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Cut and Run
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Cut and Run

So much potential and beauty *in the skein*.  Why in the world did it have to turn out like this?

No idea how to proceed... 

This pooling flashing mess of colors is Socks that Rock Lightweight.  I have serious dislike for the yarn’s color patterning (though I still love the colors) but I am tempted to just close my eyes and bite my lip and finish the sock.  They would be perfectly fine “house socks”…   I want to have something to show for Socktoberfest 2010.  I just don’t want it to be this… why does such a lovely squooshy yarn turn into this in the sock?  I even alternated from both sides of the skein to avoid major problems.  Guess that was a failed attempt. Would it have been worse had I not alternated? Blech.

To keep my mind off of that hot mess, I cast on with a lovely semi-solid – The Sanguine Gryphon Little Traveller yarn in this deep saturated green. 

Virve's Verdant Stockings 

Virve's Verdant Stockings 

(Let these photos sooth you after the eye-searing assault of the STR!) I am adapting this kneesock pattern from Virve’s Stockings in Folk Knitting in Estonia.  Smaller cuff pattern, and I am planning a few more stripes of colorwork in (yet undecided) colors. 

How’s your Socktoberfest progressing?  I love seeing the successes of my fellow sock knitters over in the Ravelry Socktoberfest group!  It’s not too late to join!

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  1. Janelle

    I always have trouble with pooling on STR Lightweight, so I’ve sworn it off. The skeins are super enticing, but I’m never thrilled with the socks. That green yarn is might nice, though!

  2. mintlatte

    …if it helps I think that sock is beyond lovely!

  3. Jenna

    I have similar problems with STR. Such a shame.

  4. Chandler

    Yeah, that’s why I really only like variegated yarns that are super subtle (like your lovely little green number). But I would love to just frame a STR skein in a shadowbox or something—the skeins are gorgeous. The knitted result? Not my cup o’ tea.

    I love your scalloped edging. I’ll be rooting for you at the finish line!

  5. Grace

    I’m having troubles with pooling as well…but I love the colors so much I’m ignoring it :-P

  6. katebee

    I had some STR lightweight that would do nothing but pool horribly until I cast it on for something bigger. It made quite a nice hat, but I know it’s not Hattoberfest . . .

    That said, I have a couple pair of spectacularly obnoxious socks that I quite enjoy wearing around the house. Or under boots, because then I forget I have them on and there’s a hilarious surprise when I take my boots off. (I am easily amused.)

  7. turtlegirl76

    I get stripes every time with my STR LW. 62-64 stitches at 8spi is my magic number. I suppose if you need more stitches than that and have a different gauge, you might get some pooling.

    But honestly? I don’t see the hot mess that you do. I think they’re quite lovely!

  8. Peaceful Knitter

    These are fun! I have decided to love the “hot mess” that often comes with the high contrast STR colorways. If you can’t hide it, feature it!

  9. Erin

    I hate it when a beautiful and perfect skein of yarn doesn’t produce a beautiful product. What a bummer. I do love the colors of the first sock and the deep green socks are lovely.

  10. StephCat

    This is the reason I try to steer away from variegated, too. Even if I love it in the skein, I generally don’t like (to absolutely hate) it knit up. I do love semisolids, or very subtly variegated. That Little Traveller is lovely.

    One way I do like playing with the variegated is for stranding.

  11. Nartian

    Sometimes you have to embrace the pooling/flashing! I may be a STR fanatic, but I think your sock looks great.

    And as turtlegirl76 said, sometimes it’s a matter of finding your magic number for STR to get either striping or a more mosaic effect. But it also depends on how many different colors Tina adds to a colorway too.

  12. Hanna

    Oh man, I hate it when that happens! When a yarn just doesn’t live up to my visions.

    You could always overdye it with something rich and dark. Black walnuts? Coffee?

  13. Lisa

    I think it’s a sign that you taste has evolved. The pattern you chose is really lovely, I like it.

  14. honeysuckleblue

    Perhaps that yarn is calling out to be a hat or shawlette after all…or booties ;)

  15. korinthe


    Frog it and make a BSJ. They don’t pool nearly so much…

  16. imogene

    i’m in the same boat: i have some funky variegated socks to wrap up, which are never leaving the house, before i can move on to my squishy, smooshy, lovely blue sock yarn :) your green sock looks gorgeous!

