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Two years ago, Maryse had the great idea for a month-long photo gallery entitled MacroMay:  you use your macro lens, extension tubes,  (or macro adjustment) for the camera and you just shoot away ~ it might be the third day of May already, but I will definitely be participating this year!  With the beautiful May weather and the vibrant colors outside, it’s a perfect month to “go” macro – capturing the smallest details of the everyday beauties.

In preparation for the new macro photos – I enjoyed going through my Flickr photos from the past and pulling up some of my favorite macros shots from the past.  You can click on each for more details!


Campground Friend 



Bokeh Pins 

Seedlings Overnight 

Mum - 50:365 

Noro Sakura 

Photos from MDSW to come!

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12 Responses

  1. mai

    hi lolly! i’m glad we got a chance to chat on saturday, but i’m sorry i missed out on dinner :( hopefully another time fairly soon? lovely macro photos!!

  2. agirlinwinter

    Great photos. I wish I could participate in this, but I’m saving up for my first macro lens!

  3. gradschoolknitter

    Gorgeous! I’m out of the country so I missed MDSW this year… can’t wait to see your pictures!

  4. allison

    Those are gorgeous – I can’t wait to see what you’ll do this year! I especially love the last one of the yarn, so I know I’ll enjoy your MDSW post :)

  5. Karen

    Love macro shots!

  6. Josiane

    Those are beautiful shots! I’ve found myself going back and looking through them again at least twice since I’ve started writing this comment… I think the range of colours is what is speaking to me today. That gives me a clue about what I may need to be exploring right now. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures, as always!

  7. April

    Very pretty pictures! Love taking and looking at macro pics.

  8. Sarah

    An eft! I love those little guys. I used to find them under the leaves at my grandmother’s house in Connecticut; alas, we don’t have them in the Northwest. Thanks for the tiny portrait!

  9. Wendolene

    What a great idea! I love the macro setting on my little digital camera, and it is so well suited to capturing flowers (and little newty things, which are apparently efts–thanks, Sarah, for IDing that little guy!)

  10. Janet (felixsisknits)

    great pix Lolly – you always inspire me!

  11. Kala


  12. maryse

    lolly, this are beautiful. and thanks for the shout out. but i didn’t have the idea by myself. maritza of knotty bits was in on it with me from day one.

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