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:: Green ::
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:: Green ::


Douglas Island Trail

Project Spectrum’s focus shifts to GREEN this June – and what a perfect time to do so.  Over the weekend, I went through some of my photographs from last year’s trip to Alaska.  We took over 1500 photographs while we were there, but only uploaded a handful to Flickr… Alaska offered some amazingly beautiful green scenery, but chances are that you have some amazing greens right outside your door as well!

I will admit that the GREEN themed month is usually my favorite month – it is the easiest for me because for me, “green” is a personal philosophy as much as it is a color in the spectrum.  My friend Andrea recently posed the question on the Ravelry Project Spectrum board about the love of green and the love of nature:  does one love the color green because of nature or vice versa? It was a simple answer for me – my love of nature is first, and nature really does encompass the whole spectrum of colors, although green does play a very dominant role.  I have a feeling that if trees were pink, I would feel the very same way…


Tulip Poplar Stand

Take this photo challenge:  capture some of the greens in your neighborhood, your backyard or the park down the street.  Let me see some of your local green nature!  Link back to this post so I can see them all!

Looking for some green inspiration?  Check out these links:


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14 Responses

  1. Jen

    Wow I was just finishing up my post on green in my backyard when your post popped up in my Google Reader! :-) Here’s my link: http://mydailyjoys.blogspot.com/2011/06/june-means-green.html

  2. Mary de B

    http://flic.kr/p/9QWZkr is my latest green pic, uploaded to Flickr today. I am looking forward to a month of green, for sure!

  3. linda cannon

    Love the photos. We live 3.5 yrs in Anchorage, spending most time on the Kenai, and we loved every minute.

  4. Tina

    Gorgeous pictures!

  5. Beverly

    Great pictures! I started to love green when I moved to New Mexico. It seemed so brown compared to the northeast! So, I guess for me, like you, my love of the color came out of love (and longing) for nature!

  6. pip

    Beautiful shots!

  7. Seanna Lea

    Those are some very lush pictures. I love that first bright green of spring. I had better get cracking, because each day it is losing more and more of its original vibrancy!

  8. Bree

    Love the green pics, it’s like they’re glowing. Makes me want to visit Alaska too.

  9. Maytheweed

    I spotted these greens at my workplace – a spider and a flower.

  10. Maytheweed

    Oops forgot to say in my comment that your green pics are stunning! :)

  11. Chandler

    I have a feeling I’m going to be thinking about “green” a whole lot in the next few weeks, as the Tailor and I go on a coast-to-coast road trip. Deeps greens in the Cascades, sages and pale, ripening wheat in the northern plains, lush maples in New England. I’m breakin’ out the watercolors—thank you for giving me a focal point!

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    [...] bi mogao biti post vezan za Project Spectrum koji je pokrenula Lolly, u kojem je mesec Jun, mesec zelene boje [...]

  13. Katya

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