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Knits from Up North
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Knits from Up North

Juneau’s climate is tailor-made for handknits.  The temperature is pretty consistent, and while we were there, it didn’t rise above 60 degrees.  You need warm and dry feet – make socks.  You need to cover your neck and chest – make a scarf.  You need to keep your head warm an dry – make a hat.  Easy enough.  You do have to factor in the whole wetness factor – because it rains approximately 150 inches a year (it’s a rainforest) but you just choose your fiber accordingly.

I did just that – and came away with two winning accessories that served me well during my time there.

Yvaine Triangular Scarf

Yvaine Triangular Scarf

Yvaine Shawl
Pattern: Yvaine – free pattern from Femiknisty
Yarn: The March Hare fingering weight, colorway “Driftwood”
Needles: Size US 8 circulars
Ravelry Notebook Page

I did start it here, but I finished it there – so I am counting it as an Alaskan knit :)   The pattern was simple and very fun.  I really enjoyed the triangular shawl knit process and watching it grow.  Yvaine had some textural elements too, so it varied a bit.  The yarn really made it sparkle, in my opinion.  Loved this variegation the first minute I saw it at MDSW last year.

While in Alaska, I also whipped up a quickie hat.  I needed some warmth, and I also wanted a little variety from the one other hat that I had brought with me.  So… the Misty Juneau hat was born!  I brought this Spirit Trail Minerva along with me (a purchase from MDSW a few years back) and I made this beanie hat in two days.  And surprise!  the day I finished it – was a misty Juneau day!

Misty Juneau Hat

Misty Juneau Hat

I improvised the pattern – very simple beanie design with a wide ribbed brim.  Then, I did reverse stockinette the whole way because I liked the way it looked.  Here’s the Ravelry Notebook Page.  The yarn has a more violet tint than the photos show, with these small streaks of gray in it.  I doubled the yarn, and used a 16-inch size 8 circular needle.  Tried it on as I went along and bound off when it was long enough.

On the plane ride back to Maryland, I made a lot of progress on an improvised “design” using the basic triangular shawl shape.  It should be finished soon, and I will be sharing the pattern.

We had an amazing time in Alaska, and it was hard to leave!  I do hope to have another chance to make it back to Alaska to see more of the state – it’s a very special place!  I am still uploading photos on Flickr and will be in the upcoming days, so if you would like to see my Alaska set of photos (well, what I have so far!) you can see them here!

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15 Responses

  1. Robin

    Wow! That first picture is gorgeous – the trees, the sweater and scarf and YOU!!! You always look great but you should add that one to your modeling portfolio.
    Sounds like a dream trip. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Brianna

    That scarf is acbsolutely DIVINE!

  3. Mom

    Lovely Lol in a lovely setting!

  4. Nicole

    You look beautiful in your lovely Alaskan knits! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  5. Emilee


  6. Steph

    I’ve been dreaming about visiting Alaska for so long, your gorgeous photos have cemented that wish even more, thank you for sharing! Your new hat is lovely and looks so warm, I might just need to whip one up too, it looks very similar to misty Juneau outside my window these past mornings.

  7. Irmhild

    love the hat! i take it reverse stockinette means you knit stockinette and then wear it inside out?

  8. k

    love that misty juneau hat – would work very well on many a misty vancouver island day as well! the colorus are so pretty. i have enjoyed seeing all your alaska photos.

  9. Janet

    Alaska really suits you! That first photo would make a great author photo on a book jacket. Just sayin’ ;-)

  10. Josiane

    The color of your shawl suits you really well. Pretty!

  11. Kim in Michigan

    Wow, thanks for sharing your Juneau pics! We visited Juneau and Sitka 2 years ago and hopefully will go back next year. Alaska is my idea of heaven. Fresh air, blue ice, whales just offshore…ahhh. I also took a peek at your knitting photos on Flickr, and am so impressed that I added you as a contact so I can keep checking back to see what other gems you come up with. And I realized that I never made a set for my own Alaska photos….now that’s on my list of things to do soon!

  12. Linda

    Lovely little knits! Thank you for showing the pictures, it looks great.

  13. Beverly

    Thanks so much for sharing your Alaska photos. They are so beautiful. Makes me even more sure that I want to visit there.

    Love both the hat and scarf. Sometimes simple is all you need.

  14. Chandler

    What lovely knits! The colors are perfect—especially that pearly (purly?) lavender-grey. You look right at home in Alaska!

  15. Gillian

    The shawl turned out great! Thanks for sharing–I’ve been looking for a shawl pattern pretty much like that one, might need to give it a try if i can find room in the queue of knitting projects :)

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