  17. Leslie

    LOVE the green socks! I have several pairs of “house socks” and I love them. I say forge ahead, beat Second Sock Syndrome too, and enjoy wearing them around your new floors (!) when you’re chilly.

  18. Katie

    I usually HATE varigated pooling, but for some reason, I … LIKE.. that top sock. I think it’s because I’m on a pink kick or something…

  19. Mr. Puffy

    They are bright happy socks and will feel great regardless inside a pair of boots ;)

  20. KnittyLynn

    Isn’t it funny? I think that top sock is gorgeous!

    Plod on, if for no other reason than to gift it to someone. ;)

  21. Marlena

    Yeah, I have huge issues with STR. The worst part is that the yarn wears so well and is so squooshy and soft! I made Monkeys out of it and they’re in the top three most comfortable pairs I own. I’d say keep trucking with yours and make them house socks. If nothing else, you’ll get a chuckle out of them on cold, gray, winter days.

    Your green sock in progress is beautiful!

  22. danielle

    I looove the top sock – it’s definitely a sock you could buy – and now I know what pattern to knit with some stripy yarn I have. I have some cropped pants that will show off the sock as well.

  23. danielle

    oops, I meant ‘couldn’t buy’.

  24. KnittySue

    I too love the colors of that yarn but I see what you mean on the pooling…maybe a stst sock design would bring them out…just a thought.
    I just finished a pair of ribbed socks in green….love them.
    I really need to go post them on the site..but I’m so bad at getting the pictures to load even when I’ve tried everything…
    Enjoy..can’t wait to see them finished.

  25. Bets

    I *love* those STRs, what pooling? They are still lovely :)

  26. Diane

    There’s a great pattern on Ravelry called Outta the Pool and it solves the funky pooling issues

  27. Jacey

    The green socks are amazing. Have you tried Charade with the STR? It’s my plan for the Atomic 6 colorway I’ve got stashed.

  28. kala

    Sorry your sock isn’t turning out how you’d like, I think it’s gorgeous though! I’m slowly but surely getting my Socktoberfest project done, I cast on for my second sock last night.

  29. Seanna Lea

    I don’t mind the pooling, but I think it would be more fun for a double knit scarf or similar treatment where the amount of the color that is hitting your eyes would be more moderated.

  30. HarpaJ

    The green is really beautiful.

  31. Jenna

    I guess there’s no accounting for taste – I actually love the STR sock! Especially those lines of slipped stitches. I’ll take them if you don’t want them ;) The green is beyond lovely as well. Great socktoberfest progress! Maybe I’ll get there someday…

  32. Amy Jo

    I think that the sock looks beautiful, and well-matched with the pattern. I myself love the sometimes-crazy pooling & vibrant colors of STR – I really enjoy seeing how a skein unfolds in the knitting up. Most of my clothing tends to be dark & understated, and I love that my socks are so funky!

    I would embrace the uncomfortable & finish the pair, but I can totally understand your temptation to rip it out if you’re really unhappy with it…..

  33. kelli ann

    The top colourway has potential, but I think there are too many tones in it (oh, I don’t know a thing about colour theory!) but i do know what clashes in front of my eyes…

  34. Lee Cockrum

    I really like the top sock! The green is lovely too, but the top one is very boisterously happy!

  35. Leslie

    I actually don’t mind the pooling, but then again, I’m not inclined to rip back a sock! The green is very pretty and I do love the scalloped edge on the cuff.

  36. margaux

    i really love the sock pattern you chose and while the color way is off the charts I don’t *hate* it! It’s festive ;-)

    And omg, the sanguine gryphon booth at Rheinbeck was PACKED! I didn’t get any but all my friends were obsessed.

    It was also AMAZING to finally meet you there! :-) Such a highlight!

  37. tanya

    I’ve made scarves using the “my so called scarf” stitch to great effect with high-contrast variegated sock yarn. Not socks, but sock yarn. Maybe just make something other than socks with it? I had no idea the potential of a yarn until I did this.

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