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Sites & Knits in PA
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Sites & Knits in PA

Kris had a conference up in Connecticut and I decided to go along for the ride.  We decided to go the in-land route through Pennsylvania; we stopped by Gettysburg to visit Kris’s brother, went to a fabulous used book store in Harrisburg, went to a hockey game in Wilkes Barre, did some hiking in the northeast mountains on our way to Connecticut.

Promised Land State Park

Promised Land State Park

Promised Land State Park, Pennsylvania

The snow began to fall steadily at the state park, so we cut our hike short.  There were already large snow drifts and several closed roads.  We didn’t anticipate all the snow, so we actually didn’t have all of the layers that we typically would have for snow hiking.  Next stop – a little less snowy – was Raymondskill Falls, outside of Milford, PA.

Me @ Raymondskill Falls

Raymondskill Falls

Inside town, we went to the Grey Towers National Historic Landmark and as we were driving to find a spot for lunch, we happened upon a yarn shop (Kris actually pointed it out!) and we stopped by for a quick peek… and a quick purchase.

As Kris drove, I knit. I had searched for a pattern that I could get excited about to bring on the knitting love again, and I found it in the form of the Albers Cowl by Ann Weaver (Ravelry link).  I am so excited about this knit and the artistic inspiration behind it… I am planning a whole post on it very soon, but I will gladly show my progress after some hours of driving:

Albers Cowl Progress

This is serving as a great stashbusting project, and my first time with simple modular knits – I love this process.  I have some great color combinations in my head, and I am excited to see how they work together in these blocks.

I have ambitious plans for blogging this week.  I have lots of tell you… meetings with great knitters, a pilgrimage to “America’s Yarn Store”, and even some finished knits to share. Here’s hoping my blog mojo AND my knitting mojo are back to stay!

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12 Responses

  1. Dee

    My parents honeymooned at Promised Land. LOL

    Isn’t it beautiful there?!

  2. Jacey

    I’m glad you’ve found your mojo! Your new cowl project looks really neat; I hadn’t seen that pattern before.

  3. pip

    Your photos are just great!

  4. Sarah

    That cowl pattern is really interesting — I think that’s the first time I’ve seen the log cabin motif used in a garment!

    Love the little rainbow that appeared at the bottom of your waterfall photo!

  5. rachel

    My knitting and blogging mojo have been MIA, too, but you’re back in good form. Queued the Albers Cowl pattern… one of my favorite designers in knitted form? Yes, please.

  6. mick

    You were in HBG? That’s where I live! The area north is really pretty, especially up I81 north. Glad you liked your visit!

  7. Josiane

    This sounds like a great start to a fun road trip! I’m looking forward to the next episodes. :)

  8. Teresa

    I hadn’t seen that pattern before! Funny enough, Ann’s mom is my daughter’s teacher (the lovely lady in the bottom three pictures).

  9. Christabel

    Wow, that cowl looks amazing–and very soothing.
    Here’s to the return of your knitting mojo!

  10. Chandler

    Oh, yay—Josef Albers is one of my heroes, and your cowl is shaping up to be lovely!

    I also love your snow-hike photos…and your hair! A seriously fabulous look.

  11. Troy Limm

    The cowl pattern looks really nice. It’s one of the cooler knitting patterns I’ve ever seen.
    Thank for all your posts. I enjoy them!

  12. Seanna Lea

    I am working on the Albers Shawl, which I started probably only a few days after you started yours (last weekend). I love it, which is good because with all of that laceweight garter stitch it will be with me for quite a while!

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