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Family Wedding!
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Family Wedding!

It is easy to get caught up and stressed about all the planning and logistics, but at the heart of it, weddings can be quite fun.  Kris’s younger brother David got married this past weekend, and it was a joyous event.  It is not every day that I get to see my husband all dressed up in a tuxedo, so that alone made it special!

David and Groomsmen

In between conversations with family members, I managed to snap a few photos of the newlyweds and the bridal party.  I don’t think I could ever get into the wedding photography business, because I just have too much fun and miss some of the “big” action photos… perhaps it was all the dancing?

Cake Cutting

(See the whole wedding photoset on Flickr!)

Congratulations to David and Emily – we couldn’t be more excited for you!


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5 Responses

  1. Carole

    Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Best wishes to the newlyweds! And how thoughtful of them to have flowers that went so nicely with Project Spectrum.

  2. Sarah

    Congratulations! I’m struck by how much your new sister looks like she really could BE your sister!

  3. kingshearte

    Oh my god, I love her hair!

  4. Chandler

    Such a beautiful bride—and Kris and David look so much alike! Great photos, and very best wishes to the happy couple.

  5. Seanna Lea

    I love the cake. It is so elegant looking.

    If I ever was going to do anything in the wedding industry it would be make wedding cakes. They just make me so happy (well, pretty much anything made of sugar and butter does).

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