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Year of the Books

I’ve read a lot of books this year. With an unemployment period spanning nearly 8 months (*sigh*), I have found a lot of companionship in between the pages, and the Kindle buttons. Books and reading are my favorite conversation topics. [...]

Winging It

After writing a post a few weeks ago about my plans for winter sweaters, I went and completely changed my mind about one of them.  I decided to go with a completely different pattern for this year’s anniversary sweater – [...]

#FriFotos #FridayReads and the Power of Hashtags

#FriFotos #FridayReads and the Power of Hashtags

Over the last few Fridays, I have participated in the Twitter project #FriFotos (if you are not familiar with hashtags, basically it is a mechanism to sort and display every bit of information that includes this word(s) succeeding the # [...]

NaKniSweMo Wrap Up

It is official – another addition to the National Knit a Sweater Month archives – I think this is my 5th one? – of sweaters knit within the month of November. I didn’t challenge myself too much in the technique [...]

Alpaca Festival

Had it not been for Twitter and someone’s small mention of the Maryland Alpaca Festival this weekend… well, I wouldn’t have been able to see these precious faces!  The huge Maryland Sheep and Wool festival in May attracts thousands of [...]