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“One Day, I Will…”
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“One Day, I Will…”

“One day, I will stop by… have a look around…” Sitting at the traffic light, with my blinker on to turn left.  Looking directly ahead at the historic grounds and the small gravestones peeking above the grass.

“Why not today?”

Blinker off. Drove straight ahead into the small lot.  Exploration time.

I pass the historic landmark road plaque nearly everyday.  The plaque refers to the grounds of Christ Episcopal Church, established in 1711, and the church that was constructed a century later.  “Old Brick” is nestled right alongside several busy roads – tucked back behind some large poplar and oak trees.  You pass by it on the way to the market… the post office… the library.

After a lovely day with my mom (we spent it searching for a few key pieces at local thrift/consignment shops), we also stopped by “Old Brick” to walk the grounds of the old church, and the adjacent cemetery. Luckily, I had my new camera with me to capture the moments.

Large Tree in Cemetery

Cemetery of

Angel Sculpture on Tombstone

I felt like I discovered a little gem – so close.  I had every intention of stopping *some day* but having lived in this area for nearly nine years, I still hadn’t done it.  What places are on your “someday” list?  Do you think you could find a moment to explore and document that place within the next few days?

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  1. Kathy

    At the top of my “someday” list is going to the summit of Pikes Peak. I’ve lived at the base of the mountain for 11 years and still haven’t made it to the top! (Yes, I know how horrible this sounds.)

    Every spring I say that ‘this is the year’. I didn’t bother saying it this year. One of these days I’m just going to go.

  2. Melissa A.

    That’s really cool. There’s a lot in Halifax I have yet to see. Now that I have no job I guess I have lots of time to see it ;)

  3. Dee

    I love exploring old cemeteries. Unfortunately, old here (Orlando) is not very old — mid to late 1800′s at it’s oldest.

    I’m glad you took the time to explore. Your photos are beautiful.

  4. Josiane

    Isn’t it crazy how often we do this thing of thinking about doing something and not getting around to doing it? So nice that you finally decided that it was time to explore that local gem!

  5. Jennifer

    The photograph of the angel is wonderful. It reminds me of some of the episodes of Dr. Who.

  6. Jenn

    I adore old cemeteries. The engravings, the fonts on the stones (wow, that was dorky), the stories that are sometimes told…all of it. So much more interesting (and less creepy) than modern cemeteries.

  7. Sasha

    What an excellent, simple and yet so uncommon idea!
    Wonderful to check out your very own neck-o’-the-woods and all the wonders held therein :)
    Gorgeous photos!

  8. mooncalf

    Speaking as a Dr Who fan I’d just like to warn you…

    Don’t blink!

  9. Meg

    I tend to be a “one day” person when it comes to things like this too. Early this spring I found myself out on a long run alone when I decided to visit a small old cemetery like this one. It is situated right on a busy road, but because it is high on a hill, it is above the sight line of anyone passing by. Unless you knew it was there, you would miss it. A little forgotten place….

  10. Brianna

    What is it about cemeteries that call to our sense of exploration? I agree, sometimes you just have to turn off the blinker, drive straight ahead and explore what’s been right in front of you for years. Thanks for this post!

  11. Diane S

    Oooohhh. What kind of a new camera did you get??? I have been saving up my pennies (nickels, dimes & quarters) for a new Canon 7D, which I was hoping to get this week, but have to wait for a few more months until I get more $$ saved up!!! I hope you enjoy your new camera!! I love the photography on your blog.

  12. emily

    How exciting! Beautiful photos :) Not more than a quarter mile from my apartment is a little conservation reserve and religious sanctuary space set back behind wrought iron fencing and hidden by a canopy of trees and shrubs. I drive by it almost daily and always think to myself that I should venture in for a few minutes. Maybe today I will :)

  13. Rowena Philbeck

    That is cool to just do something at the moment. Cemeteries are really cool especially the very old ones. I do rubbings on the stones sometimes. they are cool to frame too.

  14. Grace

    To look at, at least the outside of, the American Ballet Theater in NY. Hopefully that dream will come true this summer :-) And maybe a purchase of a t-shirt as we pass by :-P

  15. Mom

    So glad we stopped. Lovely photos. It was our,”if not today, then when?”, day. I had such a good time with you. It was a very good day, indeed! XXOO

  16. Jenna

    Seeing this, it reminds me that there’s supposedly a Civil War-era cemetery up on Capitol Hill that’s supposed to be very cool. No time this week, but this is a good reminder that I should check out the hidden corners near me. Ooh, what’s the new camera? I’m playing around with some of Mary’s old ones, I’m bringing one on the trip, hopefully it will be cool! xoxo

  17. Cathy S

    I thought of Dr. Who when I first saw that angel, too! One of my favorite episodes…

    Anyway, today I was reading the Write/Click/Scrapbook blog: http://www.writeclickscrapbook.com/write_click_scrapbook/2010/06/youre-itching-to-see-more-photo-projects-today-arent-you-the-only-problem-with-this-topic-is-i-find-myself-wanting-to-go-ou.html
    and the post was all about photo inspiration field trips and I thought of you stopping here to take photos, so just wanted to post the link in case you’re interested.

  18. bonnie/AmpuTeeHee

    Love your photos. I adore old cemeteries. We had one in my old neighborhood that was so lovely it was used by locals more like a park. Joggers and picnic baskets, even. It actually took me some effort to think if there was anyplace on my “someday” list, because I actually go! (I’m a big fan of “no time like the present,” having almost lost my “present”). But once I thought more about it, there IS a road nearby that I have wondered about, and I am going to do it. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  19. Kim in Michigan

    Thanks for this post! I’m now officially motivated to stop and take some pictures of a small cemetery near my house that I have driven by a hundred times, always thinking I should stop and take a look inside.

  20. elizabeth

    if it rains this weekend, I will go to my someday place and take pictures.

  21. Chandler

    My someday list is so long that I’m pretty sure I’ll never get to everything on it in one lifetime. So I’m all about the “how about right now?” outlook. I’m always taking the long way home, to explore routes and landmarks I haven’t seen before and am unlikely to get around to later. I think it drives the Tailor crazy, but I don’t think I’d have it any other way.

    Maybe today I’ll get out and start photographic neon signs…that’s been on the “someday” list for awhile.

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