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Warm Weather Knits
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  1. Leslie

    The tank is cute!!! I am excited to read the “Fit to Flatter” info — thanks for the link. I am also excited to see another version of the Forrest Pulli. As you know, your first one inspired me to knit the same. Did you notice the facing this time around? I found that it looked much better without it. (Here’s the in-progress post about the neckline: http://morewithles.wordpress.com/2010/01/05/thoughts-on-a-nearly-fo-plus-some-new-yarns/)

  2. Christa Giles

    Totally cute, babe! I don’t know if I have actually favourited it on Rav, but that tank has been on my inspiration list for a while – I love the shape, and the angled lines in the fake seams are so flattering to our bodies! I’d need to do a fair amount of bust shaping, and would probably add more width in the centre bodice to keep things properly in check.. but it looks great on you!

    Off to check out all of your links – the Leah tunic is another one I have fav’d already :)

  3. rachel

    I really like the faux seaming details on your new tank! I’ve been reading Amy’s posts on fit and wow, I am learning so much. Oh and pssst, I’ll be at MDSW on Saturday – we should meet up!

  4. Jacey

    I’m definitely feeling the need for some warm weather knits. I’ve always been sort of intimidated by cotton yarns, mostly just from ignorance. This year, though, that’s going to change. I’ve got several tanks and shells on the agenda.

    By the way, I love your gray pullover. That’s a lovely yarn.

  5. Andrea

    Thanks for linking to those Fit to Flatter articles! Exactly the type of thing I need to learn so I don’t waste my time on knitting projects that will disappear in my dresser…

    Selkie on Ravelry

  6. Jessica Powers

    I think the tank looks great! As a busy gal myself, you’ve made me start to wonder if I’ve got any appropriate yarn for this pattern in the stash…

  7. Lauren

    Oooh you are cute! I like those pleats on the front. I need to see if I can find a flattering tank for a pregnant lady like myself! I’m not due till october, but I’m thinking a flowy tank would be perfect to wear with a cardigan to work! Thanks for the links to those other patterns too!

  8. Kathy

    Thanks for this post! So ironic, as today I was chatting with my LYS owner about the need for wearable summer patterns – here in St. Louis we also have super hot super humid days, and cool tanks are a must! I loved your links for pattern ideas. And thanks also for the Fit to Flatter link – can’t wait to devour that information. I have been looking at a lot of camis and tanks, but my fairly tall not so skinny anymore body doesn’t always look so great in some of the styles. Now I can figure out ones that will work for me!

  9. Josiane

    The tank is really cute on you! Perfect for summer! Thank you for listing the other patterns you are considering – I’ve added one to my queue… and then found other patterns to add when I went on Ravelry to check it out and queue it. I must pick up my needles again!

  10. Amy

    Thanks so much for the mention, Lolly. I think the tank looks super-cute on you, at least based on that picture in front of the tree! You look utterly adorable.

    I LOVE Moska, thanks for all the links!

  11. Mom

    Lol, I love the Moska or the Leah. Your tank is cute and look very good with a light sweater or jacket. xxoo

  12. Jill

    I love the tank – I think it looks really cute! And I hear you about wanting to knit a gazillion things for summer. Except all I’ve been doing lately is sewing…

  13. Linda

    I love the tank and the way you have used the vest top underneath to imply length. I like the layered look anyway.

  14. gay

    i love the blue tank and think it is really flattering on you and you’re right it is cute but i’m with you on the length. if you have extra yarn i’d want to add length. love your list of summer tanks too. i’m making the summertime tunic now and although all the stockinette is boring me to tears it will be cute when it’s done!

  15. Jenna

    Very cute top! I think it’s actually more flattering than you think it is, and the color is fantastic. I’m excited to see your new pulli, too – you are a speed demon! Thanks for posting the link on that Fit to Flatter series – what a treasure! Now I’ll have to look through all of my patterns to see if they fit the bill. My roommate got a book called “The Science of Sexy” from the library; it uses info on your proportions, height, etc to inform you about what types of clothing work for your body type. Very handy! I’ll be seeing your pretty face soon!!!

  16. Christabel

    The Fit to Flatter series is such a great resource! Thanks so much for sharing.

  17. Jody

    The tank looks great! I have a similar shape to yours & its so hard to decided what will work when you never see anyone with your shape wearing it. You did a great job picking out that pattern!

    I was checking out that fit to flatter series just yesterday – what an amazing resource.

  18. Preeti

    Thanks for pointing out this series which will be such a fantastic resource while planning future projects. The tank looks so feminine and summery and looks great by itself or layered! Cute!!

  19. Hilary

    That is SUCH a pretty top! It’s looks so light and fluttery and looks fantastic on you (very cute with the cardi, too). For some reason, I always underestimate the length of my torso, too! It drives me nuts…even when I make a point to measure carefully, things often end up shorter than I want. So I do the cami trick, too. :)

  20. KnittySue

    OH I love that Tank…and such a pretty color blue.

  21. Irmhild

    i think it’s a lovely tank top, sweet colour, too! i love the shape, it’s kind of hourglassy, very flattering. i’m very bottom heavy, and dresses in that shape are the best thing ever…

  22. Chandler

    Such lovely knits, as always. And WOW, thank you for the link to the “Fit to Flatter” project. What a goldmine of information.

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