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*2010 Recap
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*2010 Recap

I have already resolved that in 2011, I am going to 1) take more photographs AND 2) blog more often… so, that means I won’t be such a stranger in my own “house” here at LollyKnitting Around!

I hope you had a wonderful December and a great holiday season.  I know it is all very cliche to say, but this year – specifically these last three months – sped by at lightning pace.  Our various projects at work and home have taken up almost every bit of free time, leaving very little for the extracurricular… most specifically blogging, knitting, and photography.  I have managed to sneak a few minutes here and there reading on the Kindle that I got for my birthday in November (in a short word:  LOVE) but most of that came when I was in bed with the flu the days after Christmas!

Alas, another year passes… it’s been a challenging year in a lot of ways, but I like to think that these challenges have helped me grow, making next year (and following years) all the better…

My knitting production has been on the slow side this year – and I do hope to remedy that with some mega-production next year!

2010 Knits... I was selfish this year.

16 projects – and wow, looking at this mosaic, it shows that I was a pretty selfish knitter this year… *sheepish*. I did knit a mere 2 things for Baby V… of course, I did knit lots of gifts in 2009… but I hope to do more in 2011. The biggest plus is that ALL of these knits were stashbusts – all yarn that was at least a year in the stash before knitting. That is pretty impressive to me :) I need to continue on with that tradition in 2011!

2010 also brought some fun travels for us – we got to go to the Vancouver Olympics after a lot of planning – worth every second!

Game Views Big Screen Viewing Canada Pavillion at Live City Downtown Live City Downtown Security check Serious fans Ravelry Friends! Beginning of the Game IMG_9926-2 Stretching Russians Aleksey Morozov - TEAM RUSSIA Canada Hockey Place Team Russia Aleksey Morozov - TEAM RUSSIA Team Russia Pre-game skate Kris and Lolly at the Game! Enthusiastic Russian Fan I spy.... My sign


We were also fortunate to be able to go to the northwest again when we went to Alaska in July…

Alaska: Southeast Trippin' and Tweetin' Downtown Juneau Dad, me, Kris Misty Mountain Misty Mountain Young Bald Eagle Sitka Spruce Cones Dad on Mendenhall Trails L-shaped ice Dad holding some glacial ice Mendenhall Glacier Mendenhall Glacier Mendenhall Glacier Nugget Falls - Mendenhall Glacier Mendenhall Lake Inlet Canoe Group Mendenhall Glacier Close ups Mendenhall Glacier Close ups

Well I know what I am planning to do tomorrow – not all of 2011, but tomorrow!  I will be casting on for a hat for the Ravelry Puck This January Hat Trick knitalong :)   My hockey-loving knitting pals and I have done this for three years: We knit 3 hats in January and have lots of fun doing it!  You are more than welcome to join us!

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21 Responses

  1. Magrit

    When we look back, we can learn more of ourselves :)

    Best wishes, Lolly !!

  2. Mandy

    Happy New Year, Lolly! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2011!

  3. Carole

    I loved seeing your photos from 2010 and look forward to MORE in 2011!

  4. HarpaJ

    Happy new year!
    You say your knitting productions has been slow this year – but you still have quite a collection there. Keep on knitting for your self (and perhaps a little bit for others too) – you deserve it an you look great in all you knitted things :-)

  5. Lauren

    You should NEVER feel sheepish or guilty for knitting for yourself!!!! Us knitters are notorious for that, but if we didn’t knit for ourselves then we would be a bunch of knitters who don’t own any knitwear! :-)

    Happy new year!

  6. Amy

    Happy 2011, Lolly!

    Your 2010 knits were beautiful – no matter the number or recipient! I too had a slower knit year in 2010 – I finished off the year by finishing off my Sherbrooke inspired large cowl. :)

    I look forward to seeing what the new year holds!

  7. jody

    Happy new year! I feel the same way about blogging (and even wrote about that this morning). My goal is to blog at least once a weekend so I can reconnect with my long time blog friends (and meet some new ones too?)

    Congrats on the stashbusting – that’s awesome. I wish you health, happiness, and lots of knitting in 2011!

  8. katie m.

    Happy New Year! I hope 2011 brings you time for all kinds of woolly fun …

  9. Leslie

    Thanks for the re-cap. Looking forward to seeing the results of your 2011 resolutions! :) Happy new year! Leslie

  10. Kara

    What an amazing year, Lolly! Looking forward to 2011.

  11. Beverly

    Beautiful knits! Happy 2011!!

  12. Josiane

    Happy New Year, Lolly!
    From my point of view, you’ve accomplished a lot in the past year. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and, in doing so, for being such a radiant source of inspiration.
    May 2011 bring joy, health and light to you and your loved ones. May it also see your dearest dream come true.

  13. Ashley

    Happy New Year, Lolly!! Best wishes for a great new year. I, too, hope to start blogging more and photographing more, and knitting more… oh life gets in the way, doesn’t it.

  14. Irmhild

    Happy New Year! You got loads done last year!

  15. Seanna Lea

    Ooh, I will have to do the hat trick. I think I could handle that even if I only knit during hockey games!

  16. PrairiePoppins

    I’ve really missed you this year! Glad to read that you plan on sharing more of yourself this coming year. You’re sweet, thoughtful, inspiring, and your enthusiasms push me to consider new ideas.

  17. Hege

    Lot’s of great things you’ve made through the year!
    Happy New Year, may it be filled with yarn and knitting :)

  18. Chandler

    Oh, I dunno…I think you were marvelously productive on the knitting front in 2010. If you’re planning even more for this year, you’re a force of nature!

    Wishing you a healthy, happy, adventurous and inspired New Year!

  19. Mary Beth at ✄ Yarn U ✄ iPhone app

    Looks like you were quite productive last year. Enviably so…I must try to do the same!

  20. JL goes Vegan

    Your knitting is beautiful! I’m a fair weather knitter. I took it up in 2008 and went a little nuts. Now I seem to barely tough the needles :(

  21. stacey

    16 projects is an amazing amount to me! don’t feel selfish about making things for you – i am a sewer first and a knitter second (a novice knitter at best) and everyone else has stuff but me! do you use a specific pattern for your january hats or just whatever?

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