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Project Management
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Project Management

I blogged last year about our home renovation projects – we started out with a bamboo wood floor installation, and then did some painting.  It’s been a series of projects throughout the months – just one after another.  This month’s project (and maybe a bit of next month’s too…) is the big kitchen renovation.  At this point, we have no kitchen – it was demolished over the weekend.  Cabinets and countertops disassembled (to be donated to Habitat for Humanity) and the floor ripped out too. Plans in the next week include new lighting, painting, floor installation, cabinet installation, and then finally countertops.  It is going to be fun when it is all done – in the meantime, we are living on take-out and doing dishes in the bathroom sink!

I will definitely share the before/after photos once we are done with the project.

In order to cope with all the changes around here over the last few months, I found comfort in one of my favorite things: simple stockinette.

Kris in Oxford Pullover

Kris’s sweater for 2011 – later than my traditional “anniversary” sweater that I aim to finish the first week of January (when we have our anniversary) – finally done.  Several months late.  You could say that my timing was off.  Since I finished this in mid-March, he got to wear it exactly one day before it was relegated to the “WINTER” side of his closet.  It is wool and alpaca, so, I can’t blame him.

Pattern:  Oxford Pullover from RYC Classic Alpaca Book 13 (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Cascade Lana d’Oro (wool/alpaca) colorway 233 (discontinued)
Needles: Size US 3 / 5

The pattern was very straightforward – can’t really be more simple than a crew neck.  I really liked the yarn and the texture, and it really bloomed nicely with a blocking.

…and the steps that Kris is so nonchalantly lounging on?  Those are 100% his handiwork.  After we finished the upstairs portion of the house, he took on the staircase and landing.  The old stairs were carpeted and he had to do a lot of “shaving” to cut the foundations to fit well with the wood planks, nosing, and rise.  He really did a great job!

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24 Responses

  1. JelliDonut

    Not sure which I love more–the steps or the sweater!

  2. Eleanor (undeadgoat)

    Man, sometimes I read your blog and I think, when I grow up it would be fun to be like Lolly and Chris when I grow up. Man, knitting sweaters and building stairs . . . can it get any better?

  3. Eleanor (undeadgoat)

    Spelling FAIL. Oops.

  4. Josiane

    Beautiful work – both yours and his. :)

  5. misa

    That sweater is so perfect looking that it could be store bought. The stairs too! Amazing job, both of you.

  6. Beverly

    You are both master crafters!

  7. Jennifer

    Wow – great photography, great hubby, great sweater, great stairs and great post. When you decide to post, you definitely make it a quintuple whammy. Kudos on all the great things happening and happy belated anniversary.

  8. kala

    Beautiful sweater, and stairs!

  9. Miss Scarlett

    Gorgeous sweater!! It is such a great fit and lovely drape.
    You are very talented – and quite good at selecting the right yarn for the project.

    Kris’ stairs are awesome!! So well done.
    Can’t wait to see how your kitchen turns out.

  10. Jen @Wife, "Mom", Knitter

    Oh man, isn’t home improvement fun?! {insert eyeroll here}

    My husband and I have renovated practially all the rooms in my home while living in the home. Not a fun experience but the finished results are always something to be proud of.

    Love the sweater and Kris did a kickass job on those stairs.

  11. kingshearte

    Didn’t anyone ever tell you you’re supposed to do kitchen reno in the summer so you can do most of your cooking outside?

    Regardless, I hope it goes smoothly for you, with the most minimal disruption possible.

  12. Sarah

    The sweater is gorgeous — seriously, I did not realize it was hand knit at first, so that’s saying something! Clearly a very nice present for a very handy guy!

    Good luck with the kitchen reno. We did ours two years ago this summer, when I was pregnant — probably the worst time to be without a kitchen — but it was so worth it.

  13. Jacey

    Wow, Kris is so crafty, just like you! The stairs look so beautiful, and so does his new sweater. Good luck with the kitchen renovations!

  14. Harpa Jónsdóttir

    You both did! The steps look fabulous and so does the sweater.
    Best of luck with you renovations.

  15. Natalie

    Gorgeous. And the stairs aren’t bad either.

  16. Jenna

    Wow, I didn’t know you were planning to do the kitchen reno as well – you guys are hardcore! I hope it goes very smoothly and quickly. Your place must be looking so fabulous these days! Speaking of looking fab, I love the sweater. The color is great, and I’m sure the simplicity really appeals to Kris. I hope we can connect this week or over the weekend – we need to catch up. xoxo

  17. Stacey

    Nice job on the sweater…and tell K nice work on the stairs!

  18. Christina

    I love that sweater. I’d like to make one for my husband. And the steps – he should be proud. Incredibly beautiful!

  19. Tressa in NC

    Beautiful! Stairs, sweater and handy-cooperative husband! You’re a great team.

  20. Seanna Lea

    Those are some amazing stairs! Do you think you could come over and help us on our jobs (I need to redo our basement stairs something fierce)?

  21. Rowena Philbeck

    Beautiful sweater Kris. Can’t wait to see your kitchen remodeling. Seems like Spring brings all that on. It will be all worth it when you are done.. have fun washing dishes in the bathroom sink….

  22. alison

    perfect combination of hanidwork on both sides

  23. Chandler

    Beautiful sweater, beautiful woodwork! You two both have such handy hands. Congratulations!

  24. Leslie

    Your home improvement projects are amazing! And I love the “simple” sweater…the blue looks very nice on him!

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