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Perseverance: A Hike and a Shawl
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Perseverance: A Hike and a Shawl

Last Alaska-related post.  I promise.  (I can almost hear you now: Lolly… you have been back from nearly two weeks!  Don’t you have other things to talk about?)

The Perseverance Trail is a network of trails that start right above the downtown area of Juneau – you can take various routes and reach the top of Mt. Roberts, climb up Mt. Juneau, or go in between the two to view some lovely waterfalls.  We chose the last option – along with Alli and her doggies, we persevered and hiked the miles through some beautiful country.  More wild berries.  More scenic photo opps.  More fun companionship.

Larger Waterfall

Maggie and Oso

Dog Town

Kris Hiking


Inspired by this wonderful day on the trails – and as a tribute to my time in Alaska – I knit a shawl.  That’s what knitters do.  And I am calling this shawl “Perseverance”.

Perseverance Shawl


Pattern:  My own free design – on Ravelry!
Yarn:  Cottage Craft 1-ply “Black Cherry” colorway
Needles: Size 4.0mm/US 6 24″ and 36″ circular needles

I think I need to knit a bright green version of this to properly display the colors of trail… but the structure is more what I was after… and I achieved it.  The shape is a basic triangle, with textured stitches:  basic stockinette, half-linen stitch, reverse stockinette, and garter stitch.  I played with the idea of tiers – or switchbacks, as I think of them – to emulate the mountain structure of the shawl.  And the increase ridge down the middle even resembles a waterfall!

Perseverance Shawl

Perseverance Shawl

Another stashbusting knit, I purchased this yarn in 2006.  It’s a great 1-ply from a little outfit in New Brunswick called Cottage Craft.  I used their 2-ply Maritime Blue colorway to make my Street Smart Hoodie, and it was a great yarn that has worn really well.  I believe that this yarn will be the same.  It was great to knit with, and it really shows off the half-linen stitch patterning. This pattern would work equally well in a drapey yarn, or one with some more heft.  It’s very customizable!  If you make one, please link to it on Ravelry so I can see the results!

…and if you want to make it, you can queue it up here – and download the pattern!


PS — So many thanks for your thoughtful comments on my “blogiversary” post the other day.  Heartwarming and encouraging!

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21 Responses

  1. Moni

    my goodness! has it really been six years? Time really flies by! I’m glad you’ve continued to blog, too. I always enjoy a post from you. You’re photography is beautiful as is your knitting. And I love reading about your travels.

    My blog reading has dropped off a bit. With all of the other online social things, blog reading gets pushed aside, unfortunately. But I really appreciate those who do take the time to do it. Like you said, it’s much more thoughtful than Twitter. I do love Twitter, but in a different way.

  2. Moni

    silly me. I posted the above comment in the wrong blog post. I must be tired :P

  3. Josiane

    Oh, Lolly, I love it! This is exactly the kind of cozy shawl I was thinking of knitting for myself some time soon. Thank you for sharing the pattern!

  4. sherral

    Um… awesome! I absolutely love it and just might have to cast it on if I have the yarn!

  5. Rebecca

    Lolly, you can talk about your trip as much and as often as you like, especially if you continue to write free patterns in honor of the wonders you have seen. Thanks so much for the Preseverance. I just the bit of sage green linen for it — will look like the trees in your photos. I will post on Ravelry when completed.

  6. Christina

    What beautiful photos of your hike. I love the dogs!

    And I love this shawl. I must go fave and put it in my queue now.

  7. mouse

    Gorgeous shawl! I’ve never seen (or maybe just never paid attention to) a linen stitch before, but its a very pretty effect and goes beautifully with your yarn choice, etc. Queued & downloaded the pattern~ thanks Lolly!

  8. Emilee

    That’s lovely!

  9. k

    beautiful shawl pattern – i’m always a sucker for texture like that, and i would be lying if i said the red colour wasn’t drawing me in as well. thanks for sharing.

  10. korinthe

    Oh please DON’T stop talking about Alaska! We went 2 years ago (when I was 5mo pregnant, so somewhat less hiking was involved) and saw parts of Kenai and Denali. The area around Juneau is something we completely missed, so it’s very interesting to see and hear about your travels there.

  11. Leslie

    Beautiful shawl — and beautiful photos (I especially like the first one and the profile of the dogs). You’re right, it would look great in green.

  12. Alli

    That was such a fun hike! I’m so glad you guys got me out so much while you were here. It really motivated me to take my hiking/running to the next level. I don’t think I realized that I had enough energy to hike after work everyday until I tried it with you (normally I just walk after work, not hike).

    Your shawl came out really nice!!! I love how the linen stitch is next to the garter bands. The contrast really brings out the different stitch patterns.

  13. mick

    I love the pattern! It’s simple and really shows off the yarn wonderfully. Also, love your hair with the braid in it. You look fab, as always!

  14. Jenna

    Girl, in my mind, you can talk about Alaska as much as you want – I want to know every detail! This is a beautiful pattern inspired by what seems to be a beautiful place. You look amazing in the photos. I’m glad that you’ve perservered through yoru blogging, through the hike and through the pattern writing! xoxo

  15. Chandler

    What a great concept for the shawl! Switchbacks will probably be the death of me one day, but they’re always worth it in the end. A good metaphor for some of my knitting projects right now, too…

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  17. whitney

    The shawl is gorgeous! And I love the inspiration for it, too.

  18. Laughingrat

    That’s a lovely pattern–great texture!

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  20. Agathe

    I’m a French blogger and I’ve just made your perseverance Shawl. A friend gave me the pattern and I’ve just discovered who was hidding behind it! Thanks so much!
    I’m not a great knitter but I had fun making this one and starting a new one!
    Would you allow me to translate your pattern in French??? I will link to you of course.
    Thanks again for sharing!

  21. scarves wraps

    Great post, the shawl is gorgeous and beautifully designed.I like the simple color combination that you have used for designing it.

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