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  1. Jill

    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one that get immense joy out of my worms! Whenever my sister comes over, I always ask her if she wants to see my worms and I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m crazy (but she’s secretly jealous of them). Your worm bin looks so nice! I just use a big rubbermaid container with holes cut in the bottom.

  2. Wendolene

    Cool! I’ve always wanted to compost (every morning’s coffee grounds go into the garbage with a shudder), but my first attempt ended with a nasty invasion of cucarachas grandissimas and I haven’t been allowed to try again. This looks perfect!

  3. Christen

    Thanks for this post! I’ve been wanting to start a worm compost for a while. Last year, my husband started putting coffee cans in our garden. He took the bottoms off the can and set them halfway down in various spots in the garden. Then he cut a star shape around the lid, but did not cut it out. It’s just slits for venting. We put our compost in the cans and let nature do the rest. Our garden thanked us! But that system limits our winter composting. Still – I was impressed by my husband’s creativity!

  4. Peaceful Knitter

    Inspiring! Thanks for sharing the down and dirty details!

  5. Emily

    Ooh, thanks for the review! We’ve been wanting to get a worm bin and I like that this one looks very portable. I’ve just added it to our Amazon wedding registry!!!

  6. Kim

    I used to teach at a school with a garden program; we composted a good part of school lunch leftovers each day. I love the worms!

  7. Dana

    I’m glad to hear it doesn’t stink when kept inside. My hubby is so into the gardening right now and I think we make the wormy plunge. But our only wormy friends (human, not actual nematodes) had to Abandon Worms! because their bins got musty and yucky…but that might just have been our Western Washington climate. (Cue Sleepless in Seattle: “It rains 9 months of the year in Seattle.”) I am glad to hear that yours works well. :-)

  8. Kala

    I love Seed Savers, my mom and I used to order stuff from them, their catalog is so fun to browse too!

  9. Ühltje

    We compost in two large plastic bins. Filling in one and letting compost in the other. It doesn’t go very fast, so that’s why we alternate, but it does work. I think that it might go quicker, when the bins would catch a bit more sunlight, but we appreciate the fact that we found a place to keep them out of view more, so let’s keep it that way.

  10. Tanya

    I’m with you on the compost! We save loads of money making our own and feel good about the environment. Having rabbits helps too as all their waste goes in the 2 bins we have on the go together with the food peelings etc.. Good luck with your planting. I’m trying potatoes this year but may have put them out too soon as here in Britain it’s decided to have one last chance at winter weather boo hoo. Never mind, will keep my fingers crossed…

  11. Jenna

    After the long, cold winter you have, it must feel really invigorating to work in the garden and think about growing green things. I’m sure it’s good for the spirit.

    Worms are such amazing creatures, even if they are a little creepy :) We’re so spoiled here to have the city take and compost our food scraps for us, it makes it so easy.

    I’ll be in touch to make plans soon. xoxo.

  12. A Green Spell

    I’ve been researching compost bins for months but have yet to make a purchase, as I’m worried that I’ll invest a lot of money into something that may not work for our situation/climate, etc. Do you have time to answer a couple questions about your experience with this one?

  13. Josiane

    One day, I’ll start gardening… Now that I’ve had some success with my indoor herb garden (not with everything, mind you – I’m still a serial rosemary killer, to my great despair!), my gardening self-confidence is slowly growing, in a sweet and slightly surprised “hey, maybe there’s a subtle green tint on that black thumb” kind of way. :)

    Big yay for the compost too: it’s such a wonderful thing! I’m lucky enough to live in a town where we have a city composting program, and that’s awesome: it’s a great way to get people who would not otherwise compost to give a second life to their food scraps.

  14. mick

    Thanks for posting this, Lolly! I’ve been thinking about this more and more, and I think we may go and buy a vermiculture bin. It will work much better for us as apartment dwellers, for sure.

  15. Heather

    I’m so behind on my blog reading, and got so excited when I saw the title of this post today! My worms should be here next week and I am very excited about getting my vermicomposter started up.

    I’ve made my own bin with a Rubbermaid Roughneck tub, we’ll see how the harvesting goes and I may end up investing in a layered system of some sort.

  16. A Green Spell

    Nevermind – I found someone online to talk to and got some great advice. Yay worms!

  17. Chandler

    WOW. We’re probably not going to be able to get our garden into the ground until next year (we were hoping for this year, but things are just too crazy!), but I’m really interested in vermiculture composting. In Minneapolis we just threw compostable stuff into a bin, but it would be nice to get some little worm buddies into the action. I’d love to read more about what you guys are doing!

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