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Conceptualizing… Project Spectrum 5
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Conceptualizing… Project Spectrum 5

Your encouraging words and support on my last post set me up for a good week.  Many thanks for taking the time to write such thoughtful comments!

With the potential of some more free time on my hands (in between job applications and resume re-tooling), my mind started churning – and I came right back around to one of the things that has always brought out the inspiration and creativity: Project Spectrum!

Project Spectrum... again?

It has been over a year since the last Project Spectrum.  I think the year off helped, because many of you have shared that you are ready to start it up again, and I see that I have missed it too.  Funny how this little bit of “structure” can help really unleash the creativity!

Going back to the model of the original Project Spectrum in 2006 (!), I wanted this round of PS to have simple suggestions and a lot of room for interpretation.  Elements and Directions offered this as well, but I am feeling the pull to go back to the basics.  So, I propose we do just that and focus on the primary and secondary color series for a 7-month span (including one for neutrals!) May – November of this year… one month for each color.

Yeah, May.  As in less than 2 weeks…  Seems doable, right?

Color theory can be quite technical, and as I read about it more, I thought that it may be interesting to explore a bit of that technical side by adopting the Additive Primaries as our model.  Unlike the traditional “art” primaries of red, blue, and yellow, the additive primaries are based on light and how our eyes perceive these light emissions in media and technical presentation… the RGB color modes that our computer and TV screen are based on, for instance.  Since this project “lives” in this online environment, the Additive Primaries make sense… and they might help you think outside of the box a bit too!

Starting in May, we can make our way around the color wheel with photographs, words, fabrics, paint, yarn, food, books, pencils… really in any way you want!

May – Red :: June – Green :: July – Blue :: August – Pink :: September – Yellow :: October – Cyan/Aqua :: November – Black/White/Grey

I have big plans… I always do.  I want to make some art.  I want to take dozens of photographs.  I want to cook up a storm with colorful ingredients.

Is the inspiration striking you? I would love to hear your thoughts!

And if you want to start talking this up and sharing your ideas, the Ravelry group is open and ready, as well as Flickr, and I even started a Tumblr blog just for PS!

**Update: Project Spectrum is now on Facebook!

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