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On Embracing Connectivity
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On Embracing Connectivity

If you had told me 6 months ago that I would be one of those people, I would have denied it.

I made a big technological leap at the end of July… from a “pay as you go” phone (read: no bells and whistles and really, it never even got turned on… if you asked me my phone number, I had to think really hard about it…) to a HTC Droid Incredible smartphone.  That’s a pretty big deal in my books.  I was initially resistant, priding myself on my “non-phoneyness”, but now that I have it?  Yeah, I don’t really want to go back.

But, I would like to think that I am using my newly acquired powers for good.

Like for instance… my new love for Twitter.  It’s ingenious and the wave of the future.  Here’s a funny story to illustrate >>

I am Twitter contacts with Missy aka “A Treehugger’s Wife”, a dyer of lovely yarns, who lives in Alaska.  (I bought some of her yarns when I was in Juneau in July…)  As you may recall, my dad has been living and working in Juneau this summer, and this past Saturday, Missy tweeted:


…and this happened all within 25 minutes of their meeting at the show.  How about that?  This kind of connectivity was something that no one would even dream of a few decades ago, and now here it is, and moving forward at a pretty rapid pace.  Of course, I do have some reservations about what all this means for our society and culture, but from where I stand, it’s working out pretty well.

twitterThe whole concept of Twitter wasn’t really clear to me until I joined.  I think my favorite part of it all?  The brevity.  You have to think fast and efficiently to express yourself in 140 characters.  I can appreciate that.  Words can be extraneous, and Twitter teaches you that.foursquare

…and if you didn’t already feel connected enough with your other online activities (psha!) Twitter allows you to meet SO many people.  For me, my little Twitter world has expanded from the knitty/crafter types to include people who tweet about my other passions and interests:  vegan food, travel, books, ice hockey, and the archives/museum world.

As if Twitter wasn’t meeting my needs enough, I joined ANOTHER social media group… and this one is really starting to expand and take off.  Foursquare is all about discovering your world… and it totally appeals to the merit badge kid inside me.  It is a pretty simple concept:  you go to a place, and you “check in”.  It could be the grocery store, the gym, the post office.  You just put a little stamp on it that “I was here”.  And if you go there more than other people, you become the “mayor”.  Then there are these badges that you earn for your trips — you go to the same place 3 times in a week?  you get a “Local” badge.  You go to a a place where 50 other people are “checked in”, and you get a “Swarm” badge.  It’s all very cute and fun (and addictive).  I got my *Swarm* badge this weekend, as Kris and I checked in to Merriweather Post Pavillion for the Dum Dum Girls / Beach House / Vampire Weekend show (so good!  loved it! we danced our hearts out!)  I snapped this photo of us (with the camera, natch!) as we were waiting for Vampire Weekend…


We got a kick out of the kid behind us and his funny expression.

So, it may have been a reluctant hug at the beginning – but I think me and this social media thing are now in a full-frontal embrace.

(Still no Facebook, and I intend to keep it that way.  Have to draw the line somewhere!)

You interested in Twitter and Foursquare too?  I’d love to connect on there too…  friend/follow there:

Twitter >> @Lolly_W

Foursquare >> Lolly W

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18 Responses

  1. Mandy

    I love this post, Lolly! I haven’t had a cell phone in years and I know I can’t get one now unless it’s a great phone like the one you have. But twitter on my desktop is pretty fun. I loved all the knitting tweeps at first (still do!) but you’re right…it’s fun to find other types of folks to follow, too.

  2. sam

    I’m jealous of the phone,but I’m a “phoney” person. I’m sure the vampire weekend concert was awesome I love them.

  3. Jennifer

    It’s funny how our attitudes change. I’m a holdout on the phone, but less from a belief standpoint than an budgetary one at the moment. I am enjoying seeing the way technology is offering new ways to communicate.

  4. Christina

    I’ve kind of avoided phone technology myself, although I am getting closer. Now FourSquare sounds cool. I had not heard of that. And facebook – it got me. I do love it. :)

  5. Mary

    It’s my baby brother who might make me turn the corner on the whole “modern” technology thing. I too have a cell phone that, gasp, makes telephone calls! But he keeps reminding me the world is very small…and I text so very slowly on my “old fashioned” phone….

    What the guy behind you might have been doing is what the “Reddit” crowd calls “Photo-bombing.” You were at a Vampire Weekend concert, after all :) .

