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Planning: Spring Cardis
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Planning: Spring Cardis

Spring and summer knitting often get the short schrift in favor of the warm winter woolies.  The modern yarn landscape offers a vast collection of fibers and luckily, some amazing designs for those knitters who are willing to pick up the needles in the warmer months… My trip to WEBS last month was just the opportunity that I needed to stock up on some summer yarns and new patterns.  I now have spring cardigans on my mind…

I guess I just can’t get enough of Berroco.  I am thrilled with their designs over the last few years and their yarn selection and colorways are just right.  The Jingu cardi above really caught my eye because it is so wearable – casual, but could be dressed up easily.  I am planning to add some wooden beads to the drawstring neck (although I love the whimsical color felt balls too!)  I chose the heathery light blue of the Vintage DK yarn that the pattern uses.

Nespelem is from Norah Gaughan’s collection Vol. 8 and also has some great details that make the cardigan so attractive.  It is a classic style with signature “Norah” natural elements – the wave of the collar looks like an ocean wave or ripple.  It is just too perfect.  I picked up the Berroco Pure Pima in this salmon colorway.  This yarn has a beautiful sheen, and I can’t wait to cast on.

Do you have some summer knitting plans?

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  1. andrea

    my knitting plans this summer includes finishing my knitting priority list (i have 1 pr of socks to finish, one blanket to finish, and 3 sweaters). then I’ll be only knitting socks when I work at Rosie’s Yarn Cellar on the weekends and during the week will be teaching myself the ukulele! So…not much knitting, I guess =)

  2. Chris

    I usually work on Shawls or baby items. Anything small. Now that neither daughter is playing an outdoor sport, soccer and softball in the past, I can knit indoors and the AC helps to alleviate any heat from wool items.

  3. nikkapotamus

    I too am in need of some finishing. However, I have a few summer knits on the wish list when I finish with all the other woollies. A chic knits tank, a Citron, and a cute tee from Interweave Knits summer 2010. I have a bunch of lace and bamboo yarn that is itching to be some summer knits! But now, I’m totally thinking a Jingu needs to go on that list as well.

  4. Hannah

    I have both of those sweaters waiting in my queue! I’m working through some languishing FO’s before I’m allowing myself to order more yarn. Your colour choices are great, as well!

  5. AnnaRenee

    I have a pair of socks I need to finish, as well as a blanket. Other than that, I’m hoping to start knitting through my (mainly sock yarn) stash.

  6. Rasa

    I’m in the midst of knitting the Effortless Cardi by Hannah Fettig. I’m knitting it with Jeannie – love how soft (and washable) this yarn is!

  7. Seanna Lea

    I’m working on a shawl and some cardigans. I am still mostly using wool. I am often cold and there is always air conditioning to contend with.

  8. Rachel

    I am terrible at picking knitting patterns – I often choose ones that are too hard for me, and they end up languishing in the corner. Like the cardigan which I have hit a road block with. All is done except for the cable panels on the front…and I’ve had the wool for 5 years! Oopsie.

  9. Rowena Philbeck

    I’m planning on finishing socks and working on a sontag pattern that a friend of mine is making her own pattern. Also spinning dog hair. I just finished a couple of skeins for 2 people.

  10. Nik

    The neckline on that Norah Gaughan cardigan is simple brilliant.

  11. Tina

    I love this Nespelem cardi and that colour is gorgeous.
    My summer knitting consits in finishing WIPs and hibernating stuff, but some of them are little summery scarfs and a light cardis, some little bags… and a PS5 procect every month of course!

  12. Jenna

    My summer knitting plans are to catch up with all of the cool weather projects I just didn’t get around to this season :) Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you see it, I can get wear out of wooly accessories well into the spring and summer, so they should still go to good use. I’ve also planned a Cherry cardigan out of hemp for many years, maybe it will happen this year. I’m excited to see how these projects turn out! Great to talk to you this week! xoxo

  13. rachel

    Oh curses, I think you just helped me add another sweater to the queue. I can’t even seem to wrap my head around summer knitting plans just yet… for the moment, I’m finishing some springy shawls, and hopefully finishing a languishing lacy tank top that was put in the time out box far too long ago. But who knows what will pop into my silly brain next.

  14. Arya

    Ooo! I’m working on spring cardigans, as well. I want to make Nespelm, but first I need to finish the Honeybee Cardigan (cropped version) and sew up my Currer (also a Norah Gaughan pattern). Then I can probably tackle one more summer-weight – for which Nespelm is a contender – before getting into some summer lace knitting. I also want to finally knit my garments a season ahead, so I’ll have to start thinking of fall sweaters before too long!

  15. Tatum

    I suppose it is a little bit more difficult to think of summer knitting projects versus winter knitting projects. I do see a lot of baby items and accessories (like purses and bags.) But that is a gorgeous shawl / sweater in the photo and it could be light enough for the summer time, depending on where you are. What knitting needles do you use for those kind of projects?

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