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Spring in my Step
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Spring in my Step

Mid-April and life is moving along quite nicely… then again, when there is so much natural beauty around, it’s hard to not put a smile on…

Bradford Pear Blossoms



(Bradford Pear, Azalea, Dogwood)

Kris and I have both had busy schedules at work – which makes the downtime that much more enjoyable.  Last weekend, we took the doggie girls over to the dog park (my good friend Ang joined us with her two pups), we went to a show in DC (Vampire Weekend!) and then had a nice Easter Sunday with both sets of family.


My Belle

(Jenny and Bella are worn out after running around the dog park!)

This past weekend, we woke up early on Saturday to set up a yard sale, and then went to Kris’s brother’s surprise birthday party.  Sunday offered some downtime – I read some books (graphic novels are my flavor of the month – book reviews to follow) and we did some gardening.  This afternoon/evening, we are heading up to Delaware – Kris is giving a presentation and I am hitching along for the ride.  And tomorrow I am heading to Philly for a work conference (Caring for Unusual Formats!) and I am gonna meet up with this amazing lady.

I have been in a bit of a cast-on frenzy… I have started several new projects over the course of the week, but some didn’t quite make the cut since they were more crochet practice.  I am still trying to work on my tension, but the stitches are coming a bit easier.  My recent project of choice has been cotton washcloths – made with Sugar n’ Cream Cotton.  Practical and functional.  I like using the small swatches to practice stitches – this one is half-double crochet:

Crochet Washcloths

The newest knit on the needles is the A-Line Swingy Tank from an old issue of Knit Simple (Spring/Summer 2007) [Ravelry link]- it’s a simple and flattering tank that seems like a good shape for me.  It would be cute with a camisole underneath, or with a cardigan on top.  I am using leftovers from the Sienna Cardigan I made last year – Classic Elite Classic Silk.

New tank

The recent spike in stashbusting is because 1) I always do this before MDSW – less than one month away and I start to get serious stash guilt and 2) the Stanley Cup Stashbusting KAL/CAL over on Ravelry’s Puck This! group.  I am heading it up again as I eagerly anticipate the NHL playoffs.  Feel free to join us if you are interested!

How are you enjoying the change of season?  Are you outside more?  I would love to hear what you are up to!

In the Grass

Tree Bokeh FTW

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20 Responses

  1. Gudrun

    You do indeed look sprightly and springy Lolly! Have fun in Philly with knittingbybicycle….hopefully I’ll get to meet both of you some day!

  2. Josiane

    I love the way you look in that last pic!
    I’m enjoying the change of season when I’m not too confused by how weird it is this year… We’ve had some really warm weather (I could even say hot: over 30 degrees Celsius – i.e. over 85 F), followed by very chilly temps and even frost and a bit of snow. Summer decided to show itself early, but Spring quickly reminded it that winter’s not over until it’s over! :)

  3. Brianna

    I love these pictures! It looks similar where I live, and I love the new tank you’re working on. It’s brilliant!

  4. HarpaJ

    Mmmm – spring. It’s not as far along in my neck of the woods – but the oystercatchers are here – a sure sign of spring.

  5. Leslie

    That photo of you is sooooo cute!

  6. Amy

    The picture of you is such a perfect companion to the spring flower pictures! All of you, lovely and full of new energy. I feel it too, this spring. I’m picking my head up after the long, tired winter.

    LOVE the stashbusting just before a festival. It keeps everything in balance!

  7. felinemagnet

    Yes, definitely spending more time outside despite the pollen! After the hard winter everything seems to blooming with a vengeance. I really love just walking around the garden, examining the flowers and looking to see what is sprouting out of the ground next. And chomping at the bit for the playoffs, yeah!!!

  8. Wendolene

    It’s been a cold year here in the southwest, which means we’re a little closer in step with you guys back east–in other words, we haven’t left bearable temperatures behind (yet). I have been enjoying flower-spotting on morning walks, knitting out of my stash (all my stashbusting ideas come in spring!) and keeping the windows open!
    Can’t wait to see how the Swingy Tank turns out!

  9. sarah

    cute you! this made me smile! lovely photos too. enjoy your spring!

  10. margaux

    beautiful pictures!! i totally have that extra spring in my step, now if only my allergies weren’t so bad! There’s nothing better than feeling that warm sun on your face!

  11. Preeti

    I agree that it’s hard not to smile when there is so much beauty around. I love the last picture!! Have a wonderful trip.

  12. Jenna

    You are cuter than cute in your smiling photo and the Easter pics!! The colors in those flower photos are really enriching to my soul, it’s so nice to see the coming of the spring and the sunshine! It sounds like you’re having a nice change of seasons there, lots of activities and knitting keeping you busy, as usual. I’ve done a bit of gardening and yard work here and am trying to be out and about when it’s nice, but we’re still getting quite a bit of rain here. Soon, though, very soon. I’m also doing some S&W stashbusting – I wanted to be sure I used up at least one skein from last year before I bought more this year. That project is nearing completion. So looking forward to seeing you and enjoying the festival with you. xoxo.

  13. Alice

    Such pretty colors in this post! Spring is my favorite season, and the beautiful weather makes it so hard to concentrate on knitting :)

  14. Kelly

    I’m enjoying spring in Indiana, visiting my parents on their small horse farm. The deciduous trees are leafing out, we’ve had record high temps (in the 80s, which are my usual summertime highs in Seattle!), and lots of time petting, brushing, bathing, and just watching the beautiful horses.

    It was still wintery when I left Seattle last week, but my hubby says it finally feels like spring, so I’ll get two versions of spring this year!

  15. Kala

    I’m loving the great weather too, lots of runs and walks with my husband :)

  16. Heather

    love the tank! Can’t wait to see it finished. We’re getting outside a little more. Spring is always a little sketchy around here. We actually had snow last week. But the sunshine’s finally coming our way. :)

  17. Tina

    I am so glad that I can spend again time in the garden, the doggies of course are, too. I do my daily dog walks no matter what the weather is, but it is a whole lot better to walk in sunshine and 15°C than come home with 3 wet furs to dry off with hands so cold that you can`t even open the snap on the collar :-)

  18. Holly

    Your photos of the flowering trees are beautiful. I have been trying to take a good picture of the dogwood and crabapple, but have not had much success. Thanks for the inspiration.

  19. Chandler

    Oh, I’m so far behind on blogs! I love the glimpse of spring in your neck of the woods. Around here the pink dogwoods (my favorite!) are just starting out, and the rhodies are getting a good head of steam now. Happy spring!

  20. Irmhild

    that’s a brilliant photo of you, you look happy and summery!
    we’ve been out lots with spring finally arriving in ireland. trips to the beach, picnics, pottering around in the garden, and lots of brisk walks around the ring road! loveing it, marveling at how bright it is every evening. every spring i nearly stop believing that it’s ever going to get warm, and bright again, and then it does!

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