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Take a Hike
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Take a Hike

Nine days and nery a word…  I still had a few Vancouver events to tell you about, but I got sucked into some amazing books, and playing catch-up at work.  I wish I could say that I had spent my time finishing my Olympics sweater… but nope… it’s still in the bag I put it in before we left for the trip.  

Spending two full weeks in Vancouver was fabulous – but one of the biggest highlights of the trip for us was getting out of the city itself, heading north to take a hike in the rainforest.

It rains in the rainforest.  But we didn’t let that stop us!

Kris and Lolly - Lynn Canyon Hike 

Our wonderful hosts, Chris and Christa, took us up to North Vancouver to hike at Lynn Canyon.  In the photo above, you see that Kris and I are standing on a suspension bridge – high above the river below!  I am okay with heights (for the most part) but there was a decent amount of traffic on the bridge, so I was holding on as I crossed and looked over to the river below.  

The temperate rain forest is a beautiful thing.  We saw glimpses of it during our trip to the Olympic Peninsula last year, and were able to compare it with the tropical rainforest and cloud forests we saw in Peru in 2007.  The temperate rain forest is not hot, but there is a mist and an insulating humidity.  Much like the mist machines at the market that spray the fruits and veggies with water… you get a little “dewy”. 

Lynn Canyon Hike 

Lynn Canyon Hike

Lynn Canyon Hike

Like a dreamscape – the large and commanding trees covered with the lush, verdant moss.

Lynn Canyon Hike 

Lynn Canyon Hike 

Lynn Canyon Hike 

Seeing the forest and the river renewed and inspired us. 

Many more photos – including some lovely macros of the mosses and more of the river and trees are over on Kris’s blog.  He also did a great post about one of our other events – our trip to the Vancouver Aquarium.  He took all the photos that day, and he got some great shots.  Check them out!  :)

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21 Responses

  1. grumperina

    This looks like Twilight!

  2. Bertha

    Good lord, that’s beautiful!

  3. Phoe

    It looks like Twilight!

  4. jen c

    oh man, i’m homesick now! thanks for the great pics of my old stomping ground. *sigh.

  5. Jill

    Beautiful photos; I love temperate rainforests!

  6. Rycrafty

    The pictures you and Kris took inspired me to finally go through my Vancouver Aquarium pictures and post them to Flickr!
    I was out there two years ago for work – I grew up on the coast of BC, and my family made many trips to Vancouver, and I dragged them to the Aquarium as often as I could.

    All those mossy trees remind me so much of home, and make me wonder why I’m living on this dry, dry prairie.

  7. Becky

    Oh my god! It looks so beautiful. I will have to add this to my “places to travel list”. I’ve never spent any time over on the West coast. I popped over to Kris’s blog but this darn stuff called work keeps getting in my way.

  8. Sharon

    Thanks for posting these pictures–I love the forests in the PNW, and they look especially beautiful seen through your artistic, photographic eye!

  9. Josiane

    What an amazing landscape! Your pictures are all gorgeous, but the one before the last one particularly grabbed me, with the red of the roots and the green of the moss – there is something quite powerful in that one.

  10. Christa Giles

    We were just talking about you two this morning.. and how we should take a photo of the ground outside – it snowed! Just in time for the Paralympics that start tomorrow :)

    Off to check out Kris’ photos – good luck with getting back to your sweater!

  11. Rphilbeck

    What a beautiful place. I’m so glad that we all can enjoy it with you through your beautiful pictures. I have never been to Canada at all and boy,,,what lovely places. Thanks for sharing .

  12. Preeti

    I agree, Lynn Valley and the surrounding area is just beautiful. Looks like you guys had a lovely day and the rain didn’t stop ya!

  13. Chandler

    Any banana slugs? I’ve lived here for 18 months, in close proximity to rain forests, and I still haven’t seen one!

    Lovely photos, as always!

  14. A Green Spell

    Wow – I really need to go to Canada! I can’t believe I live relatively close and have never gone!

  15. k

    it’s possible it looks like twilight, as other folks have said, although i’ve never seen the movies. looks like home to me though! glad you got out to explore outside the city a bit – next time you’ll have to get over to vancouver island and explore the real wild west coast (tofino, etc).

  16. rasa

    Great pictures! While you were in Vancouver, I was in Chile…wishing I had borrowed your Rosetta Stone spanish program. I was lucky to have “escaped” with only 4.5 hours before the earthquake hit.

  17. Jenna

    It’s great that you guys were able to get out of the city and see some of the spectacular natural beauty of the area. I love the lushness of those rainforests, how they’re so bright and just crammed with life, how you can almost feel the plants growing around you. What a special place! Can’t wait to hear more. I hope settling back in to “real life” is going well and that we can chat soon. xoxox

  18. Hege

    Beautiful photos!! I have to agree with some of the others here, it really looks like Twlight :)

  19. Wendolene

    What an amazing place! I can’t get over the color on the roots of that second-to-last tree!

  20. Mandy

    Hey you! It was so excellent to finally meet you and spend a little time together. I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch since you were here, Knitty madness + gross cold = extra-troglodyte hiding-in-a-cave me. I LOVE your Lynn Canyon photos! I’ve only been there once, I need to go again.
    Perhaps we should start talking soon about our sweater project… ;)

  21. Stacey

    Cracks me up how others thought the same thing as me: “It looks like Twilight!” Ha.

    Since I’ve finished my 365 and have cut back on my blog reading I feel so out of touch with you Lolly! I’ll try to be better :)

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