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Crafty Collaboration
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Crafty Collaboration

The plan was hatched about a month ago… my mother made a lovely little Easter dress for Baby V.  She found some adorable little cotton prints, and then fancied it up with some lace edging and little button yo-yos across the bodice. Mom is a very talented seamstress, and Baby V seems to have re-awakened that interest (she made so many lovely things for my sisters and I when we were young!) in the sewing machine.  Mom spent the first part of March in California with Mimi and Baby V, where she presented the dress.

While mom was there, we talked about adding a little shrug or bolero for the dress (because Monterey has those breezes off the ocean… *sigh*).  Mom was intending to buy a little something, but I decided to take matters in my own hands… I sent some photos of the possibilities and we compared notes.  I didn’t want to take away from the dress, and I wanted the colors to match well.  Mom directed me to some fabric swatches at her house, which really helped in the color-finding stage.

I settled on the sweet and simple Debbie Bliss pattern, a free pattern that also appears in her Simply Baby collection.  The simple collar would not interfere with the Peter Pan collar and lace of the dress – and it looked like a nice simple style to match.

Baby knits are fast and simple, and I mailed it off last week (after snapping a few model-less shots) – hoping to goodness that it would fit and work well with the dress.  It’s hard to fit a baby by proxy!

So, it was especially thrilling to open up my email inbox and find these photos yesterday!

Baby V's Easter Clothes!

Baby V Easter Shrug!

Baby V Easter Clothes!

The dress (!) fits her so well, and my mom’s amazing skills really shine – and the shrug pales in comparison (but is still really cute and it fits!)  I used the Kraemer Tatamy Tweed cotton/acrylic blend that I bought last summer (with intention to use for Baby V!) – it’s lavender with little green and white flecks inside.  Perfect for the dress!  I was a bit nervous about the sleeve length, but it works so well.  I changed the ribbed edging to seed stitch so that it would not take away from the dress.  The pattern was simple and sweet – and easy to construct with only a simple seam under the arms.

She is all ready for Easter and spring with this cheery little ensemble!  Mimi reports that even at six-months she is quite the fashionista :)   …I have more planned!

And seeing this little “thank you” video from Mimi and Baby V made this auntie SO happy!

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30 Responses

  1. Mim

    It’s lovely! She’s so cute.

  2. Theresa

    Oh so cute! The dress is beautiful and the shrug is a perfect compliment. V is as cute as can be!

  3. karen

    my 3 year old daughter just said “ohhhhhh she is SO cute !” ;o)
    and she is RIGHT !
    Violette is adorable .

  4. Emilee

    Oh my goodness. She is so precious and the purple ensemble is perfect!

  5. Anna

    She is a beauty! And her Easter outfit is gorgeous. I think you and your Mom are both extremely talented.

  6. Wendolene

    What a little angel! You guys did an amazing job on the outfit collaboration!

  7. Leslie

    OMG — that is absolutely precious. What a wonderful collaboration! Baby V is already so big. It seems like just yesterday you blogged about her birth! :)

  8. laceandsteam

    The shrug makes the outfit. So cute! She looks just like a little doll.

  9. penny

    how adorable!!!!

  10. Jennifer

    It’s wonderful! I love the idea of collaborating like that – it creates a lovely ensemble that simply couldn’t be bought!

  11. nancy

    Absolutely precious!

  12. Josiane

    What fabulous team work, with adorable results! Your mom and you did an awesome job of creating an ensemble that’s every bit as cute as your niece is!

  13. Jason

    So cute! Nice work on coordinating the colors.

  14. katebee

    Ok, that was about the cutest video ever. The entire Lolly Extended Family wins the prize for creativity and cuteness. :)

  15. KnittySue

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful outfit. Your shrug perfectly accents her simply beautiful dress….OH and love that headband.
    Have a happy holiday!

  16. Laurie

    Absolutely gorgeous dress – and baby! Reminds me of my mother and the beautiful clothes she used to make for me. Happy Easter~!

  17. Suzanne

    Gorgeous, the dress and bolero and the baby, too. So cute!

  18. Preeti

    What an awesome idea…mother-daughter pairing to make such an adorable outfit for Baby V. She looks so cute in her little dress and bolero!!! And that headband, awww!!

  19. Margarita

    Lolly, cograts on such a beautiful niece. The dress and the shrug look absolutely lovely on her. Happy Easter to you and Kris.

  20. Talina

    Love the dress and the bolero!! I must simply make more time to sew (crocheting and knitting being so conveniently easy to carry around that I get more of those done!)

    What a great ensemble!and such a lovely model!!!!

  21. Alice

    Oh my, cuteness overload!

  22. Estee

    Absolutely gorgeous.

  23. Kathy

    Incredibly cute! I think that lucky baby will be well-dressed for a long time, thanks to you and your mom.

  24. margaux

    i cannot get enough of the cuteness!! love love love! :-)

  25. Mom

    Thanks for the sweet blog compliments. I do enjoy sewing for Vi just as I did for my own three “little dolls”. The comments are so kind. I can honestly say this inspires me even more. XXOO

  26. Amy

    OMG, you could die of the cuteness. What a great baby. And outfit!

  27. Jenna

    Oh my, the cuteness is just too overwhelming. This is really lovely work by two very talented crafters. Of course, having such a lovely model doesn’t hurt, either! I’m sure V outshone all of the other babies for Easter. xoxo.

  28. Hege

    Oh, what a cutie :)

  29. caroline

    A couple years ago I made that same shrug to go with a baby outfit I had sewed. But I didn’t have such luck with the sizing! I intended for it to be summerwear (the shrug was made from a light cotton yarn), but it was still too big when I visited last summer.

  30. Chandler

    What a sweetie! I’m working on my first-ever baby knit for my new nephew, and you’ve inspired me to push for the finish line.

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