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Adventures in Vegan Ice Cream

Adventures in Vegan Ice Cream

As a child, I once told a “fib” to my mom about ice cream… made up this whole story about how it wasn’t me who polished off the container – and of course, my mother knew it was me, because [...]

Pony Patrol

Kris’s family goes to the Maryland and Delaware beaches each summer and we always join them for a long weekend.  It’s a tradition-filled excursion; we tend to visit the same places and do the same activities each year.  It’s quite [...]

O Canada (Socks)

Over a year and no socks in sight… and then the sock bug bit me again right before the Vancouver trip in February.  I finished a cuff on the plane ride out there and knit a few more rows, but [...]

“One Day, I Will…”

“One day, I will stop by… have a look around…” Sitting at the traffic light, with my blinker on to turn left.  Looking directly ahead at the historic grounds and the small gravestones peeking above the grass. “Why not today?” [...]

Picking and Jamming

Larriland Farm days are back!  And this time, we went to the wonderful pick-your-own farm with the nieces.  It was all about the strawberries~ About 90 pounds of strawberries!  We had three rows (about 20 feet long) that were assigned [...]