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Cut and Run

So much potential and beauty *in the skein*.  Why in the world did it have to turn out like this?   This pooling flashing mess of colors is Socks that Rock Lightweight.  I have serious dislike for the yarn’s color [...]

Socks In Mind

Socks In Mind

Four days into Socktoberfest, and the spirit is palpable, people!  There are knitters making socks left and right – Ravelry’s Socktoberfest forum is a chatty place, and Twitter is even getting some action with the #Socktoberfest tag!  Some people have already [...]

Making Old New Again

In my first year of knitting, way back in 2003-2004, I was intrepid.  I wanted to learn all I could about yarn and stitches… I had a very patient knitting group, all of them much more experienced than I was.  They [...]

Long Time Coming: Eyja Pullover

The summer was pretty quiet on the knitting front.  One hat and two shawlettes over 4 months time.  It’s not terrible, but for me, it’s less than normal.  However, I had a great summer of travel, hiking, reading, gardening, cooking… [...]

Socktoberfest Season

Autumnal equinox doesn’t always signify the instant shift in season (the equinox day was 96 degrees here in Maryland!) but it does bring to mind the changes ahead… and the possibilities of the future: : Crisp temperatures : :: Nature’s [...]