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Socktoberfest Season
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Socktoberfest Season

Autumnal equinox doesn’t always signify the instant shift in season (the equinox day was 96 degrees here in Maryland!) but it does bring to mind the changes ahead… and the possibilities of the future:


: Crisp temperatures :

:: Nature’s colorful display ::

and Socktoberfest!

Socktoberfest 2010 starts on October 1st (naturally).  This will be the SIXTH project year for the sock knitting extravaganza.  Time flies, eh?  Socktoberfest, as always is a simple project.  You make socks, or simply wear the handknit socks that you have made in the past.  You can set goals for yourself or simply kick your feet up and enjoy the process.  You can chat about it with lots of other people on Ravelry’s Socktoberfest group, or you can get together with your real-life knitting circle.

Golden Leaves

Once again, Kirsten Kapur, the enormously talented designer at Through the Loops, will be doing another Mystery Sock knitalong to coincide with Socktoberfest in the month of October. Each week, she will give new clues to the pattern.  Such a fun idea, and a big hearty thanks to Kirsten for doing it again!  You can see all the details on the Through the Loops Ravelry group.

And if you are a Twitter user, feel free to use the #Socktoberfest hashtag – and you can see what other knitter/tweeters are doing!

Join the fun! :D

Silk Garden Lite Socks

:: Socktoberfest 2007 socks ::

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16 Responses

  1. Mandy

    Ahhhh. Socktoberfest. I think I should make some thick (i.e. quick) socks this October.

  2. Becky

    Yay! I’m excited for Socktoberfest this year. I’ve been in a sock slump so I’m hoping this will help with that…plus I loved last year’s mystery sock.

  3. katebee

    I was just thinking about Socktoberfest the other day! Mainly because I was contemplating casting on for a pair of socks, and then I was like, no, you’ll want to be making socks in October–you’d better wait!

    I love socks. :)

  4. Barb

    Wow, October sure came up quickly this year for me. Maybe this will help my sock knitting mojo.

  5. Sweet Shoppe Kitty

    can’t wait till those colors hit here that potently!

  6. Christina

    Socktoberfest sounds wonderful. I need to check this out for sure!

    Your socks are beautiful and those autumn photos are incredible!

  7. Rene' Sharp

    I can’t wait for October 1st!!!!

  8. Alli

    Yay! I love Socktoberfest! I’m working on my first pair of socks with afterthought heels. I think they could revolutionize sock knitting for me. I hope Lou likes the fit as much as he does heel flap socks.

  9. kala

    Yay, I’m trying to get a pair of vanilla socks that I’ve been working on done so I can cast on something new for Socktoberfest!

  10. Melissa

    Perhaps this would be a good time to whip out a Christmas gift! I always want to join in, but always feel too busy. At least this year my Christmas knitting includes socks. ;)

  11. Chandler

    I remember those socks! I still have never knit a sock, and it’s still not looking likely, but I love seeing what everyone else whips up. Happy Socktober!

  12. Brandi

    This will be my first time participating! I got an early start in some Hederas. I’ve only knit three pairs of socks ever so I’m going to improve my stock lol. Happy Socktober!

  13. Lisa

    Socktoberfest —> SO! VERY! EXCITED! =)

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