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Triple Threat
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Triple Threat

The month of January sped right – Kris and I continue to work on the house (kitchen remodel in the works now… more details to come!) and the knitting has been slow and steady.  I wish I could say that I have been super productive, but truth is, I haven’t.  And I also haven’t been so good about keeping up with my blog (obviously) but I am hopeful that this will catch on soon.  There are plenty of fun things to talk about (the house remodels, my new obsession with “pinning”, new yarn/books, movie-watching, my sugar-free experiment with lots of recipes to name a few…) and this journey back to regular blogging has to start with one step – er, entry.

So, why not a post about what I have been knitting?  No doubt the thing that brings most of you to this little corner of the internet is the knitting – so here you go!

My fellow hockey-loving knitters and I do a January hat knitalong that we call the January Hat Trick.  Three hats = a “hat trick”.  I jumped the gun a bit this year and made a hat in December for my sister’s Christmas present, and then knit 2 hats for myself in January. I didn’t technically make a full hat trick, but I am happy with all the hats!  I have another hat on the needles now, but it’s been pushed back a bit until I finish some of my other knits.  You can see details on all the hats over on Ravelry.

My project for 2011 is to knit down the stash – specifically the single skeins and small project yarns.  I am planning several more hats, cowls, shawls, scarves, and baby knits.  Even thinking about a big blanket with small color repeats… I do want to make some sweaters too (I need to finish Kris’s before it gets too warm to wear it!) but that will be after I make some headway on the small projects.  Wish me luck!

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  1. melissa

    It was so fun watching everyone finish up their hats for the hat trick! I think that 2 hats is pretty darn good myself. Maybe next year I will finally be able to participate!

    Good luck on all the projects!

  2. Josiane

    Happy blog re-entry! :)
    The hats are great! I particularly like the first one: I have a thing for reverse stockinette, and the colors are lovely.

  3. Miss Scarlett

    Ooh nice hat trick!
    And you look great with darker hair too. :-) Unless that’s just the colouring in the photographs…

    Kitchen remodel? Sounds intense. Can’t wait to hear about the sugar free recipes – you always motivate me to try something new in my own kitchen.

  4. Sigaj

    Love your Mario beret version. It looks nice in reverse stockinette.

  5. Seanna Lea

    I only made my hat trick by the skin of my teeth, and that doesn’t mean I blocked them the way I would prefer – just that the knitting and weaving of ends was done.

    Your hats are excellent. I love the different colors you used, and will definitely have to find yarn like the variegated blue in the first picture.

  6. Jacey

    I wish I had participated this year, but there just wasn’t time. Your hats look cute, especially the first one.

  7. mick

    Such cute hats! I love your color choices.

  8. Leslie

    Great to see a post! I *love* hats — by far my favorite projects. They have dramatic results but with minimal time and effort. One new pattern that I’m in love with is this “Seedling” hat: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/seedling-3 Also, I am hopeful I’ll get to learn those smoothie recipes I hinted about… :)

  9. Alli

    Nice hats! I’ve been working on some small projects lately too (including a new hat). It’s so satisfying to use up those lonely single skeins.

    My parents are remodeling their kitchen/living room right now too, it is a ton of work! You are much tougher than me to take on these big projects!

  10. Rowena Philbeck

    Great seeing you posting again. We all missed you. Although I know its hard to do everything and with your remodeling etc. I know that must be a constant thing. Can’t wait to see pictures. Love your hats also. I have been working both my jobs and taught one spinning class last month. Trying to play catch up on knitting socks for my kids and a list of new things to make after that. Take Care…

  11. Jenna

    Good to see your face around these parts. I love the blue hats, they look so pretty with your eyes! I’m excited to hear more about all of your adventures and see some of your recipes. I’m trying to cut back on the sugar, not easy. Hope you, Kris and the girls are fabulous! xoxo

  12. Vera

    Your hats look great!

  13. Lauren

    so are you obsessed with Pinterest too??? It’s so addicting!

  14. Mimi

    Hi there! I am glad to see you back. I love your photos and I love you!

  15. erica

    Cute hats.

    Had to cut out sugar completely last summer for health reasons and though it was hard at first, it got easier with time. We use stevia when we need to sweeten something but apple juice works really well too. I’ve noticed some recipes using canned pumpkin also. Now fruit has become my ‘sweet’ instead of cookies or a piece of chocolate. Apples with homemade (Vitamix-made) almond butter and cashew butter is super yummy and so satisfying!

  16. Erica

    Beautiful hats! It’s so satisfying to get a finished project so shortly after casting on. I’ve been on a cowl kick since knitting two sweaters in a row and it’s been amazing how quickly they come together! :)

  17. Casey

    Love the hats! Good luck with the stash-knitting-down… that’s my goal for 2011 too, after realizing that I’ve had some of my orphan skeins for 5-6 years – yikes!

  18. Chandler

    She shoots—she scores! Fabulous hats, and a great start to a new year of knitting. I’m excited to see what else flies of the needles this year!

  19. tatum

    those look great and good luck on your knitting projects! i’m trying to learn how to knit so im a beginner; is there an area of your blog for beginners? i couldn’t search your entries…I just don’t know what to buy with all the different options, yarn, patterns, accessories, knitting needles, etc. Help! :)

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