretty fruit...

Maple Leaf Cakes

Inspired Artwork

Granville Island – public market and Francophone House-sponsored Street Carnival Parade

What a city!

…and I feel that I only got to experience a sliver of it because all of the Olympic events, etc.  There is another BC trip in the future!

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  1. Jennifer

    I always love your pictures! The cairns are a particular favorite of mine – the shapes, balance, beauty. The one picture that really gets me though – is the outdoor parade. People with no coats and short sleeves? People – how do you hold a Winter Olympics when it’s that warm? The wonders of modern science. Unbelievable. So glad you’re having such a wonderful time.

  2. Linda in Lakeside

    Vancouver is a beautiful city. It is one of those magical places that, although there may be 4 months of rain and fog, to look around you on the sunshiny days which slip into the mix you are certain it is the most beautiful place in the world and you owuld not want to be anywhere else!

    BC has many treasures… Tofino and the rain forested pacifc coast of the Island, the interior. It is the mountains, the green and the water which amze the senses.
    Ya’ you gotta go back!

    ….and get some cowichan wool

  3. Elizabeth

    The rock sculptures are inukshuks – traditionally, they were used by the Inuit as directional markers and signs that someone had passed this way. I guess they’re still used as a modern “someone was here” sculptures!

    It does seem unbelievable that its so warm in Vancouver … but it always seemed funny to be holding the olympics in one of the warmest cities in Canada!

  4. Susie

    Just found your blog and I’m having a ball! I’ve fallen in love with Vancouver watching these Olympics and your photos just made me very very happy. And I haven’t even read about your knitting yet!

  5. Michael

    I’m so jealous! I’ve been stuck on the island (in Victoria) and couldn’t even get over to take part in any of the festivities, let alone watch any events. If you swing by Vancouver Island ever…

  6. sophiefair

    so glad that you enjoyed your visit here! and yes, you must come back. and check out the island, and the gulf islands and the sunshine coast… and so on, and so on.

    it has been sooo amazing to see the joy and energy these olympics have brought. i can only guess that we will build on it to create something amazing!

  7. Wendolene

    Vancouver looks like an amazing place. I love those stacked rocks!

  8. Suzanne

    Thank you for sharing your Olympic experience with all of us. I have enjoyed following along. The pictures are great and it really shows how much fun it is to be there.

    The TV coverage only shows so much and I only have so much time to watch so I love to come here and look at the pictures.

  9. Lien

    Isn’t Vancouver gorgeous? I used to drive up there all the time when I lived in Seattle, and it was always a blast.

  10. Siew

    Come back soon. And you’re right, there’s so much more to see. There’s a room for you over on the Sunshine Coast! Great getting to meet you.

  11. Guinifer

    The weather looks beautiful! My son and I were there in October to visit UBC and it rained, deluged, the entire time we were there.

  12. Chandler

    AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! That’s the Big Nazo puppet troupe in the last photo! I used to do puppetry gigs with them when I was in college in Providence! The last show I did with them was in Viareggio, Italy, for Carnevale. We were in a gigantic parade, and performed in-puppet for 5 hours straight.

    Small, small world!

  13. Josiane

    Your pics are taking me back there! I can easily understand how you’d want to go again… especially considering how busy you’ve been with Olympic events during your stay in Vancouver! (Though, if I was being selfish, I’d suggest a trip to Quebec first!) :)

  14. margaux

    wow. what a fantastic trip Lolly!! you really captured it so well. hope you have a safe trip home! :-)

  15. 5 Seed Natural Beauty

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful experiences on this trip. It was so fun to see/read!

    5 Seed (aka A Green Spell)

  16. Heather

    Ahhhh. Granville Island. My Happy Place.

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