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One More Row…
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One More Row…

And when one more row is approximately 800 stitches, it take a little time :)

Noro Star Blanket 

This was intended to be a knit that kept me going through the Stanley Cup playoffs… but *ahem* They haven’t even started yet… and I am nearly finished.  I guess you could say I got addicted to knitting this blanket.  Noro totally has that effect on me.  I just want to see how the next color will come out of the ball and how it will work with the exciting fabric. 

Portraits of Noro 

Portraits of Noro 

Portraits of Noro 

Noro Star Blanket 

I started the NINTH ball last night – out of ten.  So, at this rate, I will be finished by the end of the week.  And even if it is nearly 90 degrees outside (seriously, wasn’t there still snow on the ground one month ago?), I am loving knitting this warm blanket. 

I did some knit math to estimate how big she’s gonna be – and while she won’t be a huge bedspread-type blanket, she will be a decently sized lap blanket.  I can’t wait to see how the star points come out once I bind off.



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27 Responses

  1. Kathode Ray Tube

    Wow, that’s gorgeous! I love the colors and can’t wait to see the finished blanket.

  2. Sung-Ji

    I love it when obsession for knitting trumps all else. Can’t wait to see the finished project.

  3. knitxocre

    love those colors! mr. noro is a genius.

  4. emily

    Your yarn cakes remind me of everlasting gob-stoppers. They too have the same effect…can’t stop…gotta find out the next flavor!

    Can’t wait to see the finished blanket. I’m sure it’s going to be absolutely gorgeous.

  5. Jill

    800 stitches sounds v.heavy going.
    Your blanket is looking really great – can’t wait to see it finished.

  6. Josiane

    Oh! I’m totally with you on the “can’t wait to see how it comes out” thing! The on-the-needles glimps we see are gorgeous – and so are your pics of the yarn balls!

  7. Brianna

    Those colors are precious. Sort of autumn-y in nature, but bright enough for spring. Definitely loving it! And 800 stitches?!? More power to ya sister.

  8. k

    oh! the colours! looking so beautiful, can’t wait to see it in all its finished glory.

  9. Laura

    Seriously, stop making me drool. Those shots of Noro are killing me… it makes me want to order piles and piles of it right now!

    I’m also thinking about knitting a blanket, which seems silly heading into summer, but I feel like it’s something I could really use in my place. Can’t wait to see how this one turns out!

  10. Jenna

    Dude, you are a speed demon! I’ll be thrilled to see how to colors look in this pattern, I’m sure it will be out of this world (oh, I’m hilarious). xoxo

  11. Leslie

    delicious photos! can’t wait to see the FO!

  12. Preeti

    That is going to be one gorgeous blanket and it looks like you’re going full steam ahead! Can’t wait to see it done.

  13. Grace

    I LOVE the colors!! I can’t wait to see it finished!! Next big blanket type thing I make, it’ll be this :-)

  14. Megan


  15. Stacey

    Wow, 90 degrees? You’ve got me beat here in LA! Surprising! That is one colorful blanket…can’t wait to see it all done.

  16. Estee

    Ive never knitted with Noro and those colours are devine. Makes me want to knit something Noro. Cant wait to see your results. Much love. Estee.

  17. allison

    I just loved looking at these photos! The colors are really wonderful and inspiring.

  18. felinemagnet

    I can’t believe you might finish it before the playoffs even start! You are sure motivated for this stashbusting. ;-)

  19. Alice

    Wow, those rounds are getting seriously long! It’s so dreamy though with those beautiful Noro colors!

  20. tina

    Knitting for the Stanley Cup eh? Well I’m still kind of cranky about the Blues chances but that is another story!!!! LOVE the blanket………… it is smorgeous and I can’t wait to see it finished! 10 balls of Noro——- worth every yummy color change!

  21. Brenda

    What glorious colors, Lolly!
    I’ve been grumpy about the boring edging on a shawl I am trying to finish, but I have only about 500 st per row. I shouldn’t complain!

  22. Laurie

    Beautiful yarn! Can’t wait to see the finished blanket.

  23. Wendolene

    What gorgeous colors–I can see how you got addicted! Now I want to crack out my own little skein of Taiyo.

  24. elaine

    LOVELY! Beautiful! I’ve never tried a project that big; I don’t think I have the patience. (I’m a big fan of 3 mos. size baby sweaters.)


  25. elaine

    I managed to mistype the name to my own website above. DUMB! :)

  26. Barb

    I’m looking forward to seeing this finished.

  27. emy

    Now you have got me intrigued – can’t wait to see the finished project!

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