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O Canada (Socks)
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O Canada (Socks)

Over a year and no socks in sight… and then the sock bug bit me again right before the Vancouver trip in February.  I finished a cuff on the plane ride out there and knit a few more rows, but just as quickly as it came on, the sock bug went away again.  However, I pressed on.  A few months later, I now have a pretty pair of socks to show for that tenaciousness (heh – yeah 4 months of persistence!)

Canada Socks

Canada Socks
Pattern: Canada Socks from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush
Yarn: Red and Ivory = Schoeller+Stahl Fortissima /
Gray = Tess Designer Yarns
Needles: Size 0 and 1 US

Canada Socks

The socks were a fun mix of stranded colorwork and simple stockinette – two favorite combination.  The yarns work well together.  I altered the pattern’s cuff slightly, choosing a simple ribbed cuff instead of the vikkel braid outlined in the book.

The pattern was fun, and by virtue of the name – I will think of Canada when I wear these socks.  I have seen the east and the west of Canada… now I just have to see some of the in-betweens!

The socks were the final knit in my Stanley Cup Stashbusting knitalong with my friends on the Ravelry Puck This group.  We had about 20 participants (all hockey-loving knitters like myself!) and many projects – from blankets to washcloths and sweaters to socks.  It’s a fun chance to talk about what we are knitting as we cheer on our teams as they play towards the Cup.  Last night, the beautiful Stanley Cup was awarded to the fabulous Chicago Blackhawks team.  They played a great season, and it has been so much fun watching this team build themselves up after many years of abysmal attendance and indifference.  I adopted them as my “Western” team last year, so it was a joy to see them hoist the Cup only one year after my #1 team – the Pittsburgh Penguins – did they very same thing.  Congratulations to the Hawks!  So happy for them!  and happy for hockey in general – great ratings, top tweets on Twitter, and so much promise for the future.  Maybe the best-kept sports secret isn’t really a secret anymore?

So, in this quest for the Cup (and a few days before the playoffs started) I have been on a stashbusting kick – and I have some nice things to show for it!

Stanley Cup Stashbusting KAL totals

My results:  1 blanket, 2 garments, 2 scarves and a pair of socks!

April – June 2010

Do I win an award for stashbusting? :)

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16 Responses

  1. Josiane

    You sure win an award for stashbusting resulting in terrific FOs!
    You know you’re welcome anytime in my corner of the in-between, right? :)

  2. Jenny

    Those socks are awesome! I love the colors…makes you want to roll up your pants and show them off : ) I’ve also been on a sock hiatus, but am hoping to break it soon with the “Wasabi Peas” socks from Interweave…a yarn gift from my sister in the exact color of the original, how can I pass it up : ) Plus, I have a secret weakness for wasabi peas…

  3. Jacey

    Your Canada socks are lovely! I’m very impressed by your stash-busting. You’ve been a busy knitter.

  4. chris

    they’re beautiful!

  5. Hilary

    Ok, those are some gorgeous socks! They look fun to make and I LOVE the color combo. And you get a big thumbs up from me for the stashbusting effort! Well done!

  6. Emily

    Great job stashbusting! Love the socks! Awesome work!

  7. Kala

    Gorgeous socks, and what a great way to remember your trip to Canada!

  8. Margarita

    Lovely, lovely socks!! And that blanket is something special! Congratulationsssss

  9. Batty

    They look great! Sock knitting comes in waves. First, nothing, then… whammo! You have 5 pairs on the needles and can’t stop. I know the feeling all too well. And the need to do some stash busting. I should probably be doing that right now…

  10. Angela

    Those socks are lovely! The Stanley Cup Finals were great fun. Being a Chicagoan, I was quite happy with the outcome, though I took a lot of grief from Philly-area friends, which is where I am from originally.

  11. Avice

    Those socks are really cool. What’s your plan for the World Cup?

  12. Vicki

    You certainly do have some nice things to show for your stash-busting effort! Wow!! Nice work. ; )

  13. Maya

    They look lovely! I wish I was better at colourwork : )
    great job

  14. Christi

    these are great! i love grey and red together.

  15. Felicia from sweetgeorgia

    Fantastic looking socks!! and such a great stashbusting effort. It’s very encouraging… it CAN be done with a bit of perseverance. :)

  16. Chandler

    You definitely win an award for stashbusting. I love the socks! And I need a little (okay, a lot) stashbusting coaching myself.

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