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It’s That Time!
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It’s That Time!

How are YOU kicking off Project Spectrum?

I fit in an early morning photo walk – the red highlight being the ornamental Japanese maple in my neighbor’s yard – and then spent most of the day with family.  Later this month, we are celebrating a wedding – Kris’s youngest brother is getting married, and I get a new sister!  We threw a wedding shower yesterday, so most of my time was really spent with that… so TODAY is a better fit for PS kickoff!

This month’s focus on RED should be a good challenge.  I don’t have any red projects on the needles, but I am planning lots of cooking in my new kitchen (almost done – countertops this week!) and photography projects.  My friend Maryse is hosting another year of MACRO MAY – the month-long photo challenge using the macro lens of your camera.  It is a nice nudge for those of us (ME) who have neglected the camera in recent months.

There is also the alive-and-kicking Facebook Project Spectrum community – tipping the scales with over 150 “likes” in less than one week!  Post a thought, a photo, anything!  It is just another way to share and build our colorful community.  And check out the Project Spectrum Tumblr inspiration blog – lots of amazing photographs and color combinations.

(and you want the deets on this awesome clock?  look no further…)

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14 Responses

  1. Jacey

    I’ve been mentally preparing and pinning away. I’m excited to get started!

  2. Seanna Lea

    It’s a good thing that there is no penalty for a late start, because it didn’t even occur to me to take out the camera for anything yesterday!

  3. lynn

    Love That Clock!
    Thanks for getting this rolling Lolly.
    Here’s to Project Spectrum!

  4. rj

    Ooh, I’ve been gathering lots of photos together for inspiration for red. Living in a city filled with red brick (or visiting places with lots of red on the buildings). It’s been fun to take something that I see every morning, and think how to look at it differently.

  5. Tina

    I started off right on the first of May! Luckily it was a Sunday and I had time to spend some time with my blog. Changed my blog background to something red… and I like it. Red seems to pop into my eyes now from everywhere, it is funny how focused you can get on something.
    Having probs to get logged in to Pinterest, waiting for an invitation now.
    Tina in Germany

  6. mathea

    I find myself looking everywhere for red inspiration – yes, I’m definitely in! I made a little “calendar”-pic to remind myself of the colours for each month: http://craftymathea.blogspot.com/2011/05/its-that-time-again.html Feel free to use it! :-)

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  8. hunnybunny

    Someday I will sign up because I will know before it starts. : ) Can’t wait to see everything!

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  10. Sara

    Oh, I have missed playing in Project Spectrum…It’s been a couple of years at least!

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