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When Change is the Only Constant
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When Change is the Only Constant

After thirteen years living in one state, I guess I can call Maryland my home now.  When I moved here in 1998, we were on a schedule to move every 3-4 years.  Our family of 5 traversed the country – one side to the other and back a few times before we landed in Maryland when I was 17.  I grew up with this cycle of moving to and fro, and when things “settled” a bit, I had life transitions and growing up to keep my mind busy: moving to college dorms (albeit only about 20 miles from my parents home…), and then move to new house after the wedding.  Hard to believe we have been in this house for nearly 10 years.  Even now, we are keeping things fresh with the renovations (so close to being done – can’t wait!) but we have no plans of leaving the area.

My parents will be moving to Pennsylvania this summer.  Not across the country, but still a few hours away.  I am thrilled for them and very excited about being able to visit and discover the sights in their new area (eastern PA, western suburbs of Philly).  It is a bit of a transition though, knowing that my parents will be moving on and picking up the cycle again – this time just the 2 of them.

It is only May, and 2011 has been full of changes:  moves (in addition to my parents, my sister and her family will be moving from California to Virginia this fall), career changes, and I even have a new little niece/nephew on the way… so many good things, and a few challenges.  Change is the only constant. And with my “on-the-go” childhood, I am pretty good with change.  Maybe you could say I even embrace it.  Looking at each little step as a new opportunity.

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I took a walk yesterday.  I pass this place often and think that I will check it out and snap some photos…  This time, I had nowhere to be, in particular, and with Project Spectrum on my mind, I decided that today was the day.  Project Spectrum has always been more than color for me – it is really an exercise in mindfulness.  Just being aware and observing the things around me. Sometimes this amazing beauty is just down the road and around the corner.  Sometimes it is right in front of us and we just don’t take the time to notice it…

Little did I know that this amazing bridge is actually a National Historic Landmark – the Bollman Truss Railroad Bridge.

Savage - Bollman Truss Bridge

Savage - Bollman Truss Bridge

Savage - Bollman Truss Bridge

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12 Responses

  1. Vanessa

    Great post today Lolly. Lots of change in the air right now for me too and your words were perfect to read.

    love that first shot of the bridge! so many great colors and lines in there

  2. Carole

    I like to think of Project Spectrum that way – it makes me aware of all the color around me. You must be excited about your sister moving closer.

  3. Jacey

    The lighting in your third photo is spectacular, Lolly. I agree that PS is a perfect prompt to be more mindful in our everyday lives. Even if I don’t complete all of my crafting goals in a given color phase, it makes me aware of color in a way that I often forget. I’m glad you sister will be living much closer to you soon! I had the opposite experience growing up. I lived in the same house until I was 18.

  4. Beverly

    I agree about mindfulness and PS. I really like your bridge pictures. There’s such artistry in the structure, which you’ve captured!

  5. Seanna Lea

    Our family also moved a lot growing up. It means I don’t mind moving, but I do mind dealing with stuff. We gave up almost everything we had to storage each time we moved. I kind of wish there was another way, because stuff became overly important.

    Your photo is gorgeous. It makes me wish I could walk on the different covered bridges in New Hampshire.

  6. Rowena Philbeck

    Awesome pictures. Well, I never moved like most people until I got married. I moved 6 hrs away but still in Texas. Then moved closer to home after my second marriage. Now single I’m living near my job of 19 years and both my sons live here as well. My daughter is just 2 hrs away. We are still in Texas and I love it. Texas is so big that you seem like you are moving far but still here. I do like that type of change too. Jobs to me are a little stressful. Learning new things and all but I’m not one to change jobs so I do keep them a long time. Good LUck on your job searching too!!

  7. margaux

    Lovely post Lolly. Change is the constant in my life too, I embrace it with open arms – even though sometimes it’s hard.

  8. Tina

    Wow these are beautiful pictures! I am also more aware of my surroundings as I have the ps on my mind.
    Oh and btw I am the kind of person not adjusting to changes very well…

  9. Beverly

    Lovely post. Change can be really hard to take for some people, but it sounds like you are ready to embrace it! Good for you. The pictures are fabulous.

  10. allison

    Great photos! I love seeing how the project is inspiring you already.

  11. Chandler

    That red bridge is wonderful! It seems like the red spectrum is in full swing around here—the deep pink rhododendrons and choke cherries are blooming, and the Tulip Festival was awash with red this year. So while I won’t be able to really participate in PS2011 on the knitting front, your color inspiration is at the front of my mind while I work (as you’ll probably see in a couple of weeks!). And you’re right—it’s the mindfulness that’s everything. Excellent food for thought, as always!

  12. Allisone

    I live on the Main Line in Philly (Western Burbs) tell your Parents, “Welcome to the neighborhood!” Let me know if I can help with any local recommendations.

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