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Strawberry Patch Harvest They may be a little gnarly and not quite the prettiest of the bunch – but they are OUR strawberries!  This is our magical third year, and our little backyard patch has produced a pretty steady stream of these juicy delights.  When Kris and I get home from work, we spend a good hour piddling around in the garden – weeding, harvesting, watching the plants grow.  It’s amazing to see the progress day to day.  We pick our choice ingredients and then go in for dinner.  The best part is when we can make the harvest part of the dinner!  Our most abundant harvest right now is our salad greens - so we have delicious green each night.  This heirloom variety provides yummy diversity (and some laughs at the names of the lettuce – “Amish Deer Tongue”!)  Add some strawberries and a balsamic vinaigrette, and you have an instant meal.  Perfect.

I have been reading like a speed demon – and if you keep up with me on GoodReads, than you know that I have been devouring graphic novels… still loving this genre.  I read the newest Sookie Stackhouse guilty pleasure, Dead in the Family,which left me a little non-plussed, but entertained.  I have plans for much more reading this summer – I am going to the library once a week trading in the ones that I read for the new ones I had on hold! Another book review post will be coming soon.   I should be turning my eyes to the shelves full of books in my house…

Also watching season finales of some favorite television shows, name “LOST” and “Chuck”.  I was happy with both, for the record :) Tree Bark Scarf

The downtime would usually translate to more knitting time, but I haven’t been picking up the needles that much lately.  I am continuing my Tree Bark Scarf stashbusting efforts, but it seems like a lot of other things are vying for my time… and winning right now.  I did finish this scarf – a simple garter stitch number that was knit  side-to-side.  I used a wool/alpaca/silk blend (Elsbeth Lavold Silky Flamme).  I am calling it my Tree Bark scarf because of the ripply texture [Ravelry Notebook page].  The yarn has some thick and thin places which adds to the effect.  I threw in a couple of purl rows for some interest.  I like it, and it will be nice this next fall/winter.

I joined a new gym and am enjoying their “theater” room where you can work out on the equipment (ellipticals, treadmills, stair climbers, bikes) while watching a movie on the big screen.  What a novel idea!  They play fun movies too… I just got back from the gym and they were playing Mrs. Doubtfire, which I hadn’t seen since it came out.  So silly that I found myself laughing out loud more than once while on the treadmill!  I have a great friend who goes with me, so it’s fun to have that little standing date together each weekend.

Star MobileMy youngest sister is in town this weekend, and we are all looking forward to the visit from Mimi, Daniel, and Baby V at the end of June.  This coming Monday, my dad leaves for a 4-month assignment in  Juneau, Alaska.  …and you know me well enough to realize that the wheels started turning in my head planning a trip to visit!  We don’t have a date pinned down quite, but we have every intention of going.  Should be a great opportunity to see my dad, and for some amazing photography!

After a good deal of reluctance, I decided to join Twitter.  now I am wondering why in the world I waited so long.  I heard a lecture last week at a work-related conference that extolled this social networking tool and I realized that it could be a good thing… so, I gave it a try this past week.  And yeah, it’s great.  So, if you want to follow me… I am there.  It’s like mini-blog posts!

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13 Responses

  1. Kala

    Those wee strawberries are so cute!

  2. kelly

    I read the new Sookie Stackhouse, and was also nonplussed. I kept waiting for *something* to happen, and really, I don’t think the ending counted. Here’s hoping the next book ramps up the action!

    I know what you mean about the strawberries. I had a patio plant several years ago, which probably made a grand total of five berries, four of which my urban nature got before I did! At least that one berry (while ugly) was tasty!

  3. k

    your strawberries look so sweet and juicy, yum. someday i should read the sookie stackhouse series, since i love watching true blood. i guess i tend to read mostly non-fiction, but a good novel thrown in once in a while is always enjoyed.

    and alaska – sounds like the perfect excuse to go up there! lucky you.

  4. Kristyn

    I love those strawberries!

  5. Josiane

    Strawberries in your backyard – oh, the dream! I’d love that too; I must make space for gardening in my life…
    Your scarf looks great! Nice texture, and I really like its color.

  6. Alli

    Yay, Juneau! Keep me posted, we have been having great weather lately so bring your rain jacket for next month :)

  7. felinemagnet

    Hmmm, when I checked your blog from home yesterday, it looked different – there was a blue header box with the subtitle “Smitten with knittin’.” And it wouldn’t let me leave a comment. Today at work it looks like it usually does…very curious!

    Just wanted to say I hope you are not giving up the blog and Ravelry for Twitter now! I haven’t joined that bandwagon yet. And let’s see if it will let me leave a comment this time…

  8. Chandler

    Oh, look at those beautiful berries! There’s something so satisfying about centering a meal around what you grew yourself.

    And now I’m dreaming up illustrations of deer in overalls and straw hats, sticking their green tongues out…

  9. Hilary

    Your little strawberries are adorable! It must be SO satisfying to harvest the fruits (literally!) of your labor and enjoy them in a delicious meal. So cool. Also cool: the theater at your gym! That sounds like so much fun!

  10. Jenna

    It sounds like life is continuing apace. I’m glad that you’re enjoying the new gym and are accomplishing that goal. I love the wee strawberries! I’ve been growing some, too – so tiny but so delicious! Now that you’re on Twitter, you have to join Facebook. Nuff said :) xoxo.

  11. Daisy

    Thanks so much for the book recommendation! My 13 year old son came looking for a book to read for a school assignment and I had picked up the Benedict Society. He devoured the first 2 in the series and we are waiting for the 3rd.

  12. Jody

    Hey Lolly! Your garden sounds great! I think we now go to the same gym! I love the movie room too and try to get there 3 times a week or so. I think I end up staying on the treadmill longer when i’m watching a good movie! Maybe I’ll see you there sometime!

  13. rachel

    The scarf looks so soft and squishy. Welcome to the twittering masses!

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