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Fiberlicious Vancouver
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Fiberlicious Vancouver

Vancouver provided many fibery opportunities, both with a finished knit, some stash enhancement, and some inspirational artisan galleries as well…

I started this cowl – the Tuesday Night Cowl (free pattern on Ravelry!) by Susan Lawrence - the morning of the Olympic Knitters meetup that Felicia and I coordinated on February 20th.  I brought along the Cascade Venezia from my stash and decided Van-Cowl-verto  cast on this pattern because I wanted something bulky and simple – the antithesis of my recent knits.

“Van-COWL-ver” is what I am calling it – corny, but a nod to where it was made :)   The yarn was nice to work with – bulky, silky, and a lovely shade of blue.  I used big fat US 13 needles.  The cowl incorporates some tucking with large cables.  It’s really a cool pattern and I plan on making it again with some of the other chunky and bulky yarns in my stash.  Susan has put together the pattern for three different weights of yarn, so it can easily be used for stashbusting!

As far as the stash enhancement goes, you saw Felicia’s lovely studio in the previous post – and I picked up some lovely things from her:  A merino/silk laceweight in a gorgeous olive color and two balls of merino/kid mohair blend colored with natural dyesChrista, our wonderful hostess (her Rav profile!), works at one of the yarn shops in downtown Vancouver… so when she was scheduled to work one of the days last week, I decided to pay her a visit at Three Bags Full… what a treat!

Three Bags Full visit

Three Bags Full visit

Three Bags Full visit

In the top photo, Christa and I are modeling some Koigu goodies that are store samples.  The shawl I am wearing is one of  Christa’s own design, Colourflow Wrap (free on Ravelry!) that uses gradient Koigu colorways.  It feels amazing, and it got me thinking about how nice one of these would be around my neck… still contemplating.  Christa is wearing the ubiquitous (and beautiful) Charlotte’s Web shawl.  I asked Christa to help me find some yarns unique to British Columbia for my souvenir pieces – and I came away with these new hanks:

Gala Wool Naturals in Glacier Blue, Mustard Field, and Fern – all the colorwork possibilities!   The lovely lavender colored yarn is Unwind Yarns Beaujoulais Fingering weight Merino Silk – both dyed by BC area dyers.  So, when I knit them, I can think of British Columbia :)

…and last Saturday, Christa and I had the chance to sit down and have a little crochet lesson… over brunch with our guys, Christa taught me some of the basics, and by the time we had finished our food, I had managed to finish a row that included singles, doubles, and trebles. I need some more practice, but I love the way it feels to be doing something new with yarn. We’ll see where it goes from here!

Crochet with Christa

Our afternoon/evening in Granville Island was one of my highlights of the trip.  Granville is home to several artist studios, including some very talented fiber artists.  I spent a lot of time in the felt shop Funk Shui, loving the artist’s aesthetic.  She does some amazing things with felt.  I bought a great leafy headband that will be perfect for yoga… and anywhere else I want to wear it.  No picture of it now, but soon!  Another artist was showcasing some artwork in one of the small gallery window displays in the Circle Craft shop.  At first glance, it was all about the felt dresses – so delicately adorned with silk ribbon embroidery and beads… but WAIT!  vintage hockey gear too?  Almost too good to be true!

Amazing Art Dresses

Check it out!  vintage gloves on the left mannequin, and blocker pads on the right one.

Along with the historical photos of women playing pond hockey in dresses behind the mannequins, you can see the artist was going for the juxtaposition of the elegant dresses with the hockey gear.

Pretty ingenius, eh?

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25 Responses

  1. Josiane

    I didn’t get to spend as much time as I’d have liked on Granville Island, so I knew I’d missed a lot… Thanks for introducing me to Funk Shui – I love felt, and what this artist does is gorgeous! I’ll make sure to visit her shop if ever I’m in Vancouver again.

  2. Leslie

    I *love* that wrap you’re wearing!!!

  3. Christa Giles

    Whee! So much fun to share fibery goodness with you.. I’ve temporarily put down my hats and am now crocheting with laceweight, not entirely sure where it is going but I’m loving the journey so far!

    Can’t wait to consult on your Koigu colours :)

  4. lynn

    GO for the Colourflow! I finished one last fall and loved every stitch of the knitting. Thanks for sharing your Vancouver adventures!

  5. pia

    Oh I love Three Bags Full! I hit there when we visited Vancouver in October!

  6. Leslie

    thanks for sharing…looks like you had a great holiday…where did you get your big paisley bag? love it.

  7. Wendolene

    What gorgeous knits, and gorgeous shops. You’re making me want to visit Vancouver more than ever!

  8. Diana

    Sounds like you had a great time in Vancouver! and thanks for mentioning that cowl.. I haven’t seen it before and its going on my queue :-)

  9. Sung-Ji

    Sweet fiber! I also love your bag – is it handmade?

  10. susan

    Oh, I love that Colourflow Wrap!

  11. Preeti

    Vintage hockey gear alongside silk gowns!!!! Granville Island is a favorite haunt of ours too. Your cowl is lovely and squishy and the name suits it just fine:) Glad you enjoyed your trip to the Great White North (even though there wasn’t much white stuff!)

  12. Virginia

    LOVE the bag you have in the pics! Did you make it? What pattern? Did you buy it? Where did it come from? The fabric is so fun and the size is great!!!

  13. monnibo

    Glad to hear you had such a fantastic time in Vancouver! I love how many knitters visited LYSes during The Games!

  14. Adam Wardel

    Thanks for sharing your Vancouver adventures!

  15. Heather

    I thought that picture of you and your cowl was in Three Bags Full! I had a little visit there myself, shorter than I would like due to the children and the husband sitting in the van out front, but what can you do.

    Isn’t Granville Island wonderful? I would have loved to have spent more time there on our trip, but time was tight.

  16. Tina

    Your Vancowler looks amazing, what a bright colour! I queued the pattern on ravelry… What a lot of great memories and souvenir pieces you have from this special trip to BC. It must have been great to be part of the party, isn’t it?
    I love the yarn colours behind you in the boxes – just the colour range I think about knitting a blanket for our living room with – but not knowing if I can yarn in ten colours going well with each other and not being too “loud”. What I see behind you would be perfect matched with some offwhites and browns.

  17. Susie

    Knitting and Olympics? That’s like a dream come true!

  18. Linda

    I love Van-cowl-ver! Such a nice colour and sounds like my sort of knit too!

  19. ccr in MA

    Oh, that lovely yarn! Thanks for the drool-worthy photos, and happy knitting, yum.

  20. emily

    I love the cowl, and your photography is amazing! That ice-blue color looks wonderful on you :) Hope you had a great time in Vancouver!!!

  21. Rosemary Griffin

    I am glad you had a great time in our city.
    Here is a link to the lady who made the hockey dress.
    she did several other sports as well.

  22. Jenna

    OMG, you learned to crochet?!?! I’m in shock! That may be the longest-lasting effect of this trip :) You’re totally right, it is fun to do something different with yarn. I did a quick crocheted scarf recently and enjoyed the different motion, using a different part of my brain for it. Your purchases are gorgeous and I love that cowl!

    Everything you’ve said about Vancouver, especially the little sights and sounds from the last post, really make me anxious to visit. Thanks for the inspiration!

  23. Irmhild

    what a great name for a shop! and your cowl looks lovely!

  24. Sung-Ji

    Wow. $15 for that fabu bag. What a score.

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