  6. Josiane

    I’m totally with you on loving Twitter and having no intention of going anywhere near Facebook. I really enjoy Twitter as a way to meet new people and also to keep in touch with friends. It may seem unlikely to people who haven’t tried it, but Twitter has actually given me the opportunity to deepen relationships that had been started elsewhere. I haven’t felt the pull towards Foursquare, though, but I might have to have a look at it. Who knows, maybe I could use it as a way to get me out of the house more often!

  7. terri

    So you like the phone you chose, yes? I recently got a card from Verizon advising me that I should “upgrade” to something more modern, and all the options kind of overwhelmed me! So I still have my little old-fashioned flip phone, lol!

  8. Melly

    It’s interesting where people draw the line. I am on FB and don’t have any plans to delete my account any time soon. My actual friends are on there, and a few family members (including my sisters). I only use it to keep in touch with people I actually want to talk to. I am on Twitter and love it. Well maybe not love it, but I get it at least, which some do not. It’s for sure not the same as FB. I have made friends through Twitter too. It’s great for getting to know what’s going on in your city. I tried Foursquare for like a day and deleted my account. Not something I want to spend time on and also something I wish would disappear (sorry! :P )

  9. Ühltje

    I’ve got an 8-year old Nokia pre-paid, which I hardly ever use. (30€ in 4 years) No Twitter or FB for me, only Ravelry ;-)
    The weird thing is, that I am totally wanting an Ipod Touch or some other gadget apparatus. It might even be a phone, but I don’t think I would use it as such.

  10. Asappa

    You might want to check out http://www.linkedin.com for you job too. It’s a social networking site for your professional life. It’s help me and my husband network a lot and get good job leads too!

  11. Leslie

    I hope you’ll consider extending your line to include Facebook. It has some great photo and video possibilities that I’m not sure Twitter has. Plus, many of your friends (i.e. ME!) are on it. I have found some of my all-favorite knitterly info and events (and sales!) through Facebook posts.

  12. mai

    i always used to say i didn’t want an iphone and i didn’t want to mix my gadgets (phone/email/camera/music all in one wasn’t for me!) and but then i developed serious iphone envy but got a blackberry instead (because i’m on verizon). now i have serious droid envy! i complain about being too available, but i don’t think i could ever go back to having just a “regular” phone. i don’t often send emails on my phone, nor do i text *that* much, but it is so convenient to be able to do everything using one gadget if i want to! however, i must also say that while technology has done some seriously amazing things for us as a society, it has also made people very lazy. (texting instead of calling, for example) we can talk about that in depth next time we see each other :D

  13. Suzanne

    Congrats on the new phone. I am still pay as you go. My phone is never on. If I didn’t have an Ipod touch to play with, I probably would have gone to a phone plan by now. I am on facebook but mostly just to keep track of a few people. I don’t post anything on my wall and only about twice have I posted on anybody elses.

  14. Lisa

    I tried FourSquare for a day, but I couldn’t figure it out. It kept suggesting nearby venues…in Arkansas. I live in Western Pennsylvania. I checked everything in my account and I have no idea why it wanted to put me in AK. I deleted the app from my phone. I do Facebook, and Tweet occasionally, but I have to say, I love Plurk. Kind of like Twitter because you are limited in words, but more conversationally friendly.

  15. Stacey

    Vampire Weekend and Beach House are here next weekend but R and I had to opt out. Why do tickets have to be so expensive?! Eek.

    Randy has the same phone and it kicks ass. I’ll probably be buying it soon enough. Now my question for you is “Are you texting now too?” ;)

  16. Elemmaciltur

    That’s great! I’m always into mobile tech….but Germany has its limitation. Twitter cannot send notices via text to my phone, because my carrier doesn’t support it….but I would really love to get tweets to my phone, so that I can be updated on things in real time.

    Then with all the Location-Based services checking you in like that, the German mentality in me just screams to protect my privacy. So, there’s a dilemma in me that doesn’t want people to always know where I am and what I’m doing, but then there’s also the other social side of me that wants to share.

  17. Chandler

    I’m still pretty grumpy about using mobile phones for anything other than telephone calls (I’ve even had text messages disabled because they bug me), and I don’t do Facebook, either, but I’ve fallen hard for Twitter. Good thing I can also use it with a keyboard and computer screen!

    And I love it when online life intersects the real world, and back again. It just makes the world feel smaller and cozier—and it makes me feel like I’m in on a really great secret.

  18. Moni

    oh I’m so glad you decided to join Twitter! It’s been fun keeping up with you that way :)

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