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New England Yarns
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New England Yarns

Smiles all around – a product of a day devoted to friends and yarn!

Jonvieve, Liz, and me

Jonvieve + Liz and me @ WEBS

Last Friday and Saturday were banner days – days completely devoid of scheduling and meetings, conference calls and general work – it was all about meeting up with good friends, enjoying some yummy food, and yarn.

Kris and I got to Connecticut on Thursday.  Liz and I had planned to meet for some time (we met very briefly at Rhinebeck’s Ravelry party last fall…) as we talk on Twitter almost daily.  We also contacted Beverly and planned the afternoon.

Connecticut Historical Society Museum

We started at the Connecticut Historical Society in West Hartford.  Their needlework exhibit was in the final days.  We marveled at the embroidery, cross-stitch and sewing skills of the 18th and 19th-century pieces; the majority of them done by children and teenagers.  Remarkable skills and beautiful work.

Following the exhibit, we went to a coffee shop for some knitting time, and then followed the evening up with dinner at an Indian restaurant in Windsor.  Finally, we went to Creative Fibers in Windsor for their knit night.  It was a lovely way to end the day – and such a joy to meet Bev, who has been a knitting contact for years through this blog, Ravelry, and Twitter.

Creative Fibers

Liz, Jonvieve and I made plans for a trip to Northampton, Massachusetts the next morning for the “pilgrimage” to WEBS.  We also called my old friend and Rhinebeck roomie Kelly, who drove over from Cambridge to meet us.

The three of us drove up from CT and met Kelly.  We decided to eat first at the Paul & Elizabeth’s Restaurant (great food with several vegan options), and then make our way to the yarn shop.

Kelly and mittens

WEBS - front of store

Webs Warehouse

Liz and Kelly

The crochet afghan

Kelly and Liz were on a mission to find some good cotton yarns for crochet projects, and I was just soaking it all in, and as you can see, draping myself with crochet afghans.  I tried to be practical and bought yarns for specific projects, and with big plans for spring/summer knitting.  Those plans and yarns require another post in the near future :)

I wasn’t fully prepared for the amazingness that was WEBS, and the coziness of Northampton town.  An afternoon was a nice little taste, but I could easily spend a few days there… hopefully that will happen some day!

We ended our day with knitting at Woodstar Cafe in Northampton.  Liz was making mittens, Jonvieve cast on for a lace shawl, Kelly was crocheting a potholder, and I was working on the Albers cowl.  A perfect day of fun and friendship in a beautiful place~  thanks for the memories, ladies!

Kaffee + Crochet

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16 Responses

  1. JelliDonut

    WEBS! I am jealous! Sounds like a fabulous time.

  2. Josiane

    I love it when I travel and find myself to be just at the right time and place to catch an interesting temporary exhibit! It sounds like the one you caught was well worth seeing.
    Ok, after seeing your pics of Webs, I had to check (again) how far it is from here… and really, it’s not that bad, which makes it even more tempting! The shelves of coned yarn reminded me that I’ve been hearing my loom call my name for a while… I need to do something about that!

  3. Jenna

    Glad to see you back on here and to know that you got a nice little respite with this trip! I can’t imagine going to Webs…I’d be scared to know what kind of damage I might do there. It sounds like it presented you with a great opportunity to connect with some people, always a good thing. You’re looking beautiful, lady, I hope all is well! xoxo

  4. Jodi

    Sounds fantastic! I love all the crochet projects in this post. That afghan is amazing, and I love the gorgeous colors in the last photo. Did you end up finding the perfect cotton yarn? I’m looking for that, too!

  5. Brenda

    Looks like you had a fabulous weekend! Webs looks amazing! I order from them, but someday I’ll have to get there.

  6. Brit

    Looks like an awesome time, I would love to go to Webs one day : ) I have to ask, what is the potholder pattern in the last pic? I love it!

  7. Chandramouli

    I was so excited to see such lovely photos of colorful yarns! The Afghan looks great!

  8. Linda

    That crochet afghan is gorgeous. What a great day … I can’t even comprehend a yarn store so big!

  9. kala

    Wow, WEBS looks so amazing, I don’t know how I would even choose what to get!

  10. christina c

    Don’t be jealous but I live in Northampton and on a nice day walk to Web’s. Sad thing is I have been in such a knitting rut but I am taking a top down cardigan class on Saturday so hopfully i will get inspired! Glad you liked our little town!

  11. Beverly

    It was a highlight of my year so far to meet you in person! What a treat to hang out with one of the loveliest bloggers around!!

    It looks like you had a blast at Webs. Those blankies are Ah. Maze. Ing!

  12. felinemagnet

    Well, now I know why you weren’t at the Homespun Yarn Party! WEBS is just a little bit bigger. ;-)

  13. Chandler

    Ah, WEBS! The Tailor and I are taking a massive east-coast road trip this summer (including a dip down to Philly and possibly Baltimore) to visit my family in Massachusetts—I think a pilgrimage will be in order! I still haven’t seen the place in person, though they’ve had more than a few orders from me…

  14. Seanna Lea

    It sounds so lovely. I cannot believe I’ve never been to Webs despite being a knitter in Massachusetts for more than 5 years. It’s like I stay hiding under my rock!

  15. Jan

    I’ve been away from the knitting blogs for a while (even my favorites, like yours!) but stopped by today and have enjoyed your last few posts.
    Wondering what cotton yarn(s) you might have decided on? I’m on the lookout myself.
    So sorry to hear about your layoff, but I think we share the same life attitude. Things happen that aren’t expected, aren’t welcome, but once the initial shock subsides, how can we make it an opportunity? I know this will be a positive for you in the long run, Lolly!
    And Project Spectrum again, like the original! Although I’m in the middle of another(!) move (hmmm…how can I make this an opportunity?…lol), I might just consider participating this time, on a smaller scale. It was a wonderful jumpstart for my work in ’06.

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    [...] designs for those knitters who are willing to pick up the needles in the warmer months… My trip to WEBS last month was just the opportunity that I needed to stock up on some summer yarns and new patterns.  I now [...]